5 Aug '14

News Working at a free school put me off teaching

Vulnerable children were taught in appalling conditions. This wasn't the teaching career I wantedI had wanted to teach since I was 15. After getting a good degree in history and a year's internship, as well as voluntary work in primary schools, I applied to become a teaching assistant in a free school. I joined in its second year, with the understanding that the school would fund me on a teacher training programme. The chairman persuasively stated his aim, which was to give disadvantaged children a good education. I believed I was part of something new and exciting.My school was in a very deprived area. Many of the children were disadvantaged and a significant number had child protection issues. While a permanent site was promised, the school was using rented premises that were also used for other purposes. The outside space was tiny and shabby. We saw rats scurrying around. And as the building was used for other purposes, there were often adults around whom we didn't know, and who almost certainly had not had their disclosure and barring service check. Continue reading...

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