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Year 2 Reading Assessments Pack - formative, summative, diagnostic, fiction, non-fiction, sats, test, ks1, key stage 1

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  • I've just been reading through Livvy and the Dream Monster. My HT won't let me use it because of the errors in speech punctuation. Can they be edited please?Thanks

    , Oct 9th
    • Hi momcdonald,
      Thank you for letting us know about this. I'll get this resource looked at right away! Enjoy the rest of your evening :)

      , Oct 9th
    • Hi there,
      I'm sorry to hear you have had issues with this reading pack - our lovely resource creation team have been checking it and can't find any issues with the speech punctuation. Could you be more specific with the problem you have found so we can take another look?

      , Oct 10th
  • , rated this resource Jul 23rd
  • , rated this resource Jun 18th
  • Hi i'm using your reading assessment targets colouring sheets and wondered how the objectives match up to these? For instance does the 2c mean year 2 or is it year 3 as this is a year 3 paper? Im confused.

    , May 10th
  • Hello, how do i convert the scores to working towards, expected and greater depth? Is there a table to use? Thanks

    , Apr 12th
  • The "Honeybees" answer booklet doesn't hve any questions in it! Only spaces for answers.

    , Mar 31st
    • Hi Towny15,
      Thank you so much for letting us know about this one. I'll get this resource checked right away!

      , Mar 31st
    • Hi there Towny15,
      Thank you for spotting this mistake! Our lovely teacher and design teams have solved the issue and the new version is now available to download. I hope you like it!

      , Mar 31st
  • Where is the reading booklet for Term 1, Paper 1, thanks x

    , Feb 26th
    • Hi there,
      To find the reading booklet, download the document and select term 1. You will then be directed to the booklet and question paper. :)

      , Feb 26th
  • I used Year 2 term 1 paper 2 Livvy and the Dream Monster with a Year 9 MLD child. She enjoyed the story but complained that question 2 "Why did Livvy wake up and shout her Dad?" was missing a word and should be "Why did Livvy wake up and shout for her Dad?" I think she has a point.

    , Jan 16th
    • Hi kernowmagnet,
      I am really sorry to hear about this mistake, and I apologise if it has caused you any trouble. It will be changed shortly!

      , Jan 16th
  • Hi, I can't see the reading booklet for year 2 term 1 paper 1? The one about Ladybirds etc? Please can I have this? Thanks

    , Jan 10th
    • Hi sebaker,
      I think we have what you're looking for! Please check out this resource and let me know if it's not quite what you were hoping for :)

      , Jan 10th
    • I am also having the same problem. There is no story. Just the assessment.

      , Aug 23rd
    • Hi bookworm1204,
      Thank you so much for letting us know about this one. I'll get this resource checked right away!

      , Aug 23rd
    • Hi there bookworm1204,
      The text needed to answer the questions in this resources is contained within the question paper. The file is called 'Reading Prompt Booklet'. I hope this helps! :)

      , Aug 24th
  • For assessment and teaching year 2 during guided reading

    , Oct 6th
  • To be used with small intervention groups. A good selection of resources.

    , Jun 14th
  • I can't seem to download this have tried on 3 different computers and the message is "failed network error"

    , May 3rd
    • Hi there, thanks for getting in touch. Sorry to hear that you are having trouble downloading the resource. I have had a look at the resource and it all seems to be working fine our end. In order to download the resource you need to make sure that you have the most up to date WINRAR on the device you are using. To check this please go to the FAQ page: I hope that this helps but if it doesn't then please get back in touch. Have a lovely day :)

      , May 3rd
  • Hi, I have been using these with my Year 2 class and the spreadsheets which are very useful and a great resource and assessment tool. However, I was wondering if you have any criteria for them as in how many marks out of 20 is working towards expected, expected level and exceeding expected level? I think this would be a helpful addition to the spreadsheet resource. Thanks.

