Number Formation Activity Sheet


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Number Formation Activity Sheet - Number formation, tracing numbers, tracing sheet, 0-9 tracing, 0-9, number writing practice, foundation stage numeracy, writing, learning to write, worksheet, overwriting
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  • It would be amazing if you could possibly make this resource with a page of each number so a page of 1's a page of 2's etc? I think it will help embed the number formation if we can tackle 1 number at a time. Many thanks!

    , Sep 13th
  • , rated this resource Aug 28th
  • , rated this resource Jul 17th
  • , rated this resource Jul 13th
  • , rated this resource Jul 2nd
  • I need a colour one.Please could you make one?

    , May 1st
  •  Perfect, thank you

    , Mar 12th
  • number formation practise in EYFS will laminate  and add to an individulal workbook to show progress.

    , Jan 3rd
  • number formation practise in EYFS will laminate these and use white board pens 

    , Nov 27th
  • to aid number formation

    , Nov 13th
  • My autistic son

    , Nov 11th
  • Homework

    , Nov 4th
  • To help Michael write his numbers

    , Oct 12th
  • Number writing practice for year 1's

    , Oct 12th
  • Great for independent practise of number formation

    , Oct 2nd
  • practising number formation in maths independent activity

    , Sep 28th
  • Practice number formation year 1

    , Sep 27th
  • I will laminate this sheet so my children can practice their numbers

    , Sep 16th
  • I will laminate this sheet and they will write on it using a whiteboard marker.

    , Sep 6th
  • Thank you. Will be using this for number formation and number recognition for my receptions :)

    , Sep 3rd
    • Hi salpy004,
      You're very welcome :)

      , Sep 3rd
  • good one for my kindergarten students

    , Aug 2nd
  • My pre school children

    , Aug 1st
  • prek homeschooler

    , Jul 11th
  • This resource is used to provide revision of work done with the number revision workbook.

    , Jun 30th
  • help

    , Jun 10th
  • The straight 1 is not the same on the 1 for the number 10. Could I please have a version where both digit 1's are straight? Thanks

    , Jun 6th
    • Hi Nblake,
      Thank you so much for letting us know about this one. I'll get this corrected right away!

      , Jun 6th
    • Hi there Nblake,
      We have now fixed this mistake and emailed you the corrected resource - I hope you find it useful! It will also be updated on the website very soon.

      , Jun 6th
  • Very good to practice for my son in nursery class

    , Apr 14th
  • When you offer the straight 1 the 10 isnt straight, could it be changed so the 1 digit in 10 is also straight? thanks

    , Jan 5th
    • Hi wholeschoolusers,
      I'll see what we can do for you! Thanks for commenting :)

      , Jan 5th
    • Hi there wholeschoolusers,
      Our lovely teacher and design teams have completed this for you and emailed the new resource, I hope you find it useful! It will also be available for download on the website within 48 hours, and you can find it either as a main resource, or under 'Alternative versions' above.

      , Jan 6th
  • Very useful

    , Dec 2nd
  • super

    , Nov 24th
  • it is a good resource

    , Nov 20th
  • is cool

    , Nov 17th
  • Is it possible to do one with a straight number 1 please??

    , Nov 16th
    • found it!!

      , Nov 16th
    • Hi dianesbd,
      Thanks for getting in touch with us here at Twinkl. I think we may already have what you're after! If you look under the pink download button, you will see a list of the 'alternative' versions available for this resource, which include a straight 1 version.
      I hope this helps, have a lovely day :).

      , Nov 16th
  • vacation home work of english,maths for nursery,Reception

    , Nov 15th
  • it's for my son

    , Nov 15th
  • For my 1:1 child in school.

    , Nov 14th
  • I help my daughter to learn how to write the numbers/ letters

    , Nov 11th
  • I have special education students. They have difficulty with visual motor planning and sequencing of the numbers.

    , Oct 29th
  • Number work and pencil control for Nursery children.

    , Oct 22nd
  • For my DD to learn number formation

    , Oct 21st
  • As a mother, helping her child develop his writing skills

    , Oct 18th
  • bay work and pencil control.

