Superhero Sticker Stamp Reward Chart


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Superhero Sticker Stamp Reward Chart - Superhero Sticker Stamp Reward Chart, Superheroes, Superhero, superheroes, charts, chart, award, well done, reward, medal, rewards, school, general, achievement, progress, hero, batman, superman, spiderman, spec

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  • Thank you very much! I will use this stamp board for my English camp!

    , Jun 30th
    • Hi leonar3633,
      It's always lovely to hear that people like our resources. Thank you so much for letting us know! :)

      , Jun 30th
  • , rated this resource Jun 25th
  • , rated this resource Jun 13th
  • For when its the Superhero star topic.

    , May 15th
    • Good evening spurslil,
      Thank you so much for getting in touch! It's lovely to hear from you :) How can we improve this resource to make it 5 star quality? :)

      , May 15th
  • I would love it if this style of reward chart could be made for a little boy who is obsessed with fireman/firetrucks. Considered trying to make one myself but I am struggling to make it look this fantastic! 
    Thank you so much! 

    , Apr 22nd
    • Hi Sarah__Houston,
      Thanks for your lovely request - I'll ask our design team to take a look and see if we can make this change for you :)

      , Apr 22nd
    • Hi there Sarah__Houston,
      Our lovely resource creation team have completed this and emailed the new resource to you, I hope you find it useful! It will also be available for download within 48 hours, and you can find it either as a new resource, or under 'Alternative versions' above.

      , Apr 22nd
  • Sticker chart for completed tasks

    , Aug 31st
  • Reward chart for babysitting

    , Aug 23rd
  • To encourage independent learning.

    , Jul 10th
  • reward chart

    , Jul 9th
  • reward chart

    , Jul 1st
  • Punctuality reward chart

    , Jun 14th
  • To encourage the children to attend Sunday school, bring their Bible, bring a friend, and bring offering. I think it will be great for boys and girls!

    , May 24th
  • to help children improve their speech

    , May 24th
  • to help children and parents with potty training

    , May 9th
  • Weekly good behaviour reward card!

    , May 9th
  • Stay in bed sleep reward chart

    , Apr 13th
  • This Sticker chart will be used to encourage by 3 year old to go to the toilet.

    , Mar 24th
  • Im using this for my classroom.

    , Mar 21st
  • my son

    , Mar 21st
  • P1 Reward Chart - FAB!
    Teaching Asst

    , Feb 26th
  • for a teacher to use for incentives

    , Feb 23rd
  • used for Kindergarten reading program

    , Feb 17th
  • to support a child with toilet training

    , Feb 16th
  • Wow

    , Feb 13th
  • child with behaviour as a reward chart

    , Feb 5th
  • night time potty training

    , Jan 24th
  • helping children reach their targets

    , Jan 23rd
  • home educated~

    , Jan 20th

    , Jan 15th
  • rewards

    , Dec 7th
  • I will use it during a training Kids'Skills in Tanzania

    , Nov 30th
  • home reward

    , Nov 17th
  • SEN Reward

    , Nov 10th
  • Reward chart for 4 year old son who is having difficulties following rules at school.

    , Nov 10th
  • Help my son get moving for school in the morning

    , Nov 2nd
  • I am going to use this to motivate the teachers to finish their part for our accreditation self study

    , Oct 30th
  • I plan to use this to encourage reading fluency with my struggling readers.

    , Oct 29th
  • wonderful options

    , Oct 29th
  • marvelous site and it's very useful for kids.

    , Oct 12th
  • Special needs children working on a variety of things. Great background because they are my Superheroes!

    , Oct 7th
  • good

    , Oct 2nd
  • Rewarding bravery to encourage my son to go into school without getting upset

    , Sep 28th
  • daycare

    , Sep 25th
  • As encouragement for helping

    , Sep 25th
  • for pupils

    , Sep 24th
  • my little superheroes will collect stickers here ;)

    , Sep 22nd
  • reinfocement!

    , Sep 21st
  • great

    , Sep 21st
  • great!

    , Sep 18th
  • I love it!

    , Sep 17th
  • I am going to use it for my son to help with lining up at recess!!

    , Sep 15th
  • Positive behaviour for distracted boys

    , Sep 15th
  • tracking positive behaviour

    , Sep 14th
  • reward system

    , Sep 14th
  • reward system

    , Sep 14th
  • system...

    , Sep 14th
  • superhero party reward sites,

    , Sep 14th
  • Toilet training!

    , Sep 13th
  • small group writing act reward

    , Sep 12th
  • Reward Chart for Primary School

    , Sep 10th
  • for classroom in EYFS

    , Sep 2nd
  • for my KG kids. thank you. What would you use this resource for? - Please let others know how you rate this resource!

