27 Jun '14

News Tight trousers and short skirts land Isle of Wight students in trouble

Toughened uniform rules at Ryde Academy have left children in insolation and parents seething. The head has hit a snagThe week before last, Rory Fox, the headteacher of Ryde Academy in the Isle of Wight, sent out a letter to parents. A quarter of them, by his reckoning, didn't read it because they never do. Sam (not his real name) read it to me over the phone: "'There is an aspect, however, which is increasingly problematic. I refer to the length of skirt. Our uniform can be found on the academy website'" Exasperated, he interjects: "There is no photo". He continues: "'and it states that skirts must be of a reasonable length (worn to the knee)'. 'Another uniform matter has been trousers: they should always be loose enough so that they are not too close fitting'"With all the anonymity and the circuitous routes to contact, interviewing for this story felt like being a member of the French resistance. And yet I felt like I knew Sam well enough, by the end of this conversation, to say he was being sarcastic when he added: "Right. I understand that completely. Thank you for clearing that up." Continue reading...

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