7 Nov '14

News Wearing a school uniform doesnt help us learn | Emma Jacobs

One schools decision this week to send hundreds of its pupils home for wearing the wrong clothes betrays a worryingly skewed set of prioritiesMore than 200 Bradford secondary school pupils were sent home from school this week. Their crime? Uniform infringements. They werent burning bras or tying their ties around their heads. They were wearing trainers or the wrong cut of trousers. But is it OK to deprive someone of a day of education just because they dont look smart enough?The rationale for uniform is to create a level playing field. So rich kids dont lord it over poorer ones with their flashy jumpers and Huarache trainers and no one is teased for not following the latest trends. But the flipside of conformity is dullness. What about budding fashionistas or simply those who want to express their individuality? A bland uniform suppresses our right to express ourselves through clothes. Kids will be kids, and frankly it takes more than stipulating the right shade of blue shirt to eradicate bullying from schools. If teens want to bully others they will find their motive and means. Continue reading...

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