    , Sep 2nd
  • Again for my KG kids. thank you.

    , Sep 2nd
  • for my K-1 EE class. Positive behavior reward system. Using Super Student classroom theme.

    , Sep 2nd
  • for special needs child with adhd

    , Aug 31st
  • Resource for special needs child

    , Aug 31st
  • Special education preschool students- will be using for a behavior reward system.

    , Aug 26th
  • Trying to instill a love of reading for my young boys as we begin our homeschooling adventure. This will keep me accountable as well. And they are all about the superheros right now!

    , Aug 20th
  • reward system for my two boys.

    , Aug 20th
  • I plan on using this as my team awards chart for neatest work space and quietest working team.

    , Aug 18th
  • I am really excited about this! We are doing a super heroe theme. I teach K-3 in a separate facility. I am excited to tie this to behavior!

    , Aug 17th
  • reward

    , Aug 16th
  • Hi, I will be working as an INA in September in the afternoons with a boy who dream of being a superhero when he grows up...this will be brilliant

    , Aug 16th
  • reward system

    , Aug 16th
  • This could be used as part of a classroom behavior management system. When students fill their chart they can choose from a little treasure box.

    , Aug 16th
  • I am using it for group initiative chart for attendance.

    , Aug 15th
  • I would use it as a group incentive chart during center time. The different groups would try to earn the most stars for good behavior and staying on task as they rotate through centers.

    , Aug 15th
  • homework chart

    , Aug 14th
  • reading chart

    , Aug 13th
  • After a one on one session I reward with a sticker for their chart if they worked hard

    , Aug 12th
  • To encourage a student to talk in his big kid voice.

    , Aug 11th
  • Encouraging toddler to wear own jacket.

    , Aug 10th
  • bulletin board for class rewards

    , Aug 8th
  • incentives

    , Aug 8th
  • I will use this to keep track of the books the students read for the semester. So cute!

    , Aug 5th
  • Good to motivate children learning

    , Aug 5th
  • To help my children stay in their own beds all night.

    , Aug 4th
  • For My Class To drink more water

    , Jul 31st
  • i used this tool to help my son with tidying and listening, and generally rewarding good behaviour. its working so far!

    , Jul 31st
  • Help us to start our Term 1 Learning Journey on superheroes and saving the planet

    , Jul 23rd
    • Hi mrsbadger1,
      Great! Thanks for sharing!

      , Jul 23rd
  • Every time my son sleeps in his new "big boy toddler bed"! Love this resource as it matches the theme of his bedroom. Thank you!

    , Jul 22nd
    • Hi 1981shamrock,
      You're very welcome! Glad we could help! :)

      , Jul 22nd
  • For collecting rewards at the end of the day

    , Jul 21st
    • Hi laurahagen,
      Great! Thanks for sharing!

      , Jul 21st
  • eating vegetables

    , Jul 20th
    • Hi kirasanderson,
      Great! Thanks for sharing!

      , Jul 20th
  • good behaviour chart

    , Jul 20th
    • Hi rachaelshouse,
      It's great to hear you like the resource - Thanks for sharing! :)

      , Jul 20th
  • we use it at our house as a reward chart for my three year old who LOVES superheros right now! he gets a sticker for every time he does a chore, gets dressed on his own, brushes his teeth, etc. etc.

    , Jul 13th
    • Hi karitag,
      That's a lovely idea - thanks for letting others know! :)

      , Jul 13th
  • teaching my 3-year old son to do chores at home

    , Jun 30th
    • Hi Charbeemama,
      Thank you for your feedback! I'm really glad we could help and I hope he's helping you too :)

      , Jun 30th
  • sticker chart for good deeds (helping sibling, doing chores without being asked, etc)

    , Jun 28th
    • Hi emarston,
      Great to hear it will be so useful :) Thanks for your feedback!

      , Jun 28th
  • toilet training

    , Jun 26th
    • Hi Janeo2202,
      That's a lovely idea - thanks for letting others know! :)

      , Jun 26th
  • A checklist for computer time completed!

    , Jun 18th
  • used as a check in sheet for computer time!

    , Jun 18th
    • Hi melmurray9,
      I'm so glad to hear you like our resource so much, it is great to be able to help! :)

      , Jun 18th
  • individual work with a pupil in KS1

    , Jun 18th
    • Hi coraldevereau,
      Thank you for sharing! :)

      , Jun 18th
  • child behaviour

    , Jun 17th
    • Hi CharlieUns,
      Thank you for your feedback! I'm really glad we could help :)

      , Jun 17th
  • child behaviour

    , Jun 17th
    • Hi maryphil,
      Thank you for your feedback! I'm really glad we could help :)

      , Jun 17th
  • Great for pupils to fill in independently.

