EYFS Adult Input Planning and Resource Pack to Support Teaching on The Rainbow Fish


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EYFS Adult Input Planning and Resource Pack to Support Teaching on The Rainbow Fish  - eyfs, rainbow fish, adult, input, planning, pack
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  • Twinkl

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A great pack containing plans for adult input activities based around the book
EYFS Adult Input Planning and Resource Pack to Support Teaching on The Rainbow Fish contains:
  • Sharing Activity/EYFS-Adult-Input-Plan.doc
  • Sharing Activity/EYFS-Adult-Input-Plan-PDF.pdf
  • Sharing Activity/Letter/
  • Sharing Activity/Letter/Sharing-Activity-Letter.pdf
  • Sharing Activity/Letter/Sharing-Activity-Letter-BW.pdf
  • Sharing Activity/Reward Stickers/
  • Sharing Activity/Reward Stickers/Reward Stickers.pdf
  • Sharing Activity/The-Rainbow-Fish-Poster/
  • Sharing Activity/The-Rainbow-Fish-Poster/The-Rainbow-Fish-Poster.pdf
  • Sharing Activity/The-Rainbow-Fish-Poster/The-Rainbow-Fish-Poster-2xA3.pdf
  • Colourful Counting/Colourful Counting Activity Pack/
  • Colourful Counting/Colourful Counting Activity Pack/Colourful-Counting-Activity-Sheets.pdf
  • Colourful Counting/Colourful Counting Activity Pack/Colourful-Counting-Activity-Sheets-Colour.pdf
  • Colourful Counting/Colourful Counting Activity Pack/Colourful-Counting-Dice.pdf
  • Colourful Counting/Colourful Counting Activity Pack/Colourful-Counting-Dice-Colour.pdf
  • Colourful Counting/EYFS-Adult-Input-Plan.doc
  • Colourful Counting/EYFS-Adult-Input-Plan-BW.doc
  • Colourful Counting/EYFS-Adult-Input-Plan-PDF.pdf
  • Home Learning Nursery FS1/Home-Learning-Challenge-Sheet-Nursery-FS1.pdf
  • Home Learning Nursery FS1/Home-Learning-Challenge-Sheet-Nursery-FS1-BW.pdf
  • Home Learning Reception FS2/Home-Learning-Challenge-Sheet-Reception-FS2.pdf
  • Home Learning Reception FS2/Home-Learning-Challenge-Sheet-Reception-FS2-BW.pdf
  • Movement Activity/EYFS-Adult-Input-Plan.doc
  • Movement Activity/EYFS-Adult-Input-Plan.pdf
  • Movement Activity/Picture Cards/
  • Movement Activity/Picture Cards/Movement-Activity-Picture-Cards.pdf
  • Movement Activity/Picture Cards/Movement-Activity-Picture-Cards-BW.pdf
  • Pencil Control Activity/Pencil Control Activity Sheets/
  • Pencil Control Activity/Pencil Control Activity Sheets/Pencil-Control-Sheets.pdf
  • Pencil Control Activity/Pencil Control Activity Sheets/Pencil-Control-Sheets-Higher-Ability.pdf
  • Pencil Control Activity/Pencil Control Activity Sheets/Pencil-Control-Sheets-Lower-Ability.pdf
  • Pencil Control Activity/Pencil-Control-Activity-EYFS-Adult-Input-Plan.doc
  • Pencil Control Activity/Pencil-Control-Activity-EYFS-Adult-Input-Plan-BW.doc
  • Pencil Control Activity/Pencil-Control-Activity-EYFS-Adult-Input-Plan-PDF.pdf
  • Rainbow Fish Biscuits/EYFS-Adult-Input-Plan.doc
  • Rainbow Fish Biscuits/EYFS-Adult-Input-Plan-Black-and-White.doc
  • Rainbow Fish Biscuits/EYFS-Adult-Input-Plan-PDF.pdf
  • Rainbow Fish Biscuits/T-T-2471-Biscuit-Recipe-Cards.pdf
  • Rainbow Fish Collage/Collage Activity Pack/
  • Rainbow Fish Collage/Collage Activity Pack/Rainbow-Fish-Collage-Template.pdf
  • Rainbow Fish Collage/Collage Activity Pack/Rainbow-Fish-Collage-Template-BW.pdf
  • Rainbow Fish Collage/Collage Activity Pack/Rainbow-Fish-Letter.pdf
  • Rainbow Fish Collage/Collage Activity Pack/Rainbow-Fish-Letter-BW.pdf
  • Rainbow Fish Collage/EYFS-Adult-Input-Plan.doc
  • Rainbow Fish Collage/EYFS-Adult-Input-Plan-BW.doc
  • Rainbow Fish Collage/EYFS-Adult-Input-Plan-PDF.pdf
  • Rainbow Fish ICT Painting/EYFS-Adult-Input-Plan.doc
  • Rainbow Fish ICT Painting/EYFS-Adult-Input-Plan-BW.doc
  • Rainbow Fish ICT Painting/EYFS-Adult-Input-Plan-PDF.pdf
  • Rainbow Fish ICT Painting/Rainbow Fish Template.png
  • Rainbow Fish Texture Printing/EYFS-Adult-Input-Plan.doc
  • Rainbow Fish Texture Printing/EYFS-Adult-Input-Plan-and-Resource-Pack-BW.doc
  • Rainbow Fish Texture Printing/EYFS-Adult-Input-Plan-PDF.pdf
  • Rainbow Fish Texture Printing/The-Rainbow-Fish-Colouring-Sheets.pdf
  • Read and Colour Activitiy/EYFS-Adult-Input-Plan.doc
  • Read and Colour Activitiy/EYFS-Adult-Input-Plan-BW.doc
  • Read and Colour Activitiy/EYFS-Adult-Input-Plan-PDF.pdf
  • Read and Colour Activitiy/Read and Colour Sheets/
  • Read and Colour Activitiy/Read and Colour Sheets/The-Rainbow-Fish-Read-and-Colour-Sheets-1.pdf
  • Read and Colour Activitiy/Read and Colour Sheets/The-Rainbow-Fish-Read-and-Colour-Sheets-1-Colour.pdf
  • Read and Colour Activitiy/Read and Colour Sheets/The-Rainbow-Fish-Read-and-Colour-Sheets-2.pdf
  • Read and Colour Activitiy/Read and Colour Sheets/The-Rainbow-Fish-Read-and-Colour-Sheets-2-Colour.pdf

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  • Homepage » Age 0 - 5 » Understanding the World Resources » Places » Under the Sea » Storybooks » The Rainbow Fish
  • Homepage » Age 0 - 5 » Communication and Language and Literacy » Story Primary Resources » Story Books » The Rainbow Fish - Marcus Pfister
  • Homepage » Age 0 - 5 » Foundation Planning » EYFS Adult Input Planning Packs » Story Books
  • Homepage » Age 0 - 5 » Foundation Planning » EYFS Adult Input Plans » Story Books » The Rainbow Fish - Marcus Pfister
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