Editable Writing Target Cards Pencils

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Editable Writing Target Cards Pencils - writing targets, writing target cards, editable, pencils, editable pencils, editable writing targets, targets

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  • Dearest twinkl
    Please can you make this resource with a rocket instead of a pencil so that my children can blast off to super writing??!

    I would be so grateful!!

    , Feb 9th
  • HiPlease could the Target-writing be on the actual label for these?

    , Nov 15th
    • Hi eleanor79,

      Thanks for your comment, it's great to hear from you!
      Could you give me a few more details about the amendment you would like to see? Would you like the targets to be written directly onto the pencils or would you like a card which says 'writing'?
      I hope you have a lovely day! : )

      , Nov 15th
  • Hello!This is lovely and I plan to get children to stick them in their English books or as table reminders for groups. However, the 'sticker' for joined writing says joinded writing. Can it be changed as this is one I ill definitely be using! Thank you.

    , Oct 30th
    • Hi Alicetwinkl,
      I am really sorry to hear about this mistake, and I apologise if it has caused you any trouble. It will be changed shortly!

      , Oct 30th
    • Hi there Alicetwinkl,
      Thank you so much for letting us know about this issue! Our lovely resource creation team have amended the resource and emailed you the corrected version. It will also be updated on the website very soon.

      , Oct 30th
  • We would like a large version of all the writing targets to go with our large pencil. We downloaded a large purple pencil which had the lower level targets but have moved year groups and need the higher level targets (the last page of this version).

    , Oct 27th
    • Hi KarenJK,
      I'll see what we can do for you! Thanks for commenting :)

      , Oct 27th
    • Hi there KarenJK,
      Our lovely teacher and design teams have created this and emailed the new resource to you! It will also be available on the website within 48 hours, and you can find it either as a main resource, or under 'Alternative versions' above. I hope you find it useful!

      , Oct 31st
  • Assisting my year 1's with their writing.

    , Sep 21st
  • self assessment and reminders

    , Jun 19th
  • Would it be possible to have targets made linking to the Year 2 interim framework?

    , Jun 9th
    • Hi Geckley,
      Thank you for commenting. I have put this request through, if we're able to make it then we'll be in touch to let you know! :)

      , Jun 9th
  • Do you have a reading version of this for EYFS please?

    , May 21st
    • Hi c1aire84,

      Thank you for your comment on the Twinkl website.

      We don't currently appear to have a reading version of this resource available. However, I can certainly ask our resource team if they can make you one if you let me know which targets you would like including.

      I hope you have a lovely day! : )

      , May 22nd
  • This is a fab resource and I would love to use it with my year 1's next year! The only thing: would it be possible to make some of the pictures clearer as to what they mean? Example, the target that is for 'say the sentence' has this written on it which makes it very clear what the target is. However, I find the 'write up to the line', 'letter formation', 'use phonics', 'irregular common words', re-order sentences' and a few others slightly ambiguous. I think that this would mean that it it less accessible to the children as they might not remember what the picture means. I also think that it would be more helpful to TA's and PPA cover teachers who also teach in my class if the target pictures were clearer? I wonder if there is anything you could do? Thanks!

    , Mar 20th
    • Hi studentteacher1,
      I'll see what we can do for you! Thanks for commenting :)

      , Mar 20th
    • Hi there studentteacher1,
      Our teacher and design teams have completed this for you and sent it in an email, I hope you enjoy using it! It will available on the website as well within 48 hours, and you can find it either as a main resource, or under 'Alternative versions' above.

      , Mar 21st
    • Thank you! The resource is now perfect!

      , Mar 21st
  • It's great to have a resource which can be added to by the Twinkl team so promptly. Thank you for adding my suggestions about writing up to the margin and writing bigger. Great resource - this is going to be well used for my Year 2 targets.

    , Dec 21st
  • I'm going to stick them in the front of each child's topic book to remind them of their two writing targets for this term.

    , Dec 21st
  • Use them as progress checkers in lesson as i have laminated them and put them on the middle of the tables.

    , Nov 13th
  • We would be using this for individual target setting for writting

    , Oct 21st
  • Targets to stick onto the children's English books

    , Sep 27th
  • writing groups

    , Sep 25th
  • Me again. A few other suggestions for targets that would be a great help. Form lower case letters correctly, write capitals and digits of the correct size, use planning to support writing, use new vocabulary, re-read work, spell common exception words, add suffix and use co-ordination. Thanks so much!!