    , Jun 6th
  • child behaviour

    , Jun 3rd
  • I think I will use it for reading chart!

    , Jun 3rd
  • child behaviour

    , Jun 3rd
    • Thanks for sharing, Maryphil! :)

      , Jun 3rd
  • chore chart

    , May 29th
  • Child behavior

    , May 27th
  • chore chart or positive behavior chart (when needed). thanks!!

    , May 23rd
  • great resource for Positive Reinforcement

    , May 22nd
  • positive behaviour

    , May 22nd
    • Hi there Baigr1, thanks for your comment! Sounds great!

      , May 22nd
  • to use for addition and subtraction facts!

    , May 19th
  • for being very good

    , May 16th
  • potty training during superhero summer camp

    , May 14th
  • At home for toilet training or other reward chart.
    With my FS children to link to topic

    , May 5th
  • to track my lg's progress

    , Apr 26th
  • For incentive charts and participation in speech therapy

    , Apr 24th
  • for my special needs class

    , Apr 22nd
  • behaviour

    , Apr 17th
  • Good behavior

    , Apr 16th
  • Bring back reading.

    , Apr 16th
  • Attention rewards

    , Apr 14th
  • Behavior chart

    , Apr 12th
  • amazing

    , Apr 11th
  • This will be used for classroom rewards!

    , Apr 8th
  • To keep track of good behavior!

    , Apr 2nd
  • To encourage helping and supporting each other..when boxes are full..reward!

    , Apr 1st
  • I love this! I was going to chart every time each student reads a sight word correctly. Once they fill up their chart, they get a prize.

    , Apr 1st
  • to encourage good behaviour - thank you

    , Mar 26th
  • trying positive reinforcement to stop the bedtime getting out of bed

    , Mar 24th
  • to reward good behavior

    , Mar 23rd
  • I am using the sticker chart as motivation for good behavior.

    , Mar 16th
  • PLayground behaviour chart

    , Mar 12th
  • behavior chart

    , Mar 11th
  • Sticker Chart

    , Mar 11th
  • sticker chart

    , Mar 6th
  • These are great! A stamp is rewarded for every target sound that is produced correctly

    , Feb 24th
  • Great way for children to collect their our superhero themed classroom!

    , Feb 10th
  • Reward system for students

    , Feb 9th
  • Reward system for my class

    , Feb 8th
  • reward system in my class

    , Feb 6th
  • Motivation and reward for working well.

    , Feb 3rd
  • Motivation for Student

    , Feb 2nd
  • Great for keeping the less focussed on track for quick rewards! I give mine a treat after getting 5 stamps in a row :-)

    , Jan 28th
  • To encourage the children in their learning

    , Jan 27th
  • getting children to enjoy homework and other everyday chores

    , Jan 21st
  • bedtime

    , Jan 20th
  • Chore chart

    , Jan 16th
  • behaviour chart

    , Jan 13th
  • behaviour chart

    , Jan 12th
  • positive reinforcement.

    , Jan 9th
  • behaviour chart

    , Jan 9th
  • rewards system

    , Jan 8th
  • encouraging one of our children to make the right choices

    , Jan 7th
  • encouraging children to do good things

    , Jan 3rd
  • Hopefully this will eliminate arguments with my 4 year old.

    , Jan 2nd
  • a child with sen and to support hiss behaviour and attention skils.

    , Dec 12th
  • I run an afterschool club and the children need to know who is doing what and to control behaviour.

    , Nov 21st
  • To encourage a child with difficult behaviour to keep on the right track

    , Nov 12th
  • to collect stamps as proof of good behaviour - can I catch you doing the right thing??

    , Nov 12th
  • To encourage good work ethic and behaviour

    , Nov 3rd
  • To improve the behaviour of a child with ADD and ADHD.

    , Oct 19th
  • To improve the behaviour of one child in the class who loves superheros

    , Oct 9th
  • Support children in the classroom

    , Oct 2nd
  • To help a child improve his behaviour on the playground and in class. Will let you know if it works.

    , Sep 17th
  • I have a student who, even though it's the end of the year, needs some extra reinforcement to stay focused and then earn game time at home on the weekends!

    , Apr 30th
  • Love this!!!

    , Aug 31st
A colorful sticker reward chart, superhero themed! An extremely useful behavior management resource. Oh, and just plain lovely!
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