    , Feb 27th
Year 2 Reading Assessment Pack based on the new National Curriculum and current sample Key Stage 1 test papers. This pack includes texts, answer booklets, mark schemes and content domain coverage. The tests are perfect for identifying learning gaps and can be used as a diagnostic or summative assessment tool.
Year 2 Reading Assessments Pack contains:
  • T-L-5340-Guidance-on-Using-the-Assessments-KS1.pdf
  • Term 1/
  • Term 1/Paper 1/
  • Term 1/Paper 1/T-L-5206-Year-2-Reading-Assessment-Paper-1-Pack-Reading-Prompt-Booklet.pdf
  • Term 1/Paper 1/T-L-5208-Year-2-Reading-Assessment-Paper-1-Pack-Mark-Scheme.pdf
  • Term 1/Paper 1/T-L-5209-Year-2-Reading-Assessment-Paper-1-Pack-Content-Domain-Coverage.pdf
  • Term 1/Paper 1/Thumbs.db
  • Term 1/Paper 2/
  • Term 1/Paper 2/
  • Term 1/Paper 2/T-L-5211-Year-2-Reading-Assessment-Paper-2-Pack-Reading-Booklet.pdf
  • Term 1/Paper 2/T-L-5213-Year-2-Reading-Assessment-Paper-2-Pack-Answer-Booklet.pdf
  • Term 1/Paper 2/T-L-5216-Year-2-Reading-Assessment-Paper-2-Pack-Mark-Scheme.pdf
  • Term 1/Paper 2/T-L-5218-Year-2-Reading-Assessment-Paper-2-Pack-Content-Domain-Coverage.pdf
  • Term 1/Paper 2/Thumbs.db
  • Term 1/T-L-5340-Guidance-on-Using-the-Assessments-KS1.pdf
  • Term 1/T-L-5371-Y2-Reading-Assessment-Spreadsheet-Paper-1-and-2.xls
  • Term 2/
  • Term 2/Paper 1/
  • Term 2/Paper 1/Content-Domain-Reference-Paper-1.pdf
  • Term 2/Paper 1/Honeybees/
  • Term 2/Paper 1/Honeybees/Mark-Scheme-Honeybees.pdf
  • Term 2/Paper 1/Honeybees/Reading-Prompt-Booklet-Honeybees.pdf
  • Term 2/Paper 1/The Wind and the Sun/
  • Term 2/Paper 1/The Wind and the Sun/Mark-Scheme-The-Wind-and-the-Sun.pdf
  • Term 2/Paper 1/The Wind and the Sun/Reading-Prompt-Booklet-The-Wind-and-the-Sun.pdf
  • Term 2/Paper 2/
  • Term 2/Paper 2/Content-Domain-Reference-Paper-2.pdf
  • Term 2/Paper 2/Sindy's Great Escape/
  • Term 2/Paper 2/Sindy's Great Escape/Answer-Booklet-Sindys-Great-Escape.pdf
  • Term 2/Paper 2/Sindy's Great Escape/Mark-Scheme-Sindys-Great-Escape.pdf
  • Term 2/Paper 2/Sindy's Great Escape/Reading-Booklet-Sindys-Great-Escape.pdf
  • Term 2/Paper 2/Victorians at the Seaside/
  • Term 2/Paper 2/Victorians at the Seaside/Answer-Booklet-Victorians-at-the-Seaside.pdf
  • Term 2/Paper 2/Victorians at the Seaside/Mark-Scheme-Victorians-at-the-Seaside.pdf
  • Term 2/Paper 2/Victorians at the Seaside/Reading-Booklet-Victorians-at-the-Seaside.pdf
  • Term 2/T-L-5340-Guidance-on-Using-the-Assessments-KS1.pdf
  • Term 2/T-L-5466-Year-2-Term-2-Reading-Assessment-Spreadsheet.xls
  • Term 3/
  • Term 3/Paper 1/
  • Term 3/Paper 1/Arctic Animals/
  • Term 3/Paper 1/Arctic Animals/Mark-Scheme-Arctic-Animals.pdf
  • Term 3/Paper 1/Arctic Animals/Reading-Prompt-Booklet-Arctic-Animals.pdf
  • Term 3/Paper 1/Arctic Animals/Useful-Words-Arctic-Animals.pdf
  • Term 3/Paper 1/Content-Domain-Reference-Paper-1.pdf
  • Term 3/Paper 1/The Forgotten Teddy/
  • Term 3/Paper 1/The Forgotten Teddy/Mark-Scheme-The-Forgotten-Teddy.pdf
  • Term 3/Paper 1/The Forgotten Teddy/Reading-Prompt-Booklet-The-Forgotten-Teddy.pdf
  • Term 3/Paper 1/The Forgotten Teddy/Useful-Words-The-Forgotten-Teddy.pdf
  • Term 3/Paper 2/
  • Term 3/Paper 2/Content-Domain-Reference-Paper-2.pdf
  • Term 3/Paper 2/The Moon/
  • Term 3/Paper 2/The Moon/Answer-Booklet-The-Moon.pdf
  • Term 3/Paper 2/The Moon/Mark-Scheme-The-Moon.pdf
  • Term 3/Paper 2/The Moon/Reading-Booklet-The-Moon-Black-and-White.pdf
  • Term 3/Paper 2/The Moon/Reading-Booklet-The-Moon.pdf
  • Term 3/Paper 2/The Moon/Useful-Words-The-Moon.pdf
  • Term 3/Paper 2/Tricky the Troll/
  • Term 3/Paper 2/Tricky the Troll/Answer-Booklet-Tricky-the-Troll.pdf
  • Term 3/Paper 2/Tricky the Troll/Mark-Scheme-Tricky-the-Troll.pdf
  • Term 3/Paper 2/Tricky the Troll/Reading-Booklet-Tricky-the-Troll.pdf
  • Term 3/T-L-5340-Guidance-on-Using-the-Assessments-KS1.pdf
  • Term 3/T-L-5497-Year-2-Term-3-Reading-Assessment-Spreadsheet.xls

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