3 Jun '14

News Too tulle for school: how the prom crossed the Atlantic

The teenage prom has become big business in the UK. This year's dress code? Sequins for the girls and Arctic Monkeys suits for the boys Could you afford a £1,000 bill for your child's school prom?For anyone who turned 16 in the days before social media, leavers' ball was probably a sartorial nadir. At mine, boys wore ill-fitting suits and disgusting amounts of hair gel; girls were resplendent in lilac chiffon and diamante shoes. Thankfully pre-Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram the only photographic evidence is a few blurry snaps, curling at the edges, hidden away in a box under the bed.Leavers' ball 2014 is a very different proposition. Now more commonly known as prom, the event has become an industry worth at least £80m a year, with students and parents shelling out for dresses, suits, accessories, limousines and corsages. There are dedicated prom fashion shows, pre-and post-prom parties, and prom has muscled in on the wedding fayre market, too. Continue reading...

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