8 Jun '14

News We are losing the art of reading | Andy Miller

The pleasures of reading involve patience, solitude and contemplation, but we rush to consume content effortlesslyIt has already been quite a year for lovers of book-blah. This spring, storm clouds have gathered and then broken over a succession of literary teacups. Does the publishing of gender-specific books demean our children? Should one build an English A-level around Russell Brand interview excerpts and tweets from Caitlin Moran? Are creative writing courses a waste of time? Is Michael Gove right to have banished Of Mice and Men from the GCSE English syllabus, if indeed he has done?The passage of these squalls is predictable. A report appears via a newspaper. Twitter goes into a frenzy of hashtags and indignation. Online petitions are launched. Philip Pullman issues a statement. Counterarguments are made. Someone denounces someone else on the Today programme. The story is updated to reflect the commotion. The clouds roll on. Continue reading...

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