15 Sep '14

News When riots broke out in Ferguson, my pop-up school gave pupils a safe place to learn

Teacher Carrie Pace tells how her impromptu classroom in a local library became a peaceful haven during protests in MissouriCarrie Pace teaches art at Walnut Grove Elementary School in Ferguson, Missouri. In August, schools were closed in the area after violent protests broke out over the police shooting of Michael Brown. Pace, however, was determined that the riots wouldnt affect her students education and decided to start a pop-up school at a local library. After news spread of Paces campaign through social media, it wasnt long before the whole community was galvanised to help continue their childrens learning. Schools closed in Ferguson to keep the kids safe, but I just wanted them to have an education. School was supposed to start on a Thursday but when the protests about Michael Brown started to get a little rough we got the call late Wednesday night that school was going to be cancelled for the next two days so things could calm down. They just wanted everyone to be safe. It was horrible because we were all really sad for our kids and wanted them to be back at school. Over the weekend, the trouble continued and we got the call again that school would be closed on Monday. I dont know what compelled me to drive down to the library down the street, but I walked into the directors office in tears, explaining how we had no place to go and asking whether we could use the library to reach out to teachers and families, letting them know they can come there to continue their lessons. He said, Absolutely. Continue reading...

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