Pencil Control and Scissor Skill Resource Pack

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Pencil Control and Scissor Skills Resource Pack - Fine Motor Skill

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  • Oct 11th

    SEN motor skills

  • Oct 2nd

    Learning how to cut on lines, trace around lines.

  • Jul 27th

    Used to improve coordination and fine motor skills

  • Jun 9th

    Home book and independent school activity

  • May 12th

    Fine motor skill practise

    • May 12th

      Hi matt173,
      Thank you very much for commenting! It's great to hear from you :)

  • Apr 13th

    fine motor skills practise

  • Apr 10th


  • Mar 13th

    fine motor skill pratice

  • Mar 4th

    a great pack for students with motor skill issues

  • Feb 27th

    a great resource to use with a student with fine motor control issues

  • Feb 21st

    early writing practice

  • Feb 20th

    extra guidance for younger children on fine motor control

  • Feb 12th


  • Feb 11th

    pre-writing and mark-making for SEN group

  • Feb 8th

    Help Kindy's still developing scissors use

  • Feb 8th

    To warm up our fingers and to form part of my assessment for fine motor skills/ eye-hand coordination

  • Feb 7th

    Finger gym

  • Jan 30th

    Our lass will use this during daily finger exercises

  • Jan 27th

    Our class will use this resource during morning finger gym activities.

  • Jan 16th


  • Dec 26th

    I am going to use this resource as part of our daily finger gym exercise activity.

  • Dec 2nd

    one to one handwriting practice.

  • Nov 22nd

    Handwriting intervention group

  • Nov 20th

    Fine motor skills practice for SEN class

  • Nov 16th

    ERIC tasks for SEN and LA children with motor difficulties

  • Nov 2nd

    Students who struggle with pencil control

  • Oct 29th

    fine motor work each morning with sen children

  • Oct 23rd

    materials are nice and helpful

  • Oct 20th

    Materials are nice and helpful.

  • Oct 19th

    for students with the need for pencil and cutting control

  • Oct 18th

    for students with the need for pencil and cutting control

  • Oct 17th

    half term homework for year 1 pupils who need to develop their pencil control and cutting skills..

  • Oct 11th

    Special needs students prewriting skills, handwriting practice and cutting skills. Great resource! Thanks so much

  • Oct 9th

    scissor control

  • Oct 9th

    scissor control

  • Oct 9th

    scissor control

  • Oct 4th

    for scissor control in Reception class.
    Thanks !!!

  • Oct 3rd

    SEN with poor fine motor skills

  • Sep 30th

    nurture room resources

  • Sep 29th

    For Year 1 children with poor cutting skills.

  • Sep 28th

    pencil control for reception Class.

  • Sep 28th

    Really good pack. Cheers twinkl. I use it with my class of ASD students

  • Sep 28th

    For an autistic child in my class

  • Sep 27th


  • Sep 27th

    child with poor fine motor skills

  • Sep 26th


  • Sep 26th

    New Students - year 1

  • Sep 24th

    New Hungarian child with no English and no previous preschool.

  • Sep 22nd

    for my lsa to use on year 1 children who have limited pencil control

  • Sep 13th


  • Sep 10th

    I love this resource for KS1 students but would really love to see another version aimed at my EAL KS2 students.

    • Sep 10th

      Hi churstksab,
      I'll see what we can do for you! Thanks for commenting :)

  • Aug 27th

    This resource won't open on my computer for some reason! Looks great and was hoping to use it.

    • Aug 27th

      Hi sarahking28,
      I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble opening this resource, do you have an unzipping program installed on your computer?

  • Aug 24th

    Working with a little boy with poor pencil and scissor control

  • Aug 13th

    I work with SEN and EYFS pupils these resources are invaluable for just learning while playing. we have competitions to see who can do them the best. winner gets a star or reward sticker. i use my left hand to make it fair. who'd have thought fine motor controll training could be such fun.

  • Aug 10th

    fine motor skills

  • Aug 7th

    developing fine motor skills for students

  • Jul 21st

    Developing fine motor skills

    • Jul 21st

      Hi Charlie123456,
      Thank you for sharing! :)

  • Jul 20th

    improving pencil control

    • Jul 20th

      Hi katykent,
      Great! Thanks for sharing!

  • Jun 14th

    This would be great for laminating and using with sensory materials

    • Jun 14th

      Hi pupuzinha,
      Really glad it will be so useful! :)

  • May 21st

    improving pencil control.

    • May 21st

      Hi there jsynikki, great idea!

  • May 17th

    For pencil control.

  • May 8th

    starting pencil control

  • May 1st


  • Apr 30th

    practice pencil control

  • Apr 28th

    developing fine motor skills in my kindy class

  • Apr 12th

    I'm currently working on developing one of my ASD pupil's fine motor skills. I can't wait to show him these fun activities tomorrow. Fun for the first day back after our Easter break.

  • Mar 31st

    I run a fine/gross motor skills group in school. These activities will add variety to the activities for my pupils.

  • Mar 18th

    to help my dyspraxic son, very pleased signed up for your platinum service

  • Mar 17th


  • Mar 17th

    To help my daughter

  • Mar 3rd

    To help my daughter develop good pencil control.

