I Spy With My Little Eye Activity

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I Spy With My Little Eye Activity - I spy with my little eye, I spy, activities, games, class games, class actvities, I spy worksheet, I spy game sheet

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  • 5 days ago

    I spy game in French will be great to practise vocabulary

  • Oct 10th

    Great to use as an independent activity for a group during guided reading- they love it!

  • Oct 9th

    Would it be possible to make one that has things that contain the phase 3 graphemes? And phase 5 would be useful too. A powerpoint version of them would be great to use as a start of the day activity.

  • Oct 4th

    EAL Phase 2 phonics sessions

  • Sep 4th


  • Jul 6th

    Extended work for concentration skills

  • Jun 12th

    Grammar warm up on expanded noun phrases

  • Jun 6th

    For a group of children that need a little extra help with concentration skills

  • May 10th

    5 minute activity

  • Apr 28th

    transition activity

  • Mar 21st

    speech and lanuage

  • Mar 13th

    observatipn skills, description and position vocab

  • Mar 12th

    A great activity for my lunch time group

  • Mar 9th

    early years

  • Mar 3rd


  • Mar 2nd

    This is a great activity! You could also have a checklist with just pictures for those who are more confident in English and the children could write the name of the object they found.

  • Mar 1st

    Good for reinforcing phonics skills. Very popular - the children love the brightly-coloured pictures and the fun of searching for the right one. We've yet to find anything beginning with o or v though.

  • Feb 29th

    speech and languagegroup

  • Feb 29th

    I teach English as a Second Language and would use it to reinforce the use of adjectives.

  • Feb 28th

    As a way for the chn to describe position and place eg the yellow sun is next to..... on the right of..... etc

  • Feb 26th

    Golden time colouring sheets

  • Feb 26th

    I'll be using this as a calm down activity for a student with ASD who loves patterns and 'Where's Wally?' type activities.

  • Feb 24th

    nurture group activities

  • Feb 20th

    please can you check the spelling of penguin - it doesn't have an e at the end!!

    • Feb 20th

      Hi cathgreg,
      Thank you so much for letting us know about this one. I'll get this corrected right away!

    • Feb 21st

      Tomato is spelled incorrectly too

    • Feb 21st

      Hi there cathgreg,
      Thank you so much for letting us know about this issue! Our lovely resource creation team have amended the resource and emailed you the corrected version. It will also be updated on the website very soon.

    • Feb 21st

      Hi simnat97,
      It looks like this mistake was spotted too as both words are now correctly spelled!

      Have a great day! :)

  • Feb 18th

    Sentence building prompts

  • Feb 14th

    fun i spy

  • Feb 8th

    Love this! Thanks!! I am using it with two ESL students in primary 4 in Spain.

  • Feb 7th


  • Feb 4th

    Listening skills and developing vocab.

  • Feb 3rd

    Practising for MIST listening skills.

  • Jan 30th

    Good for developing vocab

  • Jan 1st

    1;1 TIME

  • Nov 29th

    Great to use with a phonics group!

  • Nov 22nd

    Independent reading activity as it helps train the younger ones to look for detail and attending to detail in print is a key component in reading. Great resource!!

  • Oct 30th

    Object description and categorisation tasks.
    "Can you find me.... something soft that you can cuddle / everything you can use as transport / something long and yellow that is not a fruit..."

  • Oct 9th

    Figure ground perception. Developing descriptive language skills.

  • Sep 9th

    free choice activities

  • May 27th

    Listening (oral comprehension) for descriptions, categories, vocab development for special needs students

  • May 17th

    A fast finisher activity for during language time

  • Mar 23rd

    I'm using in French as well - making 'I spy cards' with french words - the children look them up in their dictionaries, find the picture on the (laminated) sheet and circle it with a whiteboard pen.

  • Mar 21st

    A French lesson.

  • Mar 20th

    SEND s lang activity

  • Mar 17th

    wet play

  • Mar 16th

    speech and language tool

  • Mar 12th

    speaking resources

  • Mar 12th

    I will use it to practice vocabulary with my students of english as a foreign language.

  • Mar 10th

    End of session activity in afterschool.

  • Mar 10th

    Great for familiarising objects for EAL children and as a starter for a morning activity.

  • Mar 6th

    As a morning starter activity - ask the children to colour in pictures beginning with a set letter or two as they come into class :)

  • Mar 3rd

    Vocabulary building activity for a low ability student with word recall difficulty

  • Mar 2nd

    I'm going to use this with all my students - I am an English mother tongue teacher in Sweden, and it is a great warmup activity to do with my students. I

  • Mar 1st

    helping my EAL student with his vocab.

  • Feb 27th

    vocab development for EAL

  • Feb 26th

    Speech and language for my daughter.

  • Feb 25th

    used for speech and language therapy, including speech sounds and prepositions.

  • Feb 25th

    looking forward to using this to improve concentration and time at an activity

  • Feb 22nd

    Variation on handwriting - to promote accuracy and taking care

  • Feb 21st

    really looking forward to using My Little eye with my group

  • Feb 15th

    To entertain my faster pupils and revise general vocabulary

  • Feb 15th

    I will use this as a 'plonky board' for an initial letter sound game - children simply point to something beginning with ... Laminate a few copies and they will be ready to go - perfect for extending children at the end of group times in my nursery class.
    I will probably also enlarge a few of these to A3 and laminate them as a 'look and find' resource for children with English as an Additional Language to help develop vocabulary.

  • Feb 13th

    Wet play

  • Feb 12th

    fast finisher

  • Feb 12th

    outdoor resource

  • Feb 11th

    supports fine motor and phoneme finding in my yr 7 SEN class

  • Feb 11th

    great for fine colouring control

  • Feb 8th

    I spy something begging with .... they colour everything that begins with it, i pick a few letters if they found them all then they get house points. Great for listening skills and learning letters

  • Feb 8th

    Find and colour the pictures that start with (whatever letter you are focusing on)..

  • Feb 7th

    helping children

  • Feb 5th

    supporting category recognition with asd

  • Feb 5th

    Speech and Language development

  • Feb 3rd

    Phonological Awareness building 1:1 and as homework.

  • Feb 2nd

    Book Week

  • Feb 1st

    Reading Recovery

  • Jan 29th

    Speech and Language

  • Jul 7th

    Hi E.Baker, thank you for your comment, I have passed your request for some more resources like this one on to our resource team to see what they can do. I have also copied in the link to our 'eye spy with my little eye powerpoint' in case this is of some use! :)
    hope this helps! :)

  • Jul 7th

    Do you have anymore of these? The children love them.

  • Jun 30th

    Children love suggesting others to find something on the page too.

  • Mar 4th

    this is a best website ever, because you can get some resoures

  • Feb 19th

    I will print it in A3 size and laminate it so the children can play in groups together.

  • Feb 19th

    love this resource as a time killer when there are just 5 or 10 minutes left before the end of day...

I Spy With My Little Eye Activity

I Spy With My Little Eye Activity - This I Spy activity is perfect for when you want to have a little fun with your children, while testing to see how well they know their letters and sounds, and if they can pick out words beginning with that letter! A fun game that you can get involved in yourself!
This zip file contains:
  • I Spy [PDF]
  • Checklist [PDF]

This resource is available in Black and White and Standard.
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