Place Value Arrow Cards

Ref No. T-N-423
Preview: Place Value Arrow Cards
Place Value Arrow Cards - A set of handy place value arrow cards, great for your numeracy area (or in carpet time). Can be used for numerous activities to reinforce knowledge of ones, tens, hundreds and thousands. This resource is available in Standard and Black and White.

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  • ayan@twinkl's Profile Picture ayan@twinkl Hi there SazzerDW, thanks so much for commenting on this resource. I've had a look and it seems like each set is a different colour but I've let our resource designers know to create a black and white version for you. :) · Mar 25th
  • SazzerDW's Profile Picture SazzerDW Just what I need! How about making this either uncoloured or with each set in the same colour? This will make it easier to sort after a class mix them up! · Mar 24th