18 Jul '14

News The Trojan horse plot shows we must clarify religions place in state schools | Usama Hasan

Isolationist and xenophobic tendencies must be challenged robustly and not accepted as part of faith or cultural practiceIn my youth I was a member of a UK organisation that called itself The Movement to Reform the Muslim Youth. Back then, we regrettably had an extremist mindset that was characterised by dreams of global domination for Islam. These would involve the re-establishment of a caliphate and the enforcing of a narrow, sectarian, xenophobic and puritanical theology.This organisation went on to become Jimas, which has since come a long way and now embraces an ecumenical and inclusive philosophy. However, it also gave birth to a more reactionary offshoot that maintained the ultra-conservative Islamism and the original name of the organisation, led by Tahir Alam from Birmingham until its closure in 1995. Continue reading...

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