  • Mar 3rd

    warm up activity before handwriting practise

  • Mar 2nd


  • Feb 28th

    writing skills for a 4 year old

  • Feb 12th

    Pre-writing skills for three and a half years,

  • Feb 11th

    pencil control

  • Feb 6th

    pencil control for downs

  • Feb 6th

    early morning fine motor skills practise

  • Feb 5th

    fine motor for outside classroom

  • Feb 4th

    fine motor skills and topic work

  • Feb 4th

    fine motor skills

  • Feb 3rd

    fine motor skills

  • Feb 3rd

    to work with the children on their fine motor skills

  • Feb 3rd

    pencil skills and fine motor skills

  • Feb 2nd

    I have a child in my class with very poor fine motor skills and am always looking for a variety of tasks for him

  • Feb 1st

    working with a child on her pencil grip and fine motor skills.

  • Jan 30th

    I'm working with a junior infant child with Developmental Coordination Disorder

  • Jan 30th

    Working with children who have poor fine motor skills and consequently poor handwriting.

  • Jan 28th


  • Jan 28th


  • Jan 28th

    SEN work

  • Jan 27th

    during guided writing in the run-up to our 2D and 3D shapes unit in maths

  • Jan 26th

    Develop fine motor skills

  • Jan 25th

    placed on my independent writing table to encourage to develop their skills.

  • Jan 25th

    For my class of early years with A.S.C.

  • Jan 25th

    would use with a child who struggles with fine motor control

  • Jan 22nd

    sen support

  • Jan 22nd

    a child with handwriting difficulties 1:1

  • Jan 22nd

    1-1 pupil

  • Jan 15th

    a child starting school

  • Jan 12th

    Helping our youngest about hand eye co ordination skills.

  • Jan 12th

    to improve scissor skills

  • Jan 11th

    supporting SEN to develop their fine motor skills and pencil control

  • Jan 6th

    Supporting SEN

  • Jan 6th

    supporting SEN

  • Jan 2nd

    I use these as part of my daily busy fingers activities to improve fine motor skills

  • Dec 14th

    Early writing skills.

  • Dec 10th

    To improve fine motor skills

  • Oct 28th

    clever fingers activities for students who have difficulties with fine motor control

    • Nov 30th

      I like your idea.

  • Oct 6th

    I use this as a part of my handwriting is great!

  • Sep 22nd

    I use this as part of my handwriting carousel at school! The children really enjoy choosing different themed pages each week! Great job!

  • Sep 11th

    This resource is great. My sons have trouble holding pencils and writing so to help practice at home this is just great ::))

  • Mar 27th

    I agree with some of the other comments. I keep being shown resources which I can not access without an upgrade. Fiona

  • Mar 14th

    This is exactly what I need as an LSA however my school does not have a twinkl upgraded account :(

  • Mar 7th

    this is exactly what i need, however, i am a disabled single parent and everything i look at that i think would help my child requires an upgrade! i am disappointed :(

  • Feb 11th

    Excellent resource!

  • Jan 27th

    Thank you this is fantastic. This is perfect!

  • Nov 21st

    Hi starchy - Thanks for the post and a great suggestion! Steve :)

  • Nov 19th

    to develop knowledge of fine motor skills

  • Nov 17th

    A fantastic resource. Thank you!!

  • Nov 4th

    Handwriting has been highlighted as a big concern in school. I am going to use this with my class of SEN children to help them with their fine motor skills. Thank you, Twinkl!

  • Sep 25th

    A fantastic resource.

  • Sep 17th

    Hello MrsSav thank you for the post! Thats a great idea :)

  • Sep 16th

    For my year 1 children who still need help with fine motor skills

  • Jul 25th

    for our reception c;ass

Pencil Control and Scissor Skill Resource Pack

Pencil Control and Scissor Skill Resource Pack - This great Pencil Control and Scissor Skills Resource Pack is packed full of fun, beautifully illustrated worksheets to get your little ones scribbling and snipping away!
This zip file contains:
  • On the Farm Pencil Control Worksheets [PDF]
  • Cutting Skills Worksheets Shapes Black And White [PDF]
  • Cutting Skills Worksheets Size And Shape Ordering BW [PDF]
  • Safari Themed Pencil Control Worksheets [PDF]
  • line handwriting worksheets [PDF]
  • Pencil Control Worksheets Black And White [PDF]
  • Pencil Control Activity Sheet [PDF]
  • Minibeast Theme Pencil Control Worksheets [PDF]
  • Pirate Themed Pencil Control Worksheets [PDF]

This resource is available in Colour and Standard.
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  • Homepage » Key Stage 1 » English » Writing » Handwriting and Letter Formation » Fine Motor Skills & Pencil Control
  • Homepage » SEN » Sensory and Physical Needs » Motor Skills » Fine Motor Skills
  • Homepage » Parents » Nursery and Reception (3-5) » Fine Motor Skills » Scissor Skills
  • Homepage » Parents » Infants (5-7) » Fine Motor Skills » Pencil Control
  • Homepage » Parents » Infants (5-7) » Fine Motor Skills » Scissor Skills
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  • Homepage » Key Stage 1 » Classroom Signs and Labels » Classroom Areas » Cutting Area
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