My Weekend Newspaper Writing Template


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My Weekend Newspaper Writing Template - mt weekend newspaper, my weekend, newspaper, writing template, templates, news, writing, journalism, journalis, creative

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  • I am planning to use the "My News" resource for Monday morning warm ups.

    , Sep 26th
  • good idea for a writing exercise after the weekend

    , Sep 5th
  • Learner can recap what they did at the weekend, first writing it and then retelling it. Very good idea

    , Aug 10th
  • For a sci fi news report on an alien landing. Good clear structure with plenty of space for print.

    , May 24th
  • For creative writing exercises at my Home Work Centre

    , May 10th
  • As a writing exercise.

    , May 8th
  • how do you delete the account ????????????????????????? I AM WORRIED

    , May 5th
    • Hi there, thanks for getting in touch. I can assure you that your account has now been deleted. If there is anything else that we can help you with then please do get back in touch. Have a lovely day :)

      , May 5th
  • For help with homework.

    , May 4th
  • for planning yrs 0-2:)

    , May 2nd
  • good

    , Apr 30th
  • yr 1

    , Apr 25th
  • it helps children

    , Apr 25th
  • I´d like to use it in my class for teaching day of the week

    , Apr 12th
  • For practising writing skills

    , Apr 11th
  • writing

    , Mar 27th
  • homework

    , Mar 21st
  • Thank you for this resource.

    , Mar 8th
  • class teaching

    , Mar 8th
  • school

    , Feb 29th
  • I am tutoring a 4th grade struggling reader

    , Feb 28th
  • writing a newspaper

    , Feb 17th
  • Writing a newspaper article about UFO sightings for a yr8 sen group.

    , Jan 11th
  • school

    , Jan 5th
  • This resource will be a good Monday morning lesson for my SEN key stage 3 students who hate writing anything.

    , Jan 3rd
  • Writing

    , Dec 14th
  • i use this for homework and they really enjoy it. in my opinion i think its ks1 but my kids love it in y4

    , Dec 6th
    • .

      , Dec 6th
  • good fun and keep's them happy

    , Dec 6th
  • i think they are good for when you haven't got anything planned for homework xx

    , Dec 1st
  • this is gooid for schools

    , Nov 30th
  • Weekend recount writing .

    , Nov 22nd
  • very good

    , Nov 21st
  • recounts

    , Nov 20th
  • Great for completing recounts from the weekend. We are working on an occupations theme and newspaper reporter is perfect.

    , Nov 18th
  • news reporting

    , Nov 12th
  • I will adapt this and use it for a newspaper report for Year 5 LA group

    , Nov 9th
  • My students love to talk about their weekend. I'd have them write about it and add a picture. I think they would have fun writing and sharing!

    , Nov 9th
  • I´d like my students write their Free Time Diary.

    , Nov 6th
  • journal writing

    , Nov 3rd
  • i would use this resource for journal writing

    , Nov 2nd
  • i would use this resouce for journol writing

    , Oct 10th
  • Every Monday we do a recount about their weekend. I love this as a different and motivating way to do their recount.

    , Oct 7th
  • Mondays are weekend news days. The children can share their weekend news during circle time and then later write about it in their story books. The layout is ideal and it will encourage their writing, especially those who don't like to write.

    , Oct 7th
  • Learning Challenge follow up in ICT lesson - studying volcanoes and earthquakes.

    , Oct 6th
  • I'd like it to encourage my students to write

    , Oct 6th

    , Oct 3rd
  • Any news report- tsunami, the invasion of the robots, the discovery of a new flexible. I like the editable one so I can shape the text.

    , Sep 27th
  • For my daughter, encouraging her to write more

    , Sep 25th
  • ks1 lit

    , Sep 24th
  • ks1 literacy

    , Sep 24th
  • I think this great for the class

    , Sep 23rd
  • to help my daughter with homework

    , Sep 17th
  • inspire boys who are struggling with writing

    , Sep 14th
  • diary writing

    , Sep 13th
  • As a base for students to reflect on the weekend before having a group discussion

    , Sep 13th
  • As a base for students to reflect on the weekend before having a group discussion

    , Sep 13th
  • Year 7 SEN class

    , Sep 13th
  • After school club topic week

    , Sep 13th
  • homeshooling weekend summery

    , Sep 10th
  • For weekend journals

    , Sep 9th
  • to stimulate personal writing

    , Sep 7th
  • For a display board in a Year 2 class. Could use this for back to school if the words "My Weekend" were replaced with "My holiday".

    , Sep 5th
  • For my Year 7s to gauge their writing ability.

    , Aug 31st
  • a project

    , Aug 24th
  • Using this in my writing center. Thanks!

    , Aug 19th
  • Terrific website! I love this writing template!

