Nursery / Foundation Stage 1 Visual Timetable

Ref No. T-C-004
Preview: Nursery / Foundation Stage 1 Visual Timetable
Nursery / Foundation Stage 1 Visual Timetable - *Newly Updated Version* A wide variety of images featuring the main activities of the day for this teaching stage. A Visual Timetable enable pupils to understand what they are doing when over a period of time such as the school day. They give structure to the day and images are used to represent the tasks, activities or lessons that are taught in the classroom. Images are arranged 6 per A4, allowing flexibility in terms of their size. A classroom essential - can be used as a whole class tool or to for children with Special Educational Needs (SEN). Also available in black and white.

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This resource is available in Standard, B&W, No Text and Size Editable.

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  • hayleytattam's Profile Picture hayleytattam lovely resource children love the pictures used. Maybe worth doing a few more options things like dinosaurs, animals. · Jan 9th
  • pbell2's Profile Picture pbell2 two copies one as intended and the other to match to activities.
    · Aug 26th
  • denber's Profile Picture denber Brilliant resources thank you. · Dec 20th, 2012