4 Jun '14

News They're scrapping home economics so who'll make the macaroni cheese? | Fay Schopen

An exam cleanup may please some, but food tech GCSE will be better at telling you how to run a Pot Noodle factory than cookThere were many things I disliked about attending an all-girls school, but as an excitable feminist from an early age, one of the worst was the enforced sexism of its practical GCSE options. Forget woodwork it was home economics all the way. Or cookery, as we called it in the 1980s.So at first I felt ambivalent about the news that home economics is to be scrapped as a GCSE subject, as part of a cleanup by exam regulator Ofqual. The subject has been deemed to overlap with the new design and technology: food technology GCSE course. Other subjects including media and film studies will be reformed or killed off, as they are either "obscure and unpopular" or "soft", depending on which newspaper you're reading. Continue reading...

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