8 Sep '14

News Top on Twitter: which music teachers should I follow?

Heres our list of some of the best tweeters out there covering everything from lesson planning to music based chatWithout music, life would be a mistake, German philosopher Friedrich Nietzche famously said. Theres no denying that music ignites passion in many and research shows that it can have a very positive impact on childrens discipline and confidence in class. Can't wait to make something similar to this for my classroom #musicalmessages #crackthecode pic.twitter.com/efhoxZsAzA"...learning is always more successful when you do what you love rather than what you must." http://t.co/EbxowGbYXtMy 5 year old (Suzuki violin) just asked me if he should play in A major or D major. I've never taught him formal theory! #learnincontextMy first blog post: Magic Marking with the interactive "Music Making Map" #ukedchat #ukmusiced http://t.co/HLujc3xWXt pic.twitter.com/KERFfqenIpWhat can I say? ... From the Archive: Why do so many musicians have long hair? http://t.co/v2nKxIi6nHI let my year 10s take my lesson for me today. I was impressed with their resources and plan to steal them! pic.twitter.com/Wi3YbriZcy Continue reading...

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