16 Jul '14

News What's the most inspiring lesson a teacher ever taught you?

As a headteacher of a Lancashire primary school's heartfelt letter went viral, we'd like to know about the best thing a teacher ever did for you at schoolThe headteacher of a Lancashire primary school has become an unlikely social media star after a heartfelt letter she wrote to pupils went viral.Just spoke to Barrowford school in Nelson: they are bowled over by how this wonderful letter to pupils has gone viral pic.twitter.com/3tHoJPmWIgI think we may have found the blog that was the inspiration for our letter to Year 6 http://t.co/MonRDUCshL @khurdhorstWhat a tender and genuine letter that actually considers the emotional and psychological side of education in human beings who are still in a crucial stage of developing (we hopefully should never stop doing so) into adults.It's heartening to read.How brilliant, yet so simple. The message will resonate with any and is a reminder to all that we are all humans to be valued - regardless of our exam results.Some young people may not get that encouragement at home sadly, so it is a reminder that they matter and are special. The sentiments of that letter will never be forgotten by those who received it and they may take that forward and shape generations to come based on them. Continue reading...

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