Treasure Map Design Activity


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Treasure Map Design Activity - Worksheets, Pirate, Pirates, Topic, cutting, fine motor skills, activity,  pirate, pirates, treasure, ship, jolly roger, ship, island, ocean

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  • Jul 22nd

    very good

  • Jul 15th

    Teaching English

  • Jun 22nd

    For children to make their own treasure maps! A great resource. Thank you!

    • Jun 22nd

      Hi Kashicha,
      You're very welcome - so glad we could help!

  • Jun 14th

    good resource

  • Jun 13th


  • Jun 12th

    To design a map to use as a writing prompt and also practice compass directions.

  • Jun 7th

    to designe a map and have a great time.

  • Jun 6th

    To design a map, label and write about their map.

  • Jun 1st

    i would get my children make their own treasure hunt.

  • May 23rd

    doing a treasure hunt with my son to help with counting and distance
    iv already done one with this and its briliant

  • May 9th

    I am using this template for a math activity to assist with understanding informal measurements and distance

  • Apr 17th

    We combine a treasure hunt with reading activities (reading clues at each step. Also for learning direction.

  • Apr 10th

    I am working with an ADHD boy who has recently taken an interest in minerals. Making a treasure map may help him. Together we can create a story on where the minerals come from. (we live in a mining area of Brazil)

  • Mar 30th

    Thank you!!!!

  • Mar 28th

    Reception class - thank you

  • Mar 7th

    encourage children who wont go outdoors tried setting fun challenges in other ways but think a hunt will excite them

  • Mar 7th

    what about a map to hunt for wild animals? Or a dinosaurs? Or treasure from a giant? Other pictures like a well, a mountain, castle, rainforest, waterfalls, canyon, river etc makes this resource more flexible to different stories/themes

    • Mar 7th

      Hi babs17,
      Thank you for commenting. I have put this request through, if we're able to make it then we'll be in touch to let you know.

  • Feb 15th

    to practice scissor skills for home ed

  • Feb 13th

    Fun way to enforce prepositions of place and introduce map reading skills.

  • Feb 12th

    treasure topic

  • Feb 5th

    1:1 EAL pupil

  • Jan 14th

    to assess children's fine motor skills and creative skills in pre-school/nursery

  • Jan 6th

    Preschool - making routes

  • Dec 3rd

    making a map for an amazing race like activity.

  • Nov 28th

    mapping skills

  • Nov 6th

    We are working on mapping skills unit in first grade. This looks like a fun activity, to extend and assess the students learning..

  • Nov 5th

    We are working on a unit about mapping skills. This looks like a fun activity, but at the same time students can show what they know.

  • Nov 3rd

    for difficult learning children

  • Nov 2nd

    in my primary class to teach prepositions of place.

    I am thankful

  • Oct 31st

    Need some words written in Malayalam to support an Indian boy in our class.

  • Oct 30th

    to use his interests in pirates to get him to cut out and create a picture

  • Oct 6th

    guided reading creative activity

  • Oct 4th

    Great to introduce mapping skills in class!!! Thanks

  • Oct 2nd

    to follow instructions

  • Sep 30th

    Great for positional vocabulary!

  • Sep 29th

    to help follow directions and listening skills

  • Sep 28th

    age app for my kids treasure activites

  • Sep 17th

    For students to create their own maps. To reinforce what we have learnt in class. To see what they have understood and remembered.

  • Sep 15th

    Create their own map and write directions for it

  • Sep 11th

    Key stage 1 Pirate map homework

  • Sep 10th

    to create their own map

  • Sep 9th

    Story Time with the theme of Pirates

  • Sep 8th

    to create their own map

  • Sep 8th

    Talk Like a Pirate Day activity

  • Sep 2nd

    Want pirate themed social studies skills. Will use to teach coordinates, compass rose, and map keys.

  • Sep 1st

    Using for activity to do with grandparents on Grandparent's Day.

  • Aug 24th

    children playing pirates

  • Aug 21st

    Thanks- we are reading pirate books in our classroom.

  • Aug 18th

    community event

  • Aug 15th

    pirate theme week

  • Aug 13th

    pirate theme week

  • Aug 11th

    Teaching map skills.

  • Aug 9th

    Summer Pirate Theme

  • Jul 31st

    Summer holidays activities

  • Jul 29th

    Pirate party

  • Jul 27th

    Pirate party

    • Jul 27th

      Hi Berkamp,
      Thanks for commenting! Hope your party goes well :)

  • Jul 24th

    pirate week

    • Jul 24th

      Hi juliaeddy,
      Thank you for commenting! :)

  • Jul 16th

    pirate week matching pictures

    • Jul 16th

      Hi liverpool456,
      Thanks for commenting! :)

  • Jul 7th

    messy play area activity as part of an extension of our pirate themed role play area - we will display the childrens maps on the wall

    • Jul 7th

      Hi JenHHCC,
      Thanks for your comment! I'm really glad this resource is useful for you :)

  • Jul 6th

    Tomorrow we will meet with our new groups for next year. We will make a start with the "treasure"project. This seems a fun activity to do with different ages.
    They have to duplicate their partners map (which they cannot see)

    • Jul 6th

      Hi MargovanCleef,
      Thank you for sharing your idea, really glad we could help!