    , Sep 7th
    • Hi poppy7779,
      Thank you for commenting. I'll ask our resource designers to look into this for you right away : )

      , Sep 7th
    • Hi poppy7779,
      Thank you for sharing your idea. Your request has been passed on to our designers :-)

      , Sep 8th
    • Hey there poppy7779,
      There is an editable version of this resource available in the 'Alternative versions' box below the big pink download button for you to to adjust the targets to your own needs - I hope you find it useful!

      , Sep 9th
  • Fab resource. Any chance of adding one for using expanded noun phrases? Thanks.

    , Sep 4th
    • Hi poppy7779,
      That's a wonderful idea! I'll let our resource creators know about your request :) In the meantime, you might find the editable version useful.

      , Sep 7th
    • Hi there poppy7779,
      We have done this for you and sent the new resource in an email, I hope you enjoy using it! It will also be available on the website for download soon.

      , Sep 16th
  • Any chance of having visuals for adding suffixes, using the four sentence forms, checking your work and adding suffixes? great resource

    , Sep 4th
    • Hi fayyates,
      That's a lovely idea! I'll ask our resource creators about this for you :)

      , Sep 4th
  • Going to laminate these and blue tac their targets on. They will go in their English books using a treasury tag so they can be in front of them for every piece of writing. When they meet their target consistently, I will stick it in their book and date it.

    , Aug 21st
  • Downloading this resource for the second year running for my year 1 and 2 classes. Now looking for some stamps that we can use alongside these targets for use in books (alternatively we will have lots of cutting out to do!). Maybe this might be something you could branch in to :)

    , Aug 18th
    • hello! I just wondered if you managed to find stamps to use alongside these?

      , Jan 18th
    • Hi katyanne,
      Thank you very much for commenting! It's great to hear from you :) This resource has labels as part of it that can be stuck into the target boxes. I'm sure that small, thumb size stampers would work perfectly too :)

      , Jan 18th
  • Thanks for sharing, this will be very useful.

    , Aug 10th
  • Hi there. Love this resource. We are using this to help implement the new curriculum in KS1. Any chance of having visuals for adding suffixes, using the four sentence forms, checking your work and adding suffixes?

    , Jul 12th
    • Hi fayyates,
      You're very welcome! Thank you for commenting :)

      , Jul 12th
  • Nurture group targeted literacy work

    , Jun 18th
  • I would love this with both english and maths targets all on one resources. Is this possible?

    , Mar 27th
    • Hi there sandyfleurs, thanks for your comment! I have passed this on to our resource designers just now and we will be in touch if we are able to make this for you. :)

      , Mar 27th
  • We have started using these in our classroom, they're great! Is it possible to add 'tense', 'homophones' and 'apostrophes'?

    Thank you.

    , Mar 25th
    • Hi there misswhittle, thanks for your comment! I have passed your request on to our designers and we will be in touch of we are able to help you out with these additions. :)

      , Mar 25th
    • HI misswhittle, just to confirm, this resource was updated on the website and the 'tense, 'homophones' and 'apostrophes' cards have been added. :)

      , Jul 30th
  • Writing intervention year 2and 3

    , Mar 8th
  • Have started using this resource and my kids love it. Only thing is the higher ability writers are wanting to use them too, but the targets are not suitable for them.
    I would like some that have:
    Re-order sentences
    Different sentence starters
    Embedded clauses or drop in information
    Vary punctuation
    Use commas to add effect
    Could you see what you could do...
    Thanks :-)

    , Mar 7th
    • Hi NMNEWGT, thank you for you review, I have passed your request on to our design team to have a look into for you. I hope this helps. :)

      , Mar 8th
  • great resource. Will use this along with our Girfec sheets.

    , Mar 6th
  • This is a fantastic resource, just what I was looking for! I'm going to stick the main sheet in the children's books and for each piece of work highlight their target for their next piece of writing - when I have seen evidence of them using it 3 times, I will cross it off and give them another target. :)

    , Mar 5th
  • Hi! this is a great resource. Could I have the alternative tiles version that Rosy asked for?
    Thanks a lot!

    , Mar 4th
    • Hey there Mattbernal, thanks for commenting! The main version now includes those extra tokens, so you should be able to download them :) If when you download the resource it doesn't include the extra tokens please clear your cache, refresh your page and download again.

      , Mar 4th
  • This resource is really useful. The children are taking ownership of meeting their targets and thinking about next steps! Would it be possible to have some new tiles, to include:
    different openers
    exclamation marks
    question marks
    speech marks
    capital letters for names and start of sentences only

    Thank you so much! Rosy

    , Feb 25th
    • Hi there Rosy, thanks for your comment! I have passed this on to our resource designers who will look into making these additions for you. :)

      , Feb 25th
    • Hi there ralmond, we have now made this resource and I have emailed it over to you, we will upload this to the website very soon. :)

      , Mar 2nd
  • Hello. Would I be able have the alternative resource as well?

