8 Aug '14

News Troops to teachers fails, English exams unimaginative and tech-savvy students

Education roundup: A new report shows six-year-olds are more digitally savvy than most adults and a former teacher explains why Gove drove her out of teachingTech savvy six-year olds. The average six-year-old in your class know more about the web than most 45-year-old adults, according to research by Ofcom. Broadband has bred a generation of mini digital natives.@MrKMurphy @GuardianTeach agree but not bc incentive. Children are all the incentive I need. I agree bc we need to be hold accountable@GuardianTeach I'm spending my summer setting up my new NQT classroom! pic.twitter.com/1GvcKneCEnDid you watch #GBBO last night? Did you notice uncanny similarities to teaching? Are you a master baker? New blog: http://t.co/bdOq7pWErb Continue reading...

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