2 Oct '14

News World Teacher Day: what your teachers taught you share stories

Sunday 5 October is when we celebrate teachers around the world. Join us by sharing stories, pictures and messages about your favourite teachers and the best advice they gave youThere is no better day to celebrate the work of teachers than World Teacher Day. Unescos organised celebration on Sunday 5 October is held annually to celebrate the good work that educators do around the world, many working in difficult conditions and with limited resources. We want you to join us in remembering the very best teachers almost everyone will have someone that springs to mind.In a recent campaign for the Person Teaching Awards, Minnie Driver along with other famous faces said thank you to the teachers who inspired her. She said that she had a good music teacher who encouraged her to explore a love of music. The arts give children the tools for creative thinking that serve children in every aspect of scholastic development, she said. Continue reading...

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