Telling the Time - Quarter Past Half Past Quarter to Differentiated Lesson Teaching Pack

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Telling the Time Quarter Past Half Past Quarter to PowerPoint and Worksheets
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  • could you translate to Gaeilge, más é do thoil é

    , Mar 22nd
    • Hi siobhancogan,
      Thanks for commenting! I can see this being a useful addition - I'll ask our translation team to take a look!

      , Mar 22nd
  • I am unable to open the powerpoint - it says an invalid kind of powerpoint file - eeek. The worksheets are great though. Thanks

    , Mar 2nd
    • Thanks for your comment and I'm sorry you're having trouble opening this PowerPoint. It seems to be working ok here so I've sent you over a copy via email.

      If you do have future problems opening our resources, please take a look in our Help Centre for further advice:

      Have a lovely day! :)

      , Mar 2nd
  • I am planning to use this as a start to our time unit in maths.

    , Feb 17th
  • Powerpoint is great but the minute and hour hands are too similar in length on the worksheets e.g. quarter past 2 on the first worksheet. 

    , Feb 7th
    • Hi strongarmo,
      Thank you so much for letting us know about this one. I'll get this resource checked right away!

      , Feb 7th
    • Hi there strongarmo,
      Thank you for spotting this! Our lovely teacher and design teams have updated this resource and you can now download the new version. I hope you find it useful!

      , Feb 8th
  • Helping Y3 to understand that time is formulaic and once you've got it - you have it for life!

    , Jan 23rd
  • Good resorce!

    , Jan 11th
  • Year 2

    , Jan 3rd
  • Establishing prior knowledge of an SEN student

    , Nov 28th
  • To revise time with Year 2 children.

    , May 20th
  • Year 2 SEN

    , May 10th
  • Great resource, power point is good, but is there any chance I can have the word format of it so I can make slight changes to one or two of the slides please?

    , Mar 29th
    • Hi MavisMolly,
      I'll see what we can do for you! Thanks for commenting :)

      , Mar 29th
    • Hi there MavisMolly,
      Our lovely teacher and design teams have created this and emailed the new resource to you! It will also be available on the website within 48 hours, and you can find it either as a main resource, or under 'Alternative versions' above. I hope you find it useful!

      , Mar 30th
  • teaching time

    , Mar 11th
  • Y2 telling the time

    , Mar 10th
  • Ks1

    , Mar 9th
  • I will use the power point as a teaching tool and the worksheets as practice sheets or for assessment with year two.

    , Mar 5th
  • Use as a SEN resource with Grade 5 students needing support.

    , Feb 28th
  • KS1 telling time

    , Feb 10th
  • School does not have winzip which means I cant access this!!! :(

    , Jan 25th
    • Hi there Fiona, sorry that you are unable to download our resource that you require. It may be possible to download winzip which will allow you to access this resource. If you follow the link to our FAQ page you may be able to do this through there:
      I hope that this helps, but if you still are unable to download the resource, do get back in touch and we will look into it for you. Have a lovely day :)

      , Jan 25th
  • Learning wall in the classroom. Thank you :)

    , Jan 20th
  • Excellent, simmple power point suitable for all abilities. Use for teaching mixed year class of differing abilities

    , Jan 4th
  • I cant open the worksheets!

    , Jan 3rd
  • Working with SEN / Lower ability in Year 4 - lo.vely explanations

    , Dec 6th
  • I cannot get the pdf to open?

    , Nov 29th
    • Hi there,
      Thanks for your comment. I've had a look and it appears to be working. However, I have flagged this with our resource team who will investigate further :)

      , Nov 30th
    • Hi there miss_harrison,
      I have looked in to this and made sure the file is functioning correctly, and emailed the PDF document to you. I hope you find it useful!

      , Dec 1st
  • The link to the pdf isn't working - any suggestions?

    , Nov 29th
  • Brilliant PowerPoint but the activities/ worksheets could be more interactive.

    , Oct 6th
    • Hi JTweedie,
      Thanks for your suggestion! I'll ask our teacher team to look into this for you : )

      , Oct 6th
  • time

    , Oct 5th
  • maths time

    , Oct 5th
  • Class Work

    , Sep 30th
  • support group work

    , Aug 14th
  • going to use with my child

    , Jun 26th
    • Hi zarina_ahmed2005,
      Lovely to hear you're using this for support at home! Thank you for commenting :)

      , Jun 26th
  • Going to use with my Year 2 class as a recap to work completed this year, thanks!

    , Jun 23rd
    • Hi Midnight12,
      You're very welcome! Thank you for commenting :)

      , Jun 23rd
  • Great for my Year 2s!