    , Oct 11th
  • poor pencil control

    , Oct 10th
  • writing bay

    , Oct 10th
  • Several children in my class are not writing there numbers clearly

    , Oct 5th
  • Being picky 5 is not formed like this

    , Oct 4th
    • Hi suewol,
      I think we have what you're looking for! If you look under the main download you'll see lots of Alternative versions, including one with a different way of forming the '5' :)

      , Oct 4th
    • Ah yes thank you

      , Oct 5th
  • Number writing practice

    , Oct 2nd
  • good

    , Oct 2nd
  • Number printing practice, counting forward and backwards, finding the number before, between and after

    , Oct 2nd
  • I will use it for a writing activity.

    , Oct 1st
  • practice

    , Oct 1st
  • xxxx

    , Sep 30th
  • maths concept

    , Sep 30th
  • Starteractivity

    , Sep 29th
  • For Reception Class

    , Sep 29th
  • for my nursery

    , Sep 29th
  • F

    , Sep 29th
  • love this

    , Sep 28th
  • Daily number work

    , Sep 28th
  • To improve and aid number formation

    , Sep 28th
  • letter formation practice

    , Sep 27th
  • letter formation practice

    , Sep 27th
  • My Daughter

    , Sep 26th
  • super

    , Sep 25th
  • to help our pre-reception class with tracing

    , Sep 25th
  • Hand eye coordination and pencil control/grip

    , Sep 25th
  • GOOD

    , Sep 23rd
  • sen work

    , Sep 22nd
  • Helping my 3 yr old start to form his numbers on paper

    , Sep 18th
  • helping some of my new Y4's with unreadable numbers

    , Sep 17th
  • I have a new child with very poor motor skills

    , Sep 15th
  • number formation with child

    , Sep 15th
  • Children with poor motor skills

    , Sep 15th
  • Use for practicing number formation

    , Sep 15th
  • Practicing number formation

    , Sep 14th
  • Reinforcing number formation

    , Sep 14th
  • number formation with preschooler

    , Sep 14th
  • number formation with infants

    , Sep 13th

    , Sep 13th
  • year 1 children who haven't formed their numbers correctly yet.

    , Sep 13th
  • number formation practice

    , Sep 12th
  • Writing numbers

    , Sep 11th
  • learning to count, recognise and write the numbers

    , Sep 11th
  • number tracing

    , Sep 11th
  • Number tracing. Lovely resource.

    , Sep 10th
  • number tracing

    , Sep 9th
  • Pupil with poor number formation.

    , Sep 9th
  • year 1 pupil with poor letter formation

    , Sep 9th
  • Year 1 child who has poor number formation

    , Sep 8th
  • interventions

    , Sep 8th
  • Great

    , Sep 8th
  • using within the pre school room for number formation after moving on from number regognition

    , Sep 8th
  • Correct number formation practice

    , Sep 7th
  • number formation practice

    , Sep 6th
  • number formation practice

    , Sep 6th
  • number formation practice

    , Sep 6th
  • Number formation

    , Aug 17th
  • It would be helpful to have a resource with straight 1, straight 4 AND alt 5. Is this possible please?

    , Jul 16th
    • Hi amward,
      Thanks for your suggestion! I'll ask our resource creators to look into this for you right away!

      , Jul 16th
    • Hi amward! The updated versions have been sent out to you and are available to download above. Let us know if you have any more great suggestions :)

      , Aug 3rd
  • IM student who cant form numbers in year 9

    , Jul 14th
    • Hi bullibeach,
      Thanks for your comment! I'm really glad this resource is useful for you :)

      , Jul 14th
  • inbetween terms for summer break

    , Jul 11th
    • Hi agnewdepalacios,
      Great to hear it will be so useful :) Thanks for your feedback!

      , Jul 12th
  • For my little son. He is keen on numbers and writing.

    , Jul 9th
    • Hi NemethRita,
      Great! Thanks for sharing!

      , Jul 9th
  • To help my son form his numbers properly before he starts school.

    , Jun 19th
    • Hi nataliedhirst,
      Lovely to hear you're using this for support at home! Thank you for commenting :)

      , Jun 19th
  • writing

    , Jun 15th
  • numeral writing practice/reinforcement

    , Jun 1st
  • Using this to help my daughter learn numbers.

    , May 27th
  • using it for them to learn to write numbers

    , May 21st
  • To reinforce correct number formation

    , May 20th
  • teach kids numbers

    , May 19th
  • Playgroup resources

    , May 18th
  • reference resource

    , May 18th
  • for teaching my child to write number

    , May 14th
  • maths intervention

    , May 13th
  • Number formation guide to support children during maths

    , May 10th
  • Number formation practice

    , May 7th
  • number formation practice

    , May 6th
  • When working with children in session

    , May 4th
  • to stick on a long table on paper to ecourage number formation during cil time

    , Apr 24th
  • number formation

    , Apr 13th
  • i need to teach a child

    , Apr 6th
  • Number formation - great with arrows showing direction!

