Number Line 0-20 Counting Number Shapes


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Number Line 0 20 Shapes - counting aid, numeracy, maths
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  • To cut up and laminate and then send one home with each child to assist in homework. We love the fact that the numicon is also on there as it helps them to relate and recognise numicon shapes and numbers.

    , Oct 19th
  • Number sequence, recognition and counting

    , Oct 18th
  • Could you make a flash card from 1-20 from this number line with image similar with this one for each card? My son has difficulty in telling which number has bigger amount. The way the block rise gradually from 1 -20 could help him in identifying which number is bigger. Regards.

    , Aug 25th
  • Perfect to support my SEN Year 2s who still need practical maths where I will be using the matching resource.

    , Aug 19th
  • Perfect to support my year 1s who still need practical maths. Thanks for changing to straight 1 and 4.

    , May 27th
  • To work alongside other resource (of same type)

    , Mar 16th
  • great visual prompt for a child who does not understand what the one represent in a teens number

    , Mar 10th
  • As a visual for when adding and subtracting using a number line with my daughters. For my daughter born with Down Syndrome it will be great for daily counting practise.

    , Feb 24th
  • Thank you for this resource it will make teens numbers much clearer.

    , Feb 21st
  • Great resource that shows patterns clearly

    , Jan 30th
  • I really like this resource as it is bright and cheerful but on my printer it cuts of the end number of words 0-20 number line so will have to adapt before I print again. This is really annoying!

    , Jan 21st
    • Hi JaneFredjohn,

      Thank you for your comment on the Twinkl website.

      I will pass this on to our resource team for correction straight away.

      I hope you have a lovely day! : )

      , Jan 21st
    • Hi there JaneFredjohn,
      There is a chance that this issue could be caused by your printer settings - if you select 'shrink to printable area' or 'shrink oversized pages' your printer will fit the resource to only printable areas, so nothing is cut off. I hope this helps!

      , Jan 22nd
  • I would be very grateful for a vertical version to use with a SEND child in y2. I intend for him to have it to hand during maths and use alongside the numicon bricks. Many thanks.

    , Dec 7th
  • As an additional resource when working in KS1 classes. It looks bright and child friendly but I've not used it yet so my rating reflects that!

    , Dec 7th
  • thanks

    , Dec 1st
  • This is great! But please could you do a version just with numbers 0-10? Some of my reception class aren't ready for teen numbers but do need to be familiar with Numicon.

    , Nov 15th
    • Hi cemmy86,
      I think we have what you're looking for! Please check out this resource and let me know if it's not quite what you were hoping for :)

      , Nov 15th
    • I would like a 0-10 version with the Numicon shapes if possible :)

      , Nov 18th
    • Hi cemmy86,
      I'll see what we can do for you! Thanks for commenting :)

      , Nov 18th
  • Helping a girl with dyscalculia see the concept of number lines more effectively. Going to have physical cubes to hand also.

    , Nov 15th
  • oooh very excited to hear about a vertical version as I use vertical in my reception class. Is there anywhere a number ladder could be made with the images included? Thanks

    , Nov 15th
    • Hi mrselbows,
      Thanks for commenting! I'll ask our resource team about this for you :)

      , Nov 15th
    • Hi there mrselbows,
      We've made this resource for you and have sent it in an email, I hope you find it useful! It will also be available for download on the website as soon as possible.

      , Nov 17th
  • I would love to see a vertical version of this to support SEND children. This seems impossible to find! Thanks!

    , Nov 11th
    • Hi Emma-Bashford,
      I'll see what we can do for you! Thanks for commenting :)

      , Nov 11th
    • Hi there Emma-Bashford,
      Our lovely teacher and design teams have completed this for you and emailed the new resource, I hope you find it useful! It will also be available for download on the website soon.

      , Nov 12th
  • counting

    , Oct 14th
  • Table number lines

    , Oct 13th
  • problem solving

    , Oct 11th
  • maths area

    , Oct 7th
  • Outdoor resource

    , Oct 5th
  • math teaching with numicon

    , Sep 29th
  • math teaching with numicon

    , Sep 29th
  • teaching

    , Sep 28th
  • Teaching with number lines

    , Sep 24th
  • Teaching

    , Sep 16th
  • Support use of numicon in school.It's good that you have the shapes in the right direction, with the odd one to the right, excellent!

    , Sep 14th
  • To support work with small group.

    , Aug 29th
  • for use with my 6 year old son with learning diffs

    , Aug 26th
  • We are going to add yarn and a bead to practice addition and subtraction on a number line.

    , Aug 24th
  • Maths working wall and for children working with numicon.

