21 Nov '14

News The Ofsted report about my former school is way off the mark | Harun Asif

The Jamiatul Ummah Islamic faith school in Tower Hamlets has been condemned as inadequate – but I did OK after going thereI left the Jamiatul Ummah school in 2011. When I saw the headlines saying that my former school and other independent Muslim faith schools in Tower Hamlets were vulnerable to “extremist influences and radicalisation”, my first thought was that Ofsted couldn’t be more off the mark .This latest inspection has labelled my former school “inadequate”, despite the previous inspection three years ago finding that it was outstanding. Five other independent Muslim schools in the area have suffered the same fate. The principal of Jamiatul Ummah, Sheikh Madani, is having all of his material analysed and all the khutbas (Friday sermons) are being scrutinised. I just don’t know how schools function under that kind of pressure. Continue reading...

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