Year 2 Maths Assessment Pack Term 1


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Year 2 Maths Assessment Pack Term 1 - assessment, pack, year 2, maths, numbers
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  • , rated this resource 4 days ago
  • These are amazing and so useful to target specific areas of maths!I was just wondering if it would be possible to have them in one file to print them all in one go instead of individually? 

    , May 29th
    • Good morning Mattsmith600,
      Thanks for your lovely request - I'll ask our design team to take a look and see if we can make this change for you :)

      , May 29th
    • Hi there,
      We have added a combined PDF file to this resource pack - I hope you find it useful!

      , May 29th
  • , Feb 7th
  • Thank you for you quick response.

    , Dec 8th
    • Hi weiliu1,
      You're very welcome, glad we could help! :)

      , Dec 8th
  • Can you have a look at the answer for page T-PA-044-Year-2 question 2 a),please?I thought the answer is 1 4 5 2 3

    , Dec 8th
    • Hi weiliu1,
      I am really sorry to hear about this mistake, and I apologise if it has caused you any trouble. It will be changed shortly!

      , Dec 8th
    • Hey there,
      Thanks for your patience whilst we looked into this for you. Question 2a on the measurement test asks the following:

      Number their bags from 1-5 to order them from heaviest to lightest.

      Therefore number 1 would be the heaviest bag and number 5 would be the lightest. The order therefore should be 5,2,1,4,3.

      I've asked our design team to update this on the answer sheet for you and send you out a corrected copy.

      I'm very sorry for any trouble this may have caused you and please let me know if I can help you further.

      Have a lovely day! :)

      , Dec 8th
    • Hi there weiliu1,
      Thank you for spotting this! Our lovely teacher and design teams have fixed the mistake and emailed the corrected resource to you! It will also be updated on the website very soon - I hope you find it useful!

      , Dec 8th
  • Assessing progress for lower ability year 3

    , Nov 14th
  • Assessing after teaching statistics in Y2.

    , Nov 11th
  • Does this test cover all of the year 2 UK National Curriculum maths objectives?

    , Aug 30th
    • Hi christy_guy21,
      Thank you very much for commenting! It's great to hear from you.
      This resource does cover all of the Y2 National Curriculum maths objectives. :)
      You can find out more about a resource before downloading it by click on the 'descriptions' tab next to the 'reviews and ratings' tab. I hope this helps! :)

      , Aug 30th
  • To use for assessment at the start of the academic year

    , Aug 27th
  • Tests for lower ability

    , Jun 16th
  • Sats practice homework for the long weekend.

    , Apr 28th
  • to use to assess against PIVATS indicators

    , Apr 18th
  • Excellent resource!

    , Mar 1st
  • diagnostic task for start of year :)

    , Feb 2nd
  • These are very useful tests

    , Jan 8th
  • Amazing! Thank you. We are loving your assessment resources

    , Dec 8th
  • Thank you. Really useful.

    , Dec 2nd
    • Hi Elsienomore,
      You're very welcome - so glad we could help!

      , Dec 2nd
    • Well good

      , Apr 29th
  • This comment has been reported and is currently being reviewed by one of our moderators. Fingers-crossed it'll be back soon!

    , Dec 1st
    • Hi lanercost,
      Thank you so much for letting us know about this one. I'll ask our resource team to look at this right away!

      , Dec 2nd
    • Hi there lanercost,
      Thank you for spotting this! Our lovely teacher and design teams have fixed the mistake and emailed the corrected resource to you! It will also be updated on the website within 48 hours, and you can find it either as a main resource, or under 'Alternative versions' above. I hope you find it useful!

      , Dec 3rd
    • Hi there lanercost,
      Thank you for spotting this mistake! Our lovely teacher and design teams have corrected it and emailed the fixed resource to you. It will also be updated on the website within 48 hours, and you can find it either as a main resource, or under 'Alternative versions' above.

      , Dec 4th
  • Do we know what children should be achieving at this assessment? Would be useful to compare it to National SATs papers.

    , Nov 25th
    • Hi Bluepmld,

      Thank you for your resource query on the Twinkl website.

      I'm afraid that these tests are not designed to be scored like the national tests, so do not have a particular pass mark for comparison. They are more of a diagnostic tool for teachers to find misconceptions and gaps in teaching/learning, as well as allowing children to practise the skills they have learnt.

      I hope you have a lovely day! : )

      , Nov 25th
  • I can't seem to get this to down load....

    , Nov 23rd
  • Do you have these for literacy?

    , Nov 10th
    • Hi Hampton-Dene,

      Thank you for getting in touch on the Twinkl website.