  • Jun 29th

    I will use this to encourage some of the boys to participate in an activity

    • Jun 29th

      Hi bkpryer,
      Thanks for your comment! I'm really glad this resource is useful for you :)

  • Jun 25th

    This is for our Pirate week at summer camp and we created a treasure hunt

    • Jun 25th

      Hi angelaholdren,
      Thank you for your feedback! I'm really glad we could help :)

  • Jun 23rd

    A special pirate day in school

    • Jun 23rd

      Hi vanderloos,
      Sounds great! Thanks for sharing :)

  • Jun 18th

    summer holiday programme

    • Jun 18th

      Hi RachelLouise02,
      That's a great idea - thanks for letting others know! :)

  • Jun 15th

    I am going to use this resource as part of our lessons on 'maps' within Geography in Prep. We will look at Pirate/treasure maps to begin the lesson, discussing collaboratively what they see etc and then finish off with this resource of creating their own map.

    • Jun 15th

      Hi Jaiden07,
      That's a lovely idea - thanks for letting others know! :)

  • Jun 14th

    I am using this for a lesson on co-ordinates. Pupils to design own island and hide the treasure,then create questions about different places on the island where a co-ordinate will be the answer.

    • Jun 14th

      Hi dasquire,
      That's a wonderful idea! I'll let our resource creators know about this :)

  • Jun 12th

    I am currently writing a unit to teach Geography and have decided to name the unit 'Treasure maps' starting with the idea of fun treasure maps then leading onto places and looking at the treasure in each country/place. Thank you for this stimulus to start the unit!

    • Jun 12th

      Hi kflentje,
      I'm so glad to hear you like our resource so much and that you have such a wonderful idea, it is great to be able to help! I'll let our resource creators know about this :)

  • Jun 11th

    great for last day of school

    • Jun 11th

      Hi alexdunst,
      Thank you for sharing! :)

  • Jun 9th

    Let's see how much imagination can I spark with this!!!

    • Jun 9th

      HI Odalys, I hope you have fun! thanks for sharing! :)

  • Jun 5th


  • Jun 5th

    The kids will use this map template to create their own treasure map to learn Matthew 6:21- "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."

    • Jun 5th

      That's a great idea, batgirl! Thanks for letting us know :)

  • Jun 2nd

    Pirate unit

    • Jun 3rd

      Hi tamirs, lovely idea! :)

  • Jun 2nd

    story writing sequencing

    • Jun 2nd

      Great idea, purplrabs! :)

  • Jun 1st

    I plan to use it for a treasurehunt in our reading club this summer

    • Jun 1st

      Hi jovviny! Thanks for your comment! That sounds like fun!

  • May 27th

    I have an RTI group so for an end of the year project I am featuring the book Peter Pan. We have a local playground with a wooden pirate ship. I would like my students to create a pirate map to go along with our theme

    • May 28th

      Hey there Gettingst, thanks for sharing! That sounds like a lovely idea for this resource! :)

  • May 22nd

    Fantastic! teaching co ordinates

    • May 22nd

      Hey MissCharisse, thanks for commenting on this resource! It's lovely to hear you like this resource!

  • May 20th

    We are making pirate maps and hats with our Thursday group ,working in groups . , talking about finding treasure

    • May 20th

      Hi there malins, thanks for your comment! What a great idea! :)

  • May 17th

    teaching position in jnr math class

  • May 14th

    Reception independent activity following an orientation trip

  • May 12th

    to design a treasure map for a family learning challenge

  • May 12th

    we are using it for a location activity

  • May 10th

    teaching position in class

  • May 7th

    childrens interests

  • May 6th

    class resource

  • May 6th

    I'm using this for my reading a map lesson in math!

  • May 4th

    WebQuest. Great thanks.

  • May 1st

    treasure hunt

  • Apr 29th

    perfect for center time with preschool!!

  • Apr 3rd

    Inspiration for writing.

  • Apr 2nd

    warm-up activity

  • Mar 25th

    Trying to find better resources than Miss Wright

  • Mar 25th

    To practice designing a map

  • Mar 18th

    focused pirate themed session

  • Mar 15th

    pirate theme

  • Mar 1st

    pirate day

  • Mar 1st

    pirate themed fun

  • Feb 26th

    pirate theme

  • Feb 11th

    I plan on using this for a small group lesson.

  • Feb 6th


  • Jan 26th

    used for homework

  • Jan 19th

    Pirate theme at preschool! Fun to make their own maps!

  • Jan 14th

    Very good to create their own version of a pirate map!!

  • Jan 11th

    We are doing a topic on pirates and thought the children would find this activity fun.

  • Jan 11th

    We are doing a topic on pirates in class. I want them to create their own maps. This will be a great introduction and save me so much time!

  • Jan 4th

    To create treasure maps during our Pirate topic!

  • Jul 1st

    Great addition to my summer school program. We are doing a pirate theme this week. They will love to create their own map!

  • Jun 3rd

    Our last day of school is a trip to the beach. I will hide a treasure in the sand for my students to find.

  • Jun 27th

    This is going to go down a treat.

  • Sep 24th

    You have saved me so much time with this - just what I needed . Thankyou !

  • Jul 13th

    Love, love, love this!

  • Jun 26th


Treasure Map Design Activity

Treasure Map Design Activity - A fun activity for your children - allow them to design their own treasure map! Great for practising fine motor skills and also great fun!

Why not also check out our lovely pirate ship role resources?

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