Punctuation Display Posters

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Punctuation Display Posters - punctuation, punctuation posters, speech marks poster, full stop poster, comma poster, capital letters, capitalisation
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  • Is there any chance a dash could be created for this set of resources?
    Many thanks!

    , 4 days ago
    • Hi MissRfern,
      I'll ask our design team to take a look! Thanks for commenting :)

      , 4 days ago
    • Hi there MissRfern,
      We've made this resource for you and have sent it in an email, I hope you find it useful! It will also be available for download within 48 hours, and you can find it either as a new resource, or under 'Alternative versions' above.

      , 3 days ago
  • I love these posters but need a hyphen/dash!

    , Jan 10th
    • Hi sarahlayzell,
      I'll see what we can do for you! Thanks for commenting :)

      , Jan 10th
  • Would be lovely to have this resource without having to refer to school on each point for those who don't attend school. Any chance of using non schooling phrases for the examples? Thanks in advance.

    , Nov 18th
    • Hi Kchenery,
      I'll see what we can do for you! Thanks for commenting :)

      , Nov 19th
    • Hi there Kchenery,
      We have done this for you and sent the new resource in an email, I hope you enjoy using it! It will also be available on the website for download within 48 hours, and you can find it either as a main resource, or under 'Alternative versions' above.

      , Nov 20th
  • I will use these on a Year 3 Literacy working wall

    , Aug 25th
  • Is it possible to add brackets and semi-colons? Thanks

    , Aug 25th
    • Hi year3abrc,
      I'll see what we can do for you! Thanks for commenting :)

      , Aug 25th
    • Hi there,
      This resource already contains posters for brackets and semi-colons; I hope you find them useful!

      , Aug 25th
  • These posters are great but could do with being upstaged for upper key stage 2 like previous users have suggested. Could the ellipsis poster mention building suspense? Also, a colon can be used to introduce a list. The semi-colon poster could say that it joins two main clauses which are linked. The comma poster could say a list of nouns or adjectives to make it more accurate. Also, commas used for parenthesis would be useful. Finally, a dashes poster similar to the brackets one would be great.

    , Jul 22nd
    • Hi power5,

      Thank you for your resource suggestions on the Twinkl website.

      If we're able to make these changes for you we'll be in touch shortly to let you know.

      I hope you have a lovely day! : )

      , Jul 22nd
  • Should the exclamation mark now not be updated in light of the new definition to contain a verb.

    , Jul 7th
    • Hi there, thanks for getting in touch. As this resource is just referring to the exclamation mark and not exclamation sentences, the resource does not need to be changed. If you would to change the resource for your use, then you can do this by downloading the editable version of the resource, in the 'alternative versions' section. I hope that this clarifies things for you. Have a lovely day :)

      , Jul 7th
  • Display.

    , Mar 30th
  • Thanks - for display!

    , Feb 22nd
  • display

    , Feb 10th
  • For display

    , Oct 28th
  • display for SPAG board

    , Oct 2nd
  • I love the design of these posters but is there any chance that the comma poster could be updated to be more accurate for upper KS2? Commas are used for more than just separating 3 items in a list. What if it was a long, blue list? Or to separate clauses? Any chance there could be an editable version of this resource so we could edit it to be in line with our grammar policy? I love the createit tool but like the design of these posters and don't think I could create a set which would look as attractive!

    , Sep 16th
    • Hi Edensmommy,
      Thanks for your suggestion! I'll ask our resource creators to look into this for you : )

      , Sep 17th
    • Hi there Edensmommy,
      Our lovely teacher and design teams have completed this for you and emailed the new resource, I hope you find it useful! It will also be available for download on the website soon.

      , Sep 20th
  • great to put up at the beginning of term to remind evrybody

    , Aug 27th
  • working wall

    , Aug 21st
  • Since been updated - great resource and updated promptly! Really happy x

    , Aug 10th
  • There are still no brackets - I've got ellipses x

    , Aug 9th
    • Hi lsavery,
      I was really sorry to hear about this mistake, and I apologise if it has caused you any trouble. It will be changed shortly!

      , Aug 9th
    • Hi therelsavery,
      Thank you for spotting this mistake! Our lovely designers have corrected it and emailed the fixed resource to you. It will also be updated on the website soon.

      , Aug 10th
  • The kids will remember faster punctuation

    , Aug 8th
  • There are no ellipses, apostrophes or brackets?

    , Jul 30th
    • Hi there Vikkiking,
      Thanks for your suggestion! I'll ask our resource creators to look into this for you right away!

      , Jul 30th
  • display

    , Jul 28th
  • Classroom display

    , Jun 25th
  • Display as an anchor for students to remember punctuation- or to be used in warm up activities

    , May 12th
  • display

    , May 5th
  • classroom literacy wall

    , Apr 23rd
  • independent writing area

    , Feb 13th
  • I will use these in my Literacy wall display to serve as a reminder to students in KS3.

    , Feb 13th
  • I'm using these in my year 8 bottom set English classroom on tables to act as a reminder about punctuation - a huge time saver (and voice saver)!

    , Feb 13th
  • Literacy

    , Feb 5th
    • OK

      , Feb 8th
  • same as 'tiddlypom' !!!

    , Jan 14th
    • Alright, thats a great thingymajigy for same as tiddlypom

      , Feb 8th
  • display

    , Jan 8th
  • I'm using this for a display in an intervention room to support boys writing.

    , Nov 12th
  • Looks good.

    , Oct 22nd
  • Display

    , Sep 9th
  • Hi
    I've been trying to download the cursive version of this resource, however it only loads the 'speech marks' page and then i get a repeated blue version of that same page and then blank pages. Is there any chance this could be emailed to me please?
    Warm regards,

    , Aug 21st
    • Hi there RuthMByrne, thanks so much for commenting on this resource. I've had a look and managed to re upload this resource to the site for you so you should be able to download the cursive version now. Please remember to clear your cache and refresh the page! :)

      , Aug 21st
  • Hi jaccan2, thank you for your comment, I have passed it on to our design team to see what they can do. :)

    , Mar 2nd
  • I love these punctuation posters. Any chance of making a 'capital letters' one that states "the weather in Australia is sunny and warm :-) or something else relevant?

    , Mar 1st
    • Hi there jaccan2, thanks for your comment! We now have an Australian version of this resource. :)

      , Aug 18th
Punctuation Display Posters

Punctuation Display Posters - Use these handy punctuation posters to remind your children when to use speech marks, full stops, commas, capital letters, question marks and exclamation marks. There's one for each, with a handy explanation and example.
This resource is available in Precursive, Cursive, Editable, Home Education, Dyslexic, Standard and Black and White.
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  • Homepage » 2014 National Curriculum Resources » English » Keystage 1 » Year 2 » Writing - Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation » Learn how to use both familiar and new punctuation correctly (see English Appendix 2), including full stops, capital letters, exclamation marks, question marks, commas for lists and apostrophes for contracted forms and the possessive (singular)
  • Homepage » Key Stage 2 » English » SPaG - Spelling Punctuation and Grammar » Punctuation
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  • Homepage » Australia » F-2 » English » Language » Punctuation
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