18 Jul '14

News The Trojan horse inquirys draft report shows Michael Gove had to go | Hugh Muir

It was Goves determination to shake up the educational blob that allowed ideologues to target Birmingham schoolsA eureka moment. We spent 48 hours trying to understand why the prime minister was so easily able to abandon his friend, Michael Gove, and to park him not as party chairman, where he would have a primary role to drum up votes for the Tories, but as chief whip with internal responsibilities. We will be seeing him everywhere, in the flesh and on TV, and hearing him on the radio, it was said. After todays damning draft report on the alleged infiltration on his watch of Birmingham schools by ideologues and zealots, one wouldnt bet too much on him being omnipresent.For the draft report, leaked to the Guardian, makes it clear that in his zeal to attack the blob, as he called the teaching establishment, he crafted and then lauded structures that paved the way for the virtual capture of a clutch of schools by extremists. Not terrorists. The review finds no evidence of terrorist proslytising or links to terrorist activity. But it claims to have unearthed ample evidence that schools were targeted by groups whose allegiance was to the propagation of their own particular strand of Sunni Islam and antipathetic to the beliefs and values of everyone who existed outside their own circle. Continue reading...

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