    , Aug 14th
  • Our maths woking wall

    , Aug 12th
  • Fantastic blown up to A3 for maths working wall and outside area

    , Jul 23rd
    • Hi Charli01,
      Thank you for sharing your idea, really glad we could help!

      , Jul 23rd
  • Resource for my Rec/Yr 1 and Yr 2 Class

    , Jul 20th
  • good

    , Jul 14th
    • Hi jojenkins0206,
      Thank you for sharing! :)

      , Jul 14th
  • I am using it to put in a pack of goodies to give to our new Reception parents information evening at the end of June. We want to encourage our parents to take an active interest!

    , Jun 18th
    • Hi irenedisplay,
      That's a lovely idea - thanks for letting others know! :)

      , Jun 18th
  • To help children have a visual for patterns to 20

    , May 20th
    • Hey there Robertsjen, thanks for commenting on this resource! It's lovely to hear you'll be using this to help your children get a visual image of patterns to twenty :)

      , May 21st
  • To help children associate the numbers with numicon pieces.

    , May 18th
  • To help with arrays

    , May 18th
  • to support a autistic child to learn to add and subtract with the help of numicon.

    , May 13th
  • Display board

    , May 6th
  • Year 1 Primary class

    , Apr 29th
  • support learning for lower ability groups

    , Mar 30th
  • To teach my son math.

    , Mar 24th
  • Home schooling my son who has Down syndrome. He needs a visual number line to understand concepts of more and less, before and after numbers, etc.

    , Mar 23rd
  • Great for small low ability groups

    , Mar 22nd
  • maths intervention

    , Mar 17th
  • school

    , Mar 10th
  • I recently held a Numicon club for pupils in year 3 and 4 and now I am combining resources for them to take away in a booklet. Just what I needed thanks!

    , Feb 27th
  • Great resource!

    , Feb 23rd
  • I am using this as a desk reference for my sped kindergarteners. Visuals help them understand new concepts and skills!

    , Feb 20th
  • bridging through 10

    , Feb 8th
  • counting with numicon

    , Jan 27th
  • to help my children with there counting with numicon

    , Jan 27th
  • connect numeral to quantity

    , Jan 20th
  • outdoor learning

    , Jan 12th
  • Helping the children become familiar with Numicon numbers 1-20 and what shapes make the numbers

    , Jan 12th
  • use in class - we are currently a numicon school

    , Jan 7th
  • understanding value of number

    , Jan 6th
  • Helping children become familiar with Numicon numbers 1 to 20 and ordering.

    , Jan 6th
  • Using in Reception class to become familiar with numicon.

    , Dec 12th
  • For part of an intervention group

    , Dec 10th
  • I am starting to use numicon with my Reception class so will have a few of these in my number corner for children to look at and help them play and understand numbers to 20. Later in the year I will start using them in groups to help understand using a number line. Thanks. More numicon please!!

    , Dec 2nd

    , Nov 21st
  • The image does not match the resource! On the image, the Numicon is below the number line, but the actual resource has the Numicon above the number line, which makes it harder to use in terms of "jumping along the number line"...Can I get a copy of the resource shown in the image please? Thank you. xx

    , Oct 24th
    • Hey there Fabladge, thanks for commenting on this resource! I've had a look, and the image and the content all seem to match up here, but I will certainly put through a request for a Number Line with the Numicon below the line rather than above to the resource designers :)

      , Oct 24th
    • I have yet to print mine up but it looks like the numicon is above the number line and the numbers are below. I agree, it would be better to have the numerals next to the numicon to help the child make the link and for the number line to be clear so that children could maybe use a dry wipe pen on them when working. But so glad you are doing numicon resources!

      , Dec 2nd
    • HI Maimai, thank you for your review. We do now have a version of this resource with the Numicon below the line, you can find this version in the 'alternative versions' section just underneath the pink download button (above). I hope this helps. :)

      , Dec 2nd
  • display

    , Oct 9th
  • I'm new to using numicon. I think this will be very useful for my class.

    , Sep 27th
  • My class teacher has recently been on a numicon course

    , Sep 20th
  • Perfect!

    , Sep 9th
  • Just looking for numicon resources!!

    , Jul 28th
  • great resource for my SEN children to link to Numicon shapes they use during Numeracy. Thanks.

    , Jul 15th
Number Line 0-20 Counting Number Shapes

Number Line 0-20 Counting Number Shapes - Fantastic as a general numeracy aid, this resource is an absolute must for so many maths activities. Great for help with addition, subtraction, counting on, counting back and general number recognition and reinforcement. Try alternating this with our number strips or number tracks to see which one your children prefer.
This resource is available in Standard, Below and Straight 1 and 4.
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