19 Jul '14

News To whomsoever it doesn't concern: are standard letters the best way to convey a message? | David Mitchell

Two letters featured in the news last week. Neither was particularly effectiveDear all,Thank you for taking the time to read this. I realise you must be very busy. Unless you're not. But even then, you may have the self-image of being very busy, in which case you probably begrudge the time that reading this will take even more than the genuinely busy. So I thank you the most. In either case, feel free to skip this section which is basically just pleasantries and acknowledgment of busyness and move on to the main bit of the letter. Of course, without reading this bit you wouldn't know that you could skip it, since the information about its skipability is contained within it. I have no idea how to overcome that paradox and can only apologise and thank you again for your time. Continue reading...

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