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Place Value Arrow Cards - Place value, ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, decimal point, place value games, cards

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  • 1 day ago

    place value lesson

  • 1 day ago

    Place value lesson

  • 3 days ago

    Place value lesson Y5,

  • Aug 25th

    This is a great resource to use with my P4-P7 class for place value.

  • Aug 25th

    Place value lesson

  • Aug 25th

    This is our first Unit in math and I currently have students struggling with place value.

  • Aug 24th

    This is our first unit of maths in my school. I will use these to help consolidate the idea of place value in a more visual and kinesthetic way

  • Aug 24th

    To help students gain better understanding of place value

  • Aug 24th

    Going to use to help children understand place value. They can read a number, e.g five hundred and twenty three, but still don't quite understand what each digit stands for.

  • Aug 24th

    Going to use in 4th grade math class for place value.

  • Aug 21st

    place value support for struggling students

  • Aug 11th

    working in resource

  • Aug 10th

    Fantastic just what I was looking for, for our math's packs.

  • Aug 8th


  • Aug 8th

    Very easy to understand for special needs childrenWhat would you use this resource for? - Please let others know how you rate this resource!

  • Aug 8th


  • Aug 8th

    place value

  • Jul 29th

    The colour coding should be really useful in helping with the understanding of place value. Thank you so much.

  • Jul 28th

    I want to help my 2/3s to better understand place value

    • Jul 28th

      Hi krissyd1991,
      Thank you very much for taking the time to comment - we really appreciate it!

  • Jul 19th

    Will use as a visual for students that are having difficulties in this area

    • Jul 19th

      Hi Brownie623,
      Great to hear it will be so useful :) Thanks for your feedback!

  • Jun 30th

    Kindergarten - conceptualising teen numbers and building place value to bear as early as possible.

    • Jun 30th

      Hi 2xanadu,
      Great to hear it will be so useful :) Thanks for your feedback!

  • Jun 26th

    I am using this as a hands on activity to compliment a visual task of 3 digit partitioning for year 1 students. It's has gone down a storm.

  • Jun 26th

    an awesome way to teach my 3rd grade pupils

    • Jun 26th

      Hi vayafatima,
      Thank you for your feedback! I'm really glad we could help :)

  • Jun 25th

    Super resource for supporting place value in 4th class! Exactly what I was looking for!

    • Jun 26th

      Hi kate9999,
      Thank you for your feedback - I'm really pleased the resource has helped!

  • Jun 23rd

    For SEN child

    • Jun 23rd

      Hi katoulla,
      Thank you so much for your feedback! :)

  • Jun 22nd

    Using with SEN child

    • Jun 22nd

      Hi clairebirkin,
      Thanks for your comment! I'm really glad this resource is useful for you :)

  • Jun 17th

    my son age 6

    • Jun 17th

      Hi shelleyjay,
      Lovely to hear you're using this for support at home! Thank you for commenting :)

  • Jun 15th

    Trying them out for use with SEN child.

    • Jun 15th

      Hi carolfisher,
      Thank you for sharing! :)

  • Jun 9th

    Learning about Place Value, positioning digits correctly

    • Jun 9th

      Hi michelleHannah, thank you for sharing. :)

  • May 22nd

    Learning place value visual aid to explaining units

    • May 22nd

      Hi there Annie52, thanks for your comment, sounds great! :)

  • May 17th

    Teaching subtracting ten to provide a visual aid when explaining that the units wouldn't change (place value) - Year 1. Thank you :)

  • May 5th

    Teaching doubling with these little lovelies!

  • May 4th

    Great, just what I was after for teaching place value. Visual and tactile - perfect!

  • May 3rd

    Teaching common core place value

  • May 3rd

    Thank you! Teaching place value.

  • Apr 30th

    Teaching place value

  • Apr 30th

    Teaching place value to students with difficulties in understanding and writing numbers

  • Apr 28th

    Teaching place value, call out number and get kids to make it using the cards etc.

  • Apr 26th

    Teaching addition and subtraction using place value.

  • Apr 23rd

    Teaching place value

  • Apr 18th

    to use in an interview to help compare and order numbers up to 1000

  • Apr 16th

    Help students with hundreds and tens, mainly

  • Apr 16th

    Help teach double digit addition and subtraction by partioning

  • Apr 12th

    Teaching place value for partitioning.

  • Apr 12th

    teaching place value and addition and subtraction.

  • Apr 1st

    Rounding 4-digit numbers.

  • Mar 24th

    to teach my son math

  • Mar 18th

    I will be using these cards to demonstrate to teachers in a professional development session.

  • Mar 8th

    I will be using these will young people who have behavioural and learning difficulties. They love the kinaesthetic aspect of the cards and I print them on bright paper and laminate them. There are loads of things hey can be used for.

  • Mar 6th

    reinforcing number placement

  • Feb 24th

    great for reinforcing 4 digit numbers

  • Feb 12th

    for place value affirmation

  • Feb 10th

    Teaching place value to Gr 1

  • Feb 7th

    Place value for grade 1

  • Feb 6th

    Teaching place value.

  • Feb 5th

    place value activities

  • Feb 1st

    Was recommended to use them by the teacher to help my son

  • Jan 29th

    Place value activities

  • Jan 25th

    Teaching place value in Whole number Strand with Stage 1

  • Jan 24th

    Teaching addition and subtraction; place value etc. to my year 3 and 4 class.

  • Jan 19th

    teaching place value to my children at home

  • Jan 17th

    To teach place valu.e

  • Jan 16th

    Teaching place value and thousand numbers

  • Jan 12th

    Teaching place value

  • Jan 7th

    Been looking for some of these for ages. Thanks
    Teach place value with them.

  • Jan 6th


  • Dec 24th, 2014

    teach place value

  • Sep 14th, 2014

    Numbers Count children - especially ten more / ten less understanding supported by Numicon

  • Sep 14th, 2014

    These are great but are there any place value arrow cards which go up to 6 digit numbers??

    • Sep 14th, 2014

      HI emskiwatson, thank you for your review. I have passed your request on to our resource team to have a look at for you. :)

    • Aug 20th

      hi there emskieatson, thanks for your comment! Sorry for the delay, we hope to make this resource soon. :)

  • Sep 7th, 2014

    These arrow cards are already coloured which is very handy! Will use them to check the children's understanding of partitioning.
    Thank you

  • Mar 25th, 2014

    Hi there SazzerDW, thanks so much for commenting on this resource. I've had a look and it seems like each set is a different colour but I've let our resource designers know to create a black and white version for you. :)

  • Mar 24th, 2014

    Just what I need! How about making this either uncoloured or with each set in the same colour? This will make it easier to sort after a class mix them up!

    • Aug 17th

      Hi there SazzerDW, thanks for your comment! We now have a black and white version of this resource. :)

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Place Value Arrow Cards

Place Value Arrow Cards - A set of handy place value arrow cards, great for your numeracy area (or in carpet time). Can be used for numerous activities to reinforce knowledge of ones, tens, hundreds and thousands.
This resource is available in Standard and Black and White.

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