Our History

We believe that it is good for you to know who the twinkl team are and our journey. We'd love you to join us – let’s write the next chapters together!

November 2013

twinkl's first ever full time illustrator, Ellie joins us to draw some amazing stuff for KS2.

October 2013

Hannah, our first ever and marvellous salesperson has joined us! Hannah has a wee daughter called Darcie and loves baking.

September 2013

Twinkl welcome the splendid Stephen, who is here to join us as a member of the Admin Superstar team!! :D

August 2013

And last to join, but not least for this month, we have the charming Jenny!

August 2013

... and the sensational Shantal!!

August 2013

The little ship that is twinkl is getting fuller than ever, as we hire 3 more junior designers. We have now been joined by the fabulous Abigail...

July 2013

...along with the gorgeous Rachel!

July 2013

Ever expanding in loveliness again, twinkl welcome the beautiful NEW (as we have another Emily) Emily...

July 2013

Twinkl grows even more in creative talent as Kate comes aboard the resource ship!

June 2013

The lovely Liv joins Team Twinkl as a junior designer!

June 2013

Team Twinkl race for life and we have reached our donation target!! Whooo!!

May 2013

Twinkl and The Guardian have made friends and we now have a jobs section! Helping teachers find jobs - how exciting!

April 2013

Sarah, a lovely Early Years practitioner comes to join us all.

April 2013

The twinkl team are very excited when two new primary teachers - the lovely Becca ...

April 2013

... and the wonderful Sean, both join the team!

March 2013

The twinkl team attend the Education Show for the second year and share a stand with Avery. We met lots of lovely twinklers and had a fab time!

February 2013

The lovely Ayan joins the Twinkl team to help out with all things adminy!

February 2013

Twinkl celebrates it’s third birthday- yippee!

January 2013

Twinkl attend the bett show and the evening awards ceremony. Everybody gets dressed up and there is lots of dancing.

January 2013

…and Judith, a product design graduate.

January 2013

Twinkl hire two new junior designers; Emily...

November 2012

Twinkl are nominated as a Bett awards finalist!

November 2012

To help the creative team with the growing list of resources, twinkl take on Ashton, an illustration graduate.

September 2012

Becky’s sister Lauren (who isn't 7 years old!) is employed as a full time admin superstar and takes over the emails and generally looks after everybody.

August 2012

Andrew's lovely wife Rachael joins the team to help develop the website and make it clearer and easier to use!

July 2012

Twinkl Birdy goes to Cornwall for a holiday.

July 2012

Heather (part time teacher and full time mum) joins the team to help out and starts a new blog on the website. The twinkl community expands and becomes more active.

June 2012

Becky graduates with a degree in illustration : )

March 2012

With the help of app developer Josh, twinkl release their first app; the twinkl Phonics Suite!

March 2012

The twinkl team attend the Education Show and share a stand with Avery. Lots of friendly twinklers come to have a chat and get their avatars drawn. A merry time was had by all!

February 2012

Twinkl turns 2- woohoo!

September 2011

Twinkl premium is launched along with tens of thousands of lovely new resources.

August 2011

Timmy (a KS2 supply teacher) starts to work for twinkl, dealing with the development of resources and requests from the lovely twinkl community.

July 2011

Twinkl make good friends with Avery and help to develop their sticky stuff for schools range. Avery use twinkl’s artwork in their design and print online software.

July 2011

Imogen, a degree qualified illustrator, joins the team to help Becky and Jules with the design and illustration.

February 2011

Twinkl celebrates it's first birthday!

September 2010

Tim joins Twinkl as their online advertising manager, huzzah!

September 2010

The lovely Jules joins twinkl as a designer to help make fab resources.

August 2010

Twinkl find their first employee (and friend), Becky, to create resources and illustrations.

April 2010

Gumble (the rabbit) joins twinkl, as head of cuteness and all things fluffy.

February 2010

Jon’s brother Andrew helps to launch the new teaching resource site, and twinkl is born!

January 2010

Jon and his wife Susie, a primary teacher, start a new website to help fellow educators.

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