15 Jun '14

News 'To any deaf people aspiring to be teachers, fight for your rights'

'Deafness may hold you back but only if you let it.' Teacher Ayesha Gavin talks about how she is generating more respect for British sign languageAyesha Gavin is a self-employed British sign language (BSL) teacher and runs the BSL teaching company, Ayesha CommunicationsI was about 15 when I met with a careers adviser to discuss what I wanted to do after leaving school. I remember mentioning teaching and feeling crushed when she told me that this wasn't an option; because I'm profoundly deaf she said I wouldn't be able to control a class. It was the first time I'd encountered that attitude I'd attended a mainstream school where my teachers had always been supportive, and my family had never suggested I couldn't do something just because of it. Continue reading...

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