30 May '14

News Why I stand by my decision to send my son to Park View academy | Nargis Iqbal

There is no Islamic 'plot' at my son's school, which has nurtured him and given him an excellent start to his secondary educationLike most parents, I felt the decision of which secondary school to send my son to was an important one. I had the choice of outstanding schools, such as Merchant Taylors' and Haberdashers' near my home in London.However, I was offered a job in Birmingham, and quickly realised the move would work, but on one condition: that I was able to live as close as possible to Park View academy, in Alum Rock, in order that my son could get a place. It's a smaller-than-average secondary school. So, knowing how popular it is, I chose to rent a house within 400 metres of the school gates. Continue reading...

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