    , Mar 25th
  • practice formation as a childminder

    , Mar 23rd
  • Help my child at home

    , Mar 11th
  • For children in my class to practice their number formation.

    , Mar 2nd
  • to help children starting school in september

    , Feb 8th
  • Reinforcement.

    , Feb 2nd
  • Practice Number printing

    , Dec 18th
  • Sending this home for chn to practise number formation during the jolly holidays!

    , Dec 17th
  • This is great thank you! Would it be possible to have this as a single line to put on desks so children can refer to it when they are writing their numbers? Similar to an alphabet strip only with numbers? I know you have desk mats with alphabet and numbers but I only need numbers. Thank you!

    , Dec 3rd
    • Hi there sophjtho, thanks for your comment! I have passed a request on to our resource designers for a linear version of this resource and they will be in touch if they are able to make this for you. :)

      , Dec 3rd
    • hi there sophjtho, thanks for your comment! We now have a single line version int he alternative downloads. :)

      , Aug 11th
  • Hello everybody thank you so much for your tremendous efforts, I would like a version with a straight one and a straight 4 please thank you in advance.

    , Nov 29th
    • HI, thank you for your review. We do already have a version with a straight 1 and a straight 4 on it, if you look just under the pink download button you will see all the alternative versions of this resource that we do, the straight 1 and straight 4 version is the second from the right, all you have to do is click on it to download. I hope this helps. :)

      , Nov 30th
  • I would like a version with a straight one and a straight 4 please

    , Oct 30th
    • Hey there Emmapayne, thanks for commenting on this resource! I've had a look, and forwarded you request to our resource designers to look into :)

      , Oct 30th
    • Hi there emmapayne3, thanks for your comment! we now have these alternative versions. :)

      , Aug 12th
  • Learning objective in counting is for numbers up to ten so can we have some resources that have 10 on them rather than stopping at 9, please? How do other EYFS/FP staff feel about this? Thank you :)

    , Oct 19th
    • Hi lesleywright, thank you for your review, I have passed this on to our resource team to see what they can do for you. :)

      , Oct 19th
    • Hi lesleywright,
      I'm a resource designer at twinkl and I have now created resources based on your comment. The new resources should be up on the site soon, but in the meantime I have emailed them over to you :-)

      , Oct 22nd
  • Would love to use this resource...the alternative 5 version is the one I need, but could it be possible to have a straight 4 too? Thank you :)

    , Oct 7th
    • Hi bec_wakefield, thank you for your review, I have passed your request on to our resource team to see what they can do for you. :)

      , Oct 7th
    • Hi there bec_wakefield, thanks for your comment! We now have alternative versions for this resource. :)

      , Aug 12th
  • Can I ask you to do a version with the downward stroke of the 4 being vertical please (

    , Sep 29th
    • HI NikkiBowkett, thank you for your review, I have passed your request on to our design team to see what they can do for you. :)

      , Sep 29th
    • Hi there NikkiBowkett, thanks for your comment! We have now created an alternative version. :)

      , Aug 12th
  • Hi could you do a version with the four going straight down rather than on the diagonal and the five starting on the straight down. Thank you

    , Feb 11th
  • Hi there messyhouse - we certainly can! I have passed your idea onto Ashton who will get that up on the site as soon as she can :) Thanks for the idea!

    , Jan 11th
  • could you offer a version with the arrow on the 5 starting on the straight line down as we teach - straight line down, big fat tummy pop his hat on, as its easier to write.

    , Jan 10th
    • Hi there messyhouse, thanks for your comment! We now have this alternative version. :)

      , Aug 19th
  • love this ... have laminated them and the kids love practising their numbers now because if it doesnt look right they rub it away and try again!

    , Nov 3rd
  • Good stuff for children to go over using a marker.

    , Jul 7th
  • Cool! It's very simple, but Twinkl is the only website to have it!

    , Mar 18th
A handy little activity sheet featuring numbers 0-9 in an easily traceable format. A great way to reinforce number formation.

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This resource is available in Standard, Alternative 5, Alt 9, Alternative 9 Straight 4, Straight 1, Straight 1 Alt 5 Straight 4, Strips, Straight 1 and 4 and Straight 4 Alt 5.
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