5 Oct '14

News The NUT encourages teachers to strike too often

The National Union of Teachers is too left-wing, says Ian Grayson, whos running for deputy general secretaryIan Grayson has been a PE teacher at Kenton school in Newcastle for 28 years. He is a national executive member for Tyne and Weir for the National Union of Teachers and is currently running for deputy general secretary of the union.It was my love of sport that led me into teaching. When I became captain of the school team I helped my teacher out with organising games. They saw how much I enjoyed it and asked me to coach the younger groups. I loved it and felt instantly at home. It was a very easy decision for me to train as a PE teacher when I left school, I never considered any other career. My first job was at Kenton school in Newcastle and Ive been there for 28 years. Continue reading...

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