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Finger Spacing Hand - Finger spacers, finger space, writing aid, sentence structure, finger, space, writing space, space aid, finger space aid

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  • Nov 5th

    Intervention for year 2 child

  • Oct 17th

    intervention for a yr5 child who struggles with handwriting

  • Sep 15th

    a good reminder

  • Sep 14th

    To remind children to leave a finger space and help some children in doing so

  • Sep 14th

    To remind children about word spacing when handwriting.

  • Sep 11th

    As a reminder to children to space out their writing

  • Sep 8th

    On my literacy working wall

  • Sep 7th

    to help children's handwriting

  • Aug 19th

    thanks a lot

  • Aug 5th

    This is a great tool to use during writer's workshop as a reminder to my Firsties to put a finger space between their words! Thank you!

  • Jun 26th

    I'll be using this in helping an upcoming 3rd and 4th grader remember how to space correctly when writing!

    • Jun 26th

      Hi khaleesica,
      That's a great idea - thanks for letting others know! :)

    • Jun 26th

      Hi khaleesica,
      That's a great idea - thanks for letting others know! :)

  • Jun 19th

    I don't seem to be able to find the left hand version of this....?

    • Jun 19th

      Hi LizFerg,
      Thanks for your comment! The left hand version is below the pink download button. :)

  • Jun 17th

    intervention groups

    • Jun 17th

      Hi amylyoung7,
      Thank you for sharing! :)

  • Jun 10th

    This will be used to help remind one of my pupils to use fingers spaces when writing. Thanks

    • Jun 10th

      Hi knoxyboy,
      That's a great idea - thanks for letting others know! :)

  • Jun 5th

    This resource will be printed, cut out, and laminated and given to my kindergarten students during writing to help them learn to put spaces between their words to help their readers follow their writing. I love the diversity of the hand skin colors!

    • Jun 5th

      Hi there Hailey.Loughran, thanks for commenting on our resources! I'm so glad to hear you like our resources, and that you're finding them useful :)

  • May 8th

    This resource is printed, cut out and laminated, and given to students to help them learn to put appropriately sized spaces between their words.

  • May 5th

    To introduce the concept of finger spaces - love the different skin tones!

  • Apr 27th

    Thanks, these will be great once I laminate them

  • Apr 8th

    Once laminated to help remind SEN children with their finger spaces. Hand will be tied to a ribbon and then used similar to a bookmark.

  • Apr 7th

    to laminate and use to create finger spaces

  • Mar 24th

    Fantastic. Thanks

  • Mar 20th

    LA table/writing intervention

  • Mar 16th

    Literacy lessons!

  • Mar 13th

    to help children remember to use fingerspaces

  • Mar 5th

    To help my granddaughter to remember to use finger spaces

  • Feb 26th

    fun way to get the children to remember to use finger spaces

  • Feb 17th

    finger spacing

  • Feb 17th

    Laminating and making available for children to support layout of writing.

  • Feb 17th

    Writing assistance

  • Feb 15th

    I laminated one for each of my students to keep in their writing folder. They absolutely love them!!

  • Feb 11th

    I will be laminating this and putting it out on the tables to remind the children to use finger spaces when they are writing

  • Feb 10th

    literacy support

  • Jan 30th

    children who can't remember finger spaces

  • Jan 28th

    to help students remember their finger spaces

  • Jan 27th

    To help children to remember

  • Jan 27th

    To poke children with who keep forgetting finger spaces!!!

  • Jan 27th

    teaching reception children independent writing.

  • Jan 26th

    To remind children with a short memory to put spaces in.

  • Jan 19th

    To remind those who forget!

  • Jan 14th

    I've got a first grader of my own who could use this little reminder, and 25 kindergarteners who will love this helper!

  • Jan 14th

    Fantastic for my left handed pupils in Y1

  • Jan 14th

    Excellent little reminder for my Year 1's to remember their finger spaces in free writing sessions.

  • Jan 14th

    Lieracy Support reading

  • Jan 13th

    Really useful for reception children learning to write. They love using them!

  • Jan 12th

    to help as a reminder for children to leave spaces between words

  • Jan 8th

    to remind children of finger spaces in between words

  • Jan 8th

    to help children remember their finger spaces

  • Jan 5th

    To help children with ALN

  • Jan 3rd

    to help children use correct spacing in their writing

  • Jan 1st

    intervention work for children to improve their writing

  • Dec 17th

    to help special education students use correct spacing.

  • Dec 2nd

    to help children put spaces between words when writing stories etc.

  • Nov 11th

    student aid

  • Oct 21st

    hopefully these will work!!

  • Sep 16th

    student aid

  • Sep 15th

    To help children in class with their finger spaces.

  • Sep 11th

    My Special Ed student does not like to put here finger on paper--it is a tactile issue--so this is a great resource. Thank you!

  • Sep 16th

    Super resource.

  • Mar 20th

    A Super resource for young children who struggle to remember their finger spaces. My Headteacher loved these in my most recent lesson observation!

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Finger Spacing Hand

Finger Spacing Hand - A life sized finger space prompt; simply laminate and have available for when children are doing their independent writing.
This resource is available in Standard and Left Hand.

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