15 Aug '14

News We have to tackle the gender imbalance in careers such as teaching and nursing | Alex Andreou

I have struggled to find a male carer for my mum we need to break the stereotype of female-dominated professionsMy mother, who has stage 2 Alzheimers, is cared for at home (my sisters and I share her care equally so that one of us is always around). Recently it has become clear that we need some help, especially at night. Alzheimers-related dementia often goes hand in hand with insomnia and it is difficult to care for someone when the carer cannot rest properly a point sadly missed by the government when it conceived the wretched bedroom tax. So we looked for a live-in carer who could keep an eye on her during the night, while the SoS sibling on shift got some rest.Through trial and error it became clear that mum reacted better to a male live-in carer than a female one. This was partly because she seemed to perceive a woman living in her space as more of a rival and partly because the daily routines of coaxing and cajoling were facilitated by her flirtatious attitude to men. We set out to find a male nurse but it was not easy. Once we narrowed the field, the agency could offer fewer options and they came at a premium. Continue reading...

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