Toilet Passes

Ref No. T-C-065
Preview: Toilet Passes
Toilet Passes - A colourful set of passes that can be given to your children as a fun (and useful) way of monitoring how many children are in the toilet. We think this resource is best laminated. A great way to keep children safe and promote independence. This resource is available in Standard.

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  • kate-williams's Profile Picture kate-williams Laminate these and attach to a lanyard so the children can go to the loo without the pass getting in the way! · Mar 24th
  • ayan@twinkl's Profile Picture ayan@twinkl Hi there Katieg1, thanks so much for commenting on this resource. I've had a look and re uploaded this to the site for you so if you'd like to clear your cache and refresh the page you should be able to download it right away! :) · Jan 23rd
  • Katieg1's Profile Picture Katieg1 I keep getting an error whilst downloading this item! It says 'an internal error occurred'- any suggestions? Would love to use this resource! · Jan 22nd
  • kjoyhamman's Profile Picture kjoyhamman Lovely resource, thanks. · Jan 18th
  • valoudebest's Profile Picture valoudebest Love these signs ! I will use them from tomorrow on, surely ! Thank you ! · Nov 17th
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