    , Aug 16th
  • Fabulous resource!!! Thank You. :-D

    , Jul 30th
  • great

    , Jul 20th
    • Hi ems4444,
      Thank you very much for taking the time to comment - we really appreciate it!

      , Jul 20th
  • to teach my children about creative writing

    , Jul 17th
    • Hi coopsiecakes,
      That sounds lovely! :)

      , Jul 17th
  • you can give this to someone who needs help from you

    , Jul 4th
    • Hi selena.anghel,
      Thank you for sharing! :)

      , Jul 5th
  • We are using this for an activity during our 3-day "taster sessions" for Y6 students who might be coming to us in September. The purpose will be to reflect on what they have experienced so far.

    , Jul 2nd
    • Hi Littlez,
      Thanks for your comment - let us know how you get on! :)

      , Jul 2nd
  • for my home educated daughter to write a report on her weekend news

    , Jun 26th
    • Hi Sbfcbf,
      Thank you so much for your feedback! :)

      , Jun 26th
  • Breaking News report
    To write weekend home news and show them on classroom wallpaper.

    , Jun 26th
    • Hi EnglishZoneArgentina,
      Thank you for sharing! :)

      , Jun 26th
  • Homework for my class towards the end of our topic.

    , Jun 25th
    • Hi SAWhittle,
      Thank you so much for your feedback! :)

      , Jun 25th
  • Great for workshops

    , Jun 16th
    • Hi elliott1992,
      That's a great idea - thanks for letting others know! :)

      , Jun 16th
  • summer work for my class

    , Jun 10th
    • Hi Monix10,
      That's a lovely idea - thanks for letting others know! :)

      , Jun 10th
  • this is a owesome website

    , Jun 2nd
    • Thanks for commenting, 20152015! It's lovely to hear you like our website :) Please do let us know if you thing we can improve anything!

      , Jun 2nd
  • To write the weekend home news and show them on classroom wallpaper.

    , Jun 2nd
    • Hi there proflila, thanks for your comment! Sounds great!

      , Jun 2nd
  • 10/10 amazing

    , May 23rd
    • hope so

      , May 23rd
  • homework

    , May 19th
  • News writing

    , May 15th
  • Great for work on writing.

    , May 13th
  • Perfect for Monday morning report of weekend activities!!

    , May 13th
  • Perfect for report about eruption of volcano. Thanks

    , May 11th
  • For my eal session

    , May 9th
  • 'Roman Times' - A report about the life of a Roman soldier! (Editable version)

    , May 7th
  • love this

    , May 7th
  • newspaper

    , May 6th
  • help my students expand and develop their writing skills.

    , May 6th
  • I use it every Monday morning for writing.

    , May 1st
  • Great for homework.

    , Apr 29th
  • Journal writing

    , Apr 9th
  • Canada holiday

    , Mar 25th
  • This is an excellent tool to help my students expand and develop their writing skills.

    , Mar 16th
  • Great and useful to relate with newspaper headlines and parts

    , Mar 8th
  • year 3

    , Mar 2nd
  • Useful

    , Feb 26th
  • lovely

    , Feb 22nd
  • Brilliant

    , Feb 21st
  • Year 4 independent writing

    , Feb 17th
  • Well I suppose its o-kay

    , Feb 17th
  • Why can't they actually let me edit the title of the newspaper sheet OMG that is ridiculous!!! I rate this 0 stars but 1 is minimum

    , Feb 17th
    • Hey there Carys, thanks for commenting! If you're still not happy with the 'My News' heading, we do have another Newspaper Template here which has an editable version:

      I've had a look, and currently it doesn't have any text boxes. If you are comfortable adding your own pleaase do, otherwise I have sent a request through to our resource designers for them to add boxes for you :)

      , Feb 17th
  • year 3

    , Feb 14th
  • year 3 homework about their weekend

    , Feb 14th
  • report writing for 6th class, school soccer match

    , Feb 1st
  • Year 1-writing a news report about the big bad wolf

    , Jan 18th
  • Literacy when year 4 are studying journalistic writing styles

    , Jan 12th
  • Literacy for year 8 SEN group

    , Jan 5th
  • independent writing time during our literacy block - thank you for sharing

    , Dec 29th
  • for literacy

    , Dec 10th
  • Would an editable version of this be available? Kind regards, Daniella

    , Nov 17th
    • Hi there Duckie27, thanks for your comment! I have passed your request on to our resource designers who will look into making this resource for you and will be in touch if this is possible. :)

      , Nov 17th
    • Hi there Duckie27, thanks for your comment! We have now created an editable version of this resource. :)

      , Aug 11th
My Weekend Newspaper Writing Template

My Weekend Newspaper Writing Template - A useful set of newspaper writing templates, allowing your children to write about their weekend.
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