Phase 2 Matching Cards (Image to Sound)

Ref No. T-L-131
Preview: Phase 2 Matching Cards (Image to Sound)
Phase 2 Matching Cards (Image to Sound) - Based on our Phase 2 resources, this is a set of matching cards with mnemonic images. Letters and images on separate cards. These cards can be used for the Flashcards activity under the DfES Letters and Sounds publication or as a fun game. This resource is available in Standard and Straight K.

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  • Beevee2's Profile Picture Beevee2 Hi i use these in my classroom all the time, however we have switched to a cursive handwriting scheme and it would be helpful to have them in cursive font also. Thanks · Oct 3rd, 2012
  • Jules@twinkl's Profile Picture Jules@twinkl We'll take a look at this for you today :) x · Nov 22nd, 2011
  • Becky@twinkl's Profile Picture Becky@twinkl Hi there! Thanks for the useful suggestions, We will take them on board and look into updating these resources :) · Nov 20th, 2011
  • EYFSman's Profile Picture EYFSman Lovely resource. Just a minor suggestion. For the friendly letters (i.e. jelly) it would have been better to have a word like bell, where the friendly letter is at the end and matches the general rule we tell the children at this stage. · Nov 20th, 2011