    Thank you!Laura

    , Feb 19th
    • Hi there laura.davies88, thanks for your comment! The resource will be uploaded to the website very soon as an alternative version so you should be able to access this then. :)

      , Feb 19th
  • Love this resource but is there any chance of having the gorgeous pictures without cursive handwriting on them? Thank you

    , Feb 17th
    • Hi there SophieP24, thanks for your comment! I have passed this on to our resource designers for them to look into for you. :)

      , Feb 17th
    • Hello Sophie

      Just letting you know I have sent you an alternative resource by email :)

      , Feb 19th
  • I use these on the children's desks every week to keep their targets right in front of them

    , Feb 14th
  • Hi is it possible to have the pencils with out the squares on please?

    , Dec 6th
    • Hi sebsiedo, thank you for your review. I have passed this on to our design team for you to see what they can do. I hope this helps :)

      , Dec 7th
    • Hi there sebsiedo, the "no squares" version is now available for download. :)

      , Jan 28th
  • I love this resource and am using it in my classroom! Is it possible to create some more tiles? to include -
    To use punctuation other than full stops, to use speech marks, capital letters for proper nouns, commas in a list.

    , Nov 19th
    • HI cookiemum, thank you for your review, I have passed on your request to our design team to have a look at for you. :)

      , Nov 19th
    • Hi there cookiemum, thanks for your comment! We have now included these options. :)

      , Aug 11th
  • Hi, Could you send a copy of the editable targets to access on Microsoft word so that we can drag them straight onto the pencil? Thanks

    , Oct 23rd
    • Hi there esm1e, thanks for your comment! If you click on the "editable" button below the resource preview you can access the Word version of this resource. :)

      , Oct 23rd
  • Can I just ask how you would use this resource? Are you supposed to print lots of copies of the targets then physically stick the selected targets onto the pencils? Is there a version where you can do on the computer then print off complete with targets? Thank you! x

    , Aug 29th
    • Hi thank you for your comment :)
      We find teachers use them lots of different ways. A lot of teachers do print them out and laminate the targets and pencils and use blu-tac to stick them on. That way you can reuse them and change them for when their targets change. Hope this helps :)

      , Aug 29th
  • This is a fantastic resource. Is there a version where the writing on the pictures is not cursive handwriting?

    , Aug 22nd
    • HI Laura_08, thank you for your review,I have passed this on to our resource team to have a look at and see what they can do for you. We do also have an editable version of this resource so you can fill in the boxes yourself if that helps? :)

      , Aug 24th
    • Hi there Laura_08, thanks for your comment! We now have a version that has the sassoon font. :)

      , Aug 13th
  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE this resource - I would love to have those little pictures for reading and maths targets too so that each child in my class could have one pencil with a maths, reading and writing target on - is this something that could be considered?

    , Aug 13th
    • Hi there hinawski, thanks so much for commenting on this resource. I've had a look and let our resource designers know about your suggestion and if they are able to make this they should email you! :)

      , Aug 14th
    • This would be really great for me too. I'm hoping the writing version works so it would be nice to have other versions too!

      , Mar 17th
    • Just found them... Sorry!! They weren't on last time I was looking for targets xx

      , Mar 17th
  • Hi is there a version of this with only two blank spaces? Thanks

    , Jul 14th
    • Hi lilmissfoo - Thanks you for the post. I will certainly pass on your thoughts to our designers. Steve :)

      , Jul 15th
    • Hi there lilmissfoo, thanks for your comment! We now have lots of alternative versions of this resource. :)

      , Aug 14th
  • This is great! My kids love it =)

    , Jul 12th
  • Hi ralf103, the a4 size version of this resource has been created for you, it should be up on the site soon, but in the mean time it has been emailed over to you! :)

    , Apr 4th
  • Hi there ralf103, thanks so much for commenting on this resource. I've had a look and let our resource designers know so they should have a look into it for you! :)

    , Apr 3rd
  • I'd love to be able to have big - a4 size - version of just the pictures to use on display

    , Apr 2nd
  • Writing intervention for struggling year 2 children :-)

    , Jan 19th
Editable Writing Target Cards Pencils

Editable Writing Target Cards Pencils - Use these Writing Target Cards to help your children set themselves targets for their writing. Bright and colourful, these target cards will also make a great addition to your wall display!
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