20 Jun '14

News Why can't schools focus on the whole child again?

I'm amazed and inspired by a school in Bali, where exam results are not the top priorityI was fortunate enough recently to visit Bali. I expected all the usual sun, sand, sightseeing. What I didn't expect was an epiphany about how my daughters were being educated or miseducated. An excursion to the Green School in Ubud amazed and inspired me particularly as I watch my 12 year-old's anxiety over her assessment tests and my seven year old struggling with homework.You walk into the school to the sound of freeform rock music being practised. At the entrance, parents mingle with children and visitors there are no gates here or security fences. As you make your way to the school, the first thing you see is a shop selling recycled goods made by the children, while on the other there are open cafeterias selling vegan ice cream, juices and raw, living food. No Turkey Twizzlers. A poster advertises the visit of Jane Goodall, the world's foremost chimpanzee expert, who is spending the weekend there. Continue reading...

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