18 Jun '14

News The reason voters feel powerless: because it's the truth | Steve Richards

With no accountability in the NHS, schools or transport, people can only fume impotently. Britain needs to be put together againToo many voters feel left behind and disconnected from politics. That was the consensus after last month's local and European elections. From the authors of an excellent book on Ukip to the various bewildered party leaders, the conclusion was the same: there is an urgent need to connect with those who feel excluded. The political class is too detached.Agreeing on the problem is the easy bit. Addressing the issue is more complex, as the current Guardian series Insecure Britain vividly illustrates. The complexity deepens because on one level, parts of the political class have chosen to be detached as a matter of ideology. I do not mean that some at Westminster are wilfully "out of touch", the usual lazy cliche applied to politicians. The disconnection between politics and voters takes an altogether different form. Continue reading...

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