    , Jun 2nd
  • Independent extensioin activities for my Year Ones who've finished the teaching task and follow up

    , May 27th
    • Great yazbar! Thanks for commenting :)

      , May 27th
  • maths starter

    , May 18th
  • Teaching my daughter how to tell the time

    , May 12th
  • Year 2 revision before sats

    , May 10th
  • supporting and exploring time in small group activity rotations

    , May 10th
  • Teaching my son to not rely on digital time!

    , Apr 30th
  • teach time in a fun way in interventions

    , Apr 27th
  • teach timein Intervention groups containing students with dyscalculia

    , Apr 19th
  • Using to help me as a parent, to teach my son how to tell the time - he's very anti all things time related so I want to work on it in a fun way!

    , Apr 10th
  • Consolidating what my children are learning at school.

    , Mar 24th
  • beginners

    , Mar 23rd
  • foresl students to learn to tell the time using an analogue clock

    , Mar 16th
  • Cold mission on time.

    , Mar 12th
  • Explaining time

    , Mar 12th
  • teach time

    , Mar 11th
    • what year is it for ?

      , Mar 14th
    • Hi 1gizmo, thank you for your review, this resource is a key stage 1 resource, so it is aimed at years 1 and 2, however, it can be used for any age depending on their ability. :)

      , Mar 15th
  • esl

    , Mar 1st
  • teach time year 1

    , Jan 30th
  • to reiterate how to tell the time

    , Jan 22nd
  • Te begin teaching time to lower ability Y2

    , Jan 8th
  • There are only two documents in this zip folder.

    , Jan 7th
  • Teaching time to those children who have struggled with other methods.

    , Jan 6th
  • Thanks for this resource, there is never decent activities for time.

    , Dec 30th
  • to help chidren's understanding of time.

    , Dec 29th
  • time

    , Dec 18th
  • time

    , Dec 11th
  • brilliant!!

    , Sep 17th
  • Thank you so much! :)

    , Aug 3rd
  • Hi anniemedniuk, thanks so much for commenting on this resource. I've emailed you the text version to this powerpoint so you should be able to change what's on the slides! Hope this helps. :)

    , May 23rd
  • Hi! I really like this PP but is there a way I can tweak/modify to suit my class/needs? Thanks - Annie

    , May 23rd
  • Really useful to have a set ofdifferentiated worksheets. Saved me a lot of prep time. Thanks

    , Apr 15th
Download all the worksheets, PowerPoints and other resources you need to teach about clocks, watches and telling the time in this handy pack for KS1 classes. This pack focuses on the jump from telling time by the hour to including quarter past, half pat and quarter to.
Telling the Time - Quarter Past Half Past Quarter to Differentiated Lesson Teaching Pack contains:
  • Telling the Time Quarter Past Half Past Quarter to Task Setter Powerpoint and Worksheets.ppt
  • Worksheets.doc
  • Worksheets.pdf

This resource is available in Standard.
  • Homepage » Key Stage 1 » Maths » Measurement » Time
  • Homepage » Australia » 3 - 4 » NAPLAN Support » Numeracy
  • Homepage » Australia » F-2 » Mathematics » Measurement and Geometry » Using Units of Measurement » Time
  • Homepage » Key Stage 1 » Topics » Powerpoints » Task Setter Powerpoints
  • Homepage » Scotland (CfE) » First » Mathematics » Number, money and measure » Time
  • Homepage » 2014 National Curriculum Resources » Maths » Key Stage 1 » Year 2 » Measurement » Tell and write the time to five minutes, including quarter past/to the hour and draw the hands on a clock face to show these times
  • Homepage » Republic of Ireland » English Medium Schools » 1st/2nd Class » Maths » Measures
  • Homepage » 2014 National Curriculum Resources » Maths » Key Stage 1 » Year 1 » Measurement » Tell the time to the hour and half past the hour and draw the hands on a clock face to show these times.
  • Homepage » Australia » Australian Curriculum Browser » Maths » Year 2 » Measurement and Geometry » Using Units of Measurement » Tell time to the quarter-hour, using the language of 'past' and 'to' (ACMMG039)
  • Homepage » Canada » Grades 1 - 3 » Mathematics » Measurement » Time
  • Homepage » Australia » F-2 » Mathematics » Measurement and Geometry » Using Units of Measurement » Time » Analogue
  • Homepage » 2014 National Curriculum Resources » Maths » Key Stage 1 » Year 2 » Measurement » Know the number of minutes in an hour and the number of hours in a day
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