1 Jul '14

News Why don't children in colliery towns learn about the miners' stike?

Pupils are taught about wars and royals in history lessons but not about the bitter dispute that divided their own communitiesIan Buxton, deputy headteacher, is nursing a Nottingham Forest mug and sitting near a photograph of Bolsover colliery at Bolsover school, Derbyshire. His mug tells its own little story: Forest supporters have long had to endure chants of "scab" when their team plays around here. The chanters are making an oblique reference to the miners' strike of 30 years ago, even though most Forest fans were never miners and most of the chanters weren't even born at the time.Buxton, 60, remembers the strike well. He started work here in January, 1984, when he was still living in Retford, Nottinghamshire, and the strike began two months later. "Every time I drove to school, there were lines of police on the county border," he recalls. "The first few times I was stopped and they'd go through the car." Continue reading...

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