19 Aug '14

News Top 10 tips for students changing schools

Moving schools this year? It's a big change, but Dr Aaron Balick, author of Keep Your Cool, shares his top 10 tips for children, teens and their parents who are worried or nervous about the moveChanging schools is a big deal, so what's the best way to face it? It's a paradox, but the one thing that never changes about life is change: change just happens. While you can't prepare for every change you're going to meet, you can learn to get better at dealing with change itself. Changing schools is the challenge now, but big changes will happen again and again (nothing stays the same), so getting skilled up in dealing with change will help you for the rest of your life. In my book, Keep Your Cool: How to Deal With Life's Worries and Stress, I talk a lot about how your beliefs about things don't just affect how you feel, but also how things work out for you in the end. What are you beliefs about changing schools? Are they positive? Negative? Both? How will they affect what happens in the end? Continue reading...

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