      We don't have anything quite the same as this for English, with them being very different subjects. We do however have an English assessment pack, which I have put a link to below. If this isn't suitable and there's something in particular that you feel we are missing, please do get back in touch and we'll see what we can do

      I hope you have a lovely day! : )

      , Nov 10th
  • Is this in line with the 2015 curriculum for year 2?

    , Nov 4th
    • Hi ncncnc,
      Thank you for commenting! Yes, this resource is in line with the current National Curriculum :)

      , Nov 4th
  • This is a really useful resource and has saved me a lot of time! Thank you for including the clear curriculum links and strong visuals.
    Is there an editable Word version of this available?
    Many thanks,

    , Oct 28th
    • Hi lphilip,
      Thank you for your lovely feedback! We don't currently have an editable version, however I will ask our resource team about making one for you :)

      , Oct 28th
  • Fantastic resource! It has a clear lay out and it is usefully organised into all the areas of the new 2014 Maths curriculum!

    , Oct 23rd
  • Reinforcement of lower ability KS2

    , Oct 21st
  • Great for initial assessment for Year 2, thanks for sharing.

    , Oct 13th
  • term 2 and 3 would be useful too? I cant seem to find them.

    , Oct 5th
    • Hi year4gc,
      Thank you for commenting. I'll ask our teacher team to look into this for you : )

      , Oct 5th
  • Brilliant for initial assessment.

    , Oct 4th
  • Assessment, thanks.

    , Oct 2nd
  • assessment

    , Sep 2nd
  • Thank you for sharing these.

    , Aug 31st
  • Really useful for my SEN group. Thanks for sharing.

    , Aug 31st
  • SEN Year 3

    , Jul 18th
    • Hi grove13,
      Thank you for sharing! :)

      , Jul 18th
  • Great for my SEN Group, thank you for sharing.

    , Jul 14th
    • Hi lizshimwell1,
      You're very welcome! Thank you for commenting :)

      , Jul 14th
  • Extension assessment for year 1 students.

    , Jun 14th
    • Hi ebark8,
      Thank you for sharing! :)

      , Jun 14th
  • to assess students functioning at this level

    , Jun 11th
    • Hi jwvisuals,
      Thank you for sharing! :)

      , Jun 11th
  • I would use it to assess my year 2 children and possibly stretch my year 1 children.

    , Apr 24th
  • To assess children within my class and to stretch the year 1 children.

    , Apr 24th
  • Fantastic, very useful tool

    , Mar 26th
  • assess children

    , Mar 23rd
  • To assess my key stage 2 maths intervention group, working at year 2 level

    , Mar 20th
  • To support homework

    , Mar 12th
A pack of 8 assessments written for the 2014 Maths Curriculum programmes of study for year 2. The aims assessed by each question are clearly stated and a marking scheme provided. Why not use them with our Assessment Spreadsheets to track progress? They can be used at any point in the year as a tool to gauge prior learning or progress.
Year 2 Maths Assessment Pack Term 1 contains:
  • T-PA-023A-Year-2-Maths-Assessment-Addition-and-Subtraction-No-Aims.pdf
  • T-PA-023-Year-2-Maths-Assessment-Addition-and-Subtraction.pdf
  • T-PA-024A-Year-2-Maths-Assessment-Fractions-No-Aims.pdf
  • T-PA-024-Year-2-Maths-Assessment-Fractions.pdf
  • T-PA-025A-Year-2-Maths-Assessment-Multiplication-and-Division-No-Aims.pdf
  • T-PA-025-Year-2-Maths-Assessment-Multiplication-and-Division.pdf
  • T-PA-026A-Year-2-Maths-Assessment-Number-and-Place-Value-No-Aims.pdf
  • T-PA-026-Year-2-Maths-Assessment-Number-and-Place-Value.pdf
  • T-PA-044A-Year-2-Maths-Assessment-Measurement-No-Aims.pdf
  • T-PA-044-Year-2-Maths-Assessment-Measurement.pdf
  • T-PA-045A-Year-2-Maths-Assessment-Geometry-Properties-of-Shapes-No-Aims.pdf
  • T-PA-045-Year-2-Maths-Assessment-Geometry-Properties-of-Shapes.pdf
  • T-PA-048A-Year-2-Maths-Assessment-Statistics-No-Aims.pdf
  • T-PA-048-Year-2-Maths-Assessment-Statistics.pdf
  • T-PA-049A-Year-2-Maths-Assessment-Geometry-Position-and-Direction-No-Aims.pdf
  • T-PA-049-Year-2-Maths-Assessment-Geometry-Position-and-Direction.pdf
  • T-PA-078-Year-2-Maths-Assessment-Pack.pdf
  • T-PA-105-Year-2-Maths-Assessment-Pack-Term-1-Combined-PDF.pdf

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