18 Nov '14

News This half-baked A-level reform is being rushed for the election | Laura McInerney

Schools, students, exam boards and universities aren’t ready but the change to ‘one-shot’ exams is happening anywayThere’s a debacle going on in our schools that no one is talking about – especially not the government. That is wrong, because it will potentially mess up the lives of children turning 16 this academic year. So let’s talk about it.For the past 14 years, if you sat A-levels, your final grade was based on a number of exams taken at different points across your two years of study. If you did badly at one, you could resit. Beyond giving more opportunities for improving grades, this process had two other advantages. First, universities could see the grades so far achieved by a student when they applied for a place. And second, students could drop subjects at the halfway point while still receiving a formal (AS) qualification. Continue reading...

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