Upper and Lower Case Letter Matching activity


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Upper and Lower CaseLetter Matching activity - letters, matching, literacy, alphabet

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  • , rated this resource Oct 22nd
  • For developing familiarity with upper case letters and understanding which is which. We will also say the sound with the lower case letters and the name with the upper case letters to familiarise children with the names of letters now that they know the sounds.

    , Sep 10th
    • Hi Jinglebells70,
      I'm glad this resource is useful! Thanks for letting us know :)

      , Sep 10th
  • , rated this resource Aug 30th
  • , rated this resource Aug 17th
  • , rated this resource Jun 13th
  • , Apr 13th
  • Hi, do you do this in Welsh? Thank you x

    , Mar 27th
    • Good afternoon cathspence,
      Thanks for commenting! I can see this being a useful addition - I'll ask our translation team to take a look!

      , Mar 27th
  • Student individual work to reinforce letter knowledge.
    Do you have a copy where the k is not curly?

    , Oct 8th
    • Hi Chayil-M,
      I'll see what we can do for you! Thanks for commenting :)

      , Oct 8th
    • Hi there Chayil-M,
      Our teacher and design teams have completed this for you and sent it in an email, I hope you enjoy using it! It will available on the website as well within 48 hours, and you can find it either as a main resource, or under 'Alternative versions' above.

      , Oct 9th
  • Table activity for LA year 1

    , Sep 22nd
  • This is wonderful!! Thank you very much!

    , Jun 22nd
    • Hi clsuero,
      It's great to hear you like the resource - Thanks for sharing! :)

      , Jun 22nd
  • This would be of great help for me in teaching kids, Thank you very much for sharing your brilliant ideas!

    , Jun 19th
    • Hi Nephites,
      You're very welcome - so glad we could help!

      , Jun 19th
  • teaching my daughter the alphabet

    , May 25th
  • For teaching beginning alphabets

    , May 14th
  • Phonological awareness - matching letters and saying their sound
    Another hands on activity, thank you!

    , May 12th
  • for teaching purposes

    , May 9th
  • This is brill! Thanks.

    , Apr 13th
  • Phonemic awareness activity

    , Mar 26th
  • Matching activity for group work with my class

    , Mar 14th
  • I want to give my three year a head start with School and just need a few this I can put up around the house that he can see and do on his own.

    I started with your baby can read and he is reading 1st grade books. Just want to keep him going on his work.

    , Feb 27th
  • independent matching activities for uppercase and lowercase activities in pre-k classroom

    , Feb 8th
  • I used it to teach english at church´s children.
    it was great.

    , Jan 28th
  • fantastic

    , Jan 27th
  • This is great to give to my ESL students who are developing confidence identifying their letters and sounds. Thanks a lot!!!!

    , Jan 21st
  • Letter recognition and matching Capitals to Lower Case - Home Education - thank you for the resource!

    , Jan 13th
  • Hi. I love this idea but it's not suitable for my purposes. because the pupil will be able to match the two halves based on the picture instead of recognition;

    , Jan 10th
  • for language and literacy centre

    , Jan 10th
  • works great for letter recognition and phonics

    , Dec 10th
  • Is this available in Welsh?

    , Nov 30th
  • LA early finishers task

    , Oct 26th
  • this is to help students understand upper and lower cases.

    , Oct 21st
  • this thing is very helpful in teaching my daughter the letters ,capital and small.

    , Oct 17th
  • Further focus on upper and lower case identification.

    , Oct 5th
  • this is to help students match the upper case with the corresponding lower case

    , Sep 27th
  • To help one of my struggling students with letter identification and sounds.

    , Sep 20th
  • to help the children learn the upper case and lower case version of each letter

    , Sep 16th
  • Literacy centers

    , Sep 7th
  • Help children learn their alphabet

    , Aug 19th
  • To help a small group of children learn their alphabet.

    , Aug 12th
  • So helpful thank you.

    , Jul 2nd
    • Hi Losengirl,
      You're very welcome! Thank you for commenting :)

      , Jul 2nd
  • to learn upper and lower case

    , Jun 21st
    • Hi sandrawfernandes,
      Thank you for sharing! :)

      , Jun 21st
  • helping children to identify both upper and lowercase letters

    , Jun 7th
    • Sounds like a great use for this resource, DanielleR! Thanks for commenting :)

      , Jun 7th
  • a fun game to match upper and lower case letters

    , May 29th
    • Hi there karenbromley, sounds great!

      , May 29th
  • learning fun game

    , May 27th
  • Fast finisher activity for language time

    , May 17th
  • to support children in my care

    , May 16th
  • I will use as small group reinforcement and early finisher skills box

    , May 12th
  • fab

    , May 12th
  • The resource will be used to reinforce lower case letters

    , May 10th
  • I would use this to introduce uppercase

    , May 7th
  • I would be using these matching cards for children that I work with to learn upper and lowercase letters

    , Apr 20th
  • i would use it for my parental workshop. thanks for sharing such a great activity

    , Apr 18th
  • learning upper and lowercase letter matching

    , Apr 13th
  • Matching upper and lower case letters

    , Mar 30th
  • learning uppercase and lowercase letter matching

    , Mar 29th
  • learning upper and lower case letter match.

    , Mar 24th
  • good

    , Mar 17th
  • I am going to glue one side in a file folder and then laminate it together. Then I will laminate the other pieces and put velcro on the back to make a file folder task.

    , Mar 9th
  • I will definitely be using this resource, laminated for some of our SEN students.

    , Mar 2nd
  • I need additional resources for teaching my lower ability children to identify and match upper and lower case letters

    , Feb 1st
  • Fantastic i am going to use this outside in the writing area as an activity :)

    , Jan 27th
  • I would use this with my little boy who is in reception.

    , Jan 21st
  • To consolidate Upper and Lower case alphabet

    , Jan 21st
  • Prep alphabet table activities

    , Jan 13th
  • Fast finishers

    , Jan 12th
  • children

    , Jan 5th
  • excited to try this with my infant class

    , Jan 4th
  • excited to try this during center time

    , Dec 31st
  • For my under 5's learning English.

    , Dec 28th
  • i am learning from here

    , Dec 27th
  • Would also suggest umbrella for u as underpants is not a word I hear children using!

    , Nov 30th
    • Hi louisemoore2000, thank you for your suggestion, I have passed this on to our resource team for you. :)

      , Nov 30th
    • Hi there louisemoore2000, the main version of this resource now says "umbrella" for "u". :)

      , Jan 28th
  • I agree. Queen would be much better. In the itouch, ipad, iphone era most kids dont know what a pen is! They have no hope with a quill.

    , Jul 15th
  • Hi Shtoopy, thank you for your comment. I have passed your request on to our resource team to have a look at for you. :)

    , Jun 22nd
  • great cards....
    shame that the Q card isn`t something a little easier/more relevant for children to understand. How about Queen?

    , Jun 21st
    • Hi there Shtoopy, thanks for your comment! We now have a queen version for you. :)

      , Aug 17th
  • Hi percyandgeorge, I have created the lowercase cursive version for you! It should soon be up on the site! But in the mean time, I have emailed a copy over to you! :)

    , Mar 13th
  • Hi percyandgeorge, thank you for your comment, I have passed it on to our resource team to see what they can do. :)

    , Mar 12th
  • Love this. Am going to make snap type game for FS class. Any chance you can work your magic so that the lower case letter is a cursive letter, please?

    , Mar 12th
Get your children cutting and pasting while memorising the different upper and lowercase letters.

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