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Toy Shop Bingo - Money, coins, pounds, pence, foundation numeracy, coin, pay, bingo, shop, addition, prices, price

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  • Nov 12th

    fun resource to reinforce money

  • Oct 29th

    Lesson game

  • Oct 19th

    lesson game

  • Sep 30th

    lesson game

  • Sep 17th

    Money lesson plan

  • Sep 16th

    1:1 and group work with SEN students

  • Aug 4th

    ShopTopic (childminder)

  • Jul 20th

    Resource for my Rec/Yr 1 and Yr 2 Class

  • Jun 28th

    group work

    • Jun 28th

      Hi hjohnson57,
      Great to hear it will be so useful :) Thanks for your feedback!

  • Jun 22nd

    SEN working 1:1

  • Jun 17th

    I will use the resources to work with SEN children

    • Jun 17th

      Hi sandragawron46,
      Thank you for sharing! :)

  • Jun 15th

    functional money skills

    • Jun 15th

      Hi birtekleine,
      Thank you for sharing! :)

  • May 12th

    yr2 sen group

  • May 12th

    Primary 2 core numeracy groups

  • May 11th

    SEN Maths core groups

  • Apr 30th

    Great game Edward loves it and he is learning as he plays

  • Apr 21st

    Key Stage 1 intervention groups

  • Apr 19th

    To teach my brownies how to count money and to help them get their numbers fun badge

  • Apr 18th

    Fun way to learn about and recognise money for P1s

  • Apr 16th

    creativity for ks1

  • Apr 14th

    one of the most helpful, fun ways to learn about money.

  • Apr 12th

    SEN students

  • Mar 24th

    A game for esl

  • Mar 10th


  • Mar 1st

    A child in my class needs a visual to help her use money and understand the coins.

  • Feb 24th

    Really needed something to reinforce teen numbers with money. Just what I needed.

  • Feb 10th

    a holiday activity

  • Feb 9th

    As a student this was very helpful to use when it came to helping the children understand the concept of money. Would highly advice using this, I used for children aged 6-7 years old, year 2

  • Feb 9th

    We are learning about money and recognising the correct coins. This is a great fun enrichment activity to reinforce our other activities. Perhaps the images of real products e.g food and drink/toiletries etc/items purchased in day to day living as well as toys could be available?

    • Feb 9th

      Hi josie.cuccia, thank you for your review, I have passed on your request to our resource team to see what they can do for you. :)

    • Feb 13th

      Hi there josie.cuccia, our lovely resource designers have now made your suggestion and I have emailed this over to you. We will upload this to the website very soon for other users, thanks again! :)

  • Feb 4th

    I will use for reading numbers and compare the prices. Thank you!

  • Feb 2nd

    Teaching Maths lesson year 1 - pulling a card and making the correct money in coins to pay for it. Looking for different ways to make that number in coins.
    Could do with prices up to 99p for differentiation

    • Feb 2nd

      Hi SevenOf9, thank you for your review. I have passed this on to our resource team to see what they can do. I hope this helps. :)

    • Feb 11th

      Hey there SevenOf9! The resource designers have now amended this resource for you and I have sent the new resource in an email to you :)

  • Feb 2nd

    Fun game to help children to recognise different amounts of money.

  • Feb 2nd


  • Feb 1st


  • Jan 29th

    SEN 1-1working

  • Jan 28th

    key stage one maths

  • Jan 28th

    Special need children love this activity

  • Jan 28th


  • Jan 22nd

    Primary one Maths.Thanks twinkl.

  • Jan 22nd

    reception bingo

  • Jan 19th

    resource for children to use at home with family

  • Jan 19th

    independent activity thank you very much

  • Jan 12th

    maths intervention

  • Jan 5th

    teach my son maths

  • Jan 5th


  • Dec 18th


  • Dec 15th


  • Dec 11th

    Active Maths

  • Aug 12th

    Really useful thanks!

  • Jul 9th

    this is amazing because children can learn from it:)

  • Jan 11th

    Going to use it alongside my toyshop role play

  • Jan 10th

    Wow nice and colourful! I think my inclusion pupils will love this.

  • Jul 29th

    Great for SEN pupil with numeracy difficulties.

  • Jul 21st

    This is perfect for my numeracy activity games! ~Thank you!

  • Jun 21st

    i like

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Toy Shop Bingo

Toy Shop Bingo - Fun and interactive, bingo is a great way to introduce your children to new topics and reinforce your teaching on current ones. Perfect as a whole-class activity - simply show or call out different cards in turn and have your children cover up the image or word if they have it on their card. The first person to cover everything wins!

Why not also check out our lovely toy shop role resources?

This zip file contains:
  • Toy Boards [PDF]
  • Toy Lotto Cards [PDF]
  • Bingo List [PDF]
  • Colour Counters [PDF]
  • Money Boards [PDF]
  • Money Lotto Cards [PDF]

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