11 Nov '14

News The primary headteacher attacked for trying to tackle homophobia

A dark and horrible episode at a Birmingham school involving a group of parents has led to calls for ministers to openly back schools teaching diversity programmesJamie Barry turned up at Welford primary school on 3 October expecting a routine meeting of the twice termly parents forum about 20 mums and dads, there to discuss issues such as the annual community festivals and home-school diaries. Instead, the headteacher found five times that number of parents and one item on the agenda: the Birmingham schools recent introduction of a range of teaching materials called Chips Challenging Homophobia in Primary Schools.Some parents had been supported by Safe at School, a campaign run by the anti-abortion group the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (Spuc), which had emailed them a list of questions and comments to make (see below). Teaching children about sexual orientation isnt making them safe, point 12 says. Its putting ideas into childrens heads. Continue reading...

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