The Gruffalo Colouring Sheets


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The Gruffalo Colouring Sheets - The Gruffalo, resources, mouse, fox, owl, snake, Gruffalo, fantasy, rhyme, story, story book, story book resources, story sequencing, story resources, Colouring Sheets, colouring, colouring activity,

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  • 4 days ago

    Colouring in!

  • Jul 20th

    Water colouring

  • Jul 7th

    puppet shadow cutout

  • Jun 22nd

    Craft activity for lesson plan based on the Gruffalo

  • Jun 19th

    Eu li a história e agora vou fazer fantoches, para criar sombras chinesas com as personagens.

    • Jun 19th

      Hi aguiarisabel,
      Brilliant idea! Very creative! :)

  • Jun 2nd

    We have just read the story and the pre-schoolers are hooked. A super way to get them mark making.

  • May 27th

    Family Learning session

  • May 14th


  • May 13th

    My children

  • May 2nd

    i ll use it with an eight-year-old class immediately after introducing the characters

  • Apr 26th

    I will use it for home schooling my 3yo.

  • Apr 13th

    relating to the story being told to the children

  • Apr 11th

    language lesson

  • Apr 3rd

    This site is the best thank you very much for your help

  • Mar 25th

    language lesson + role play

  • Mar 20th

    language lesson

  • Mar 16th

    communication lesson

  • Mar 14th


  • Mar 3rd

    schimmenspel 5 stars

  • Mar 3rd


  • Feb 28th

    mathematics measurement activity

  • Feb 27th

    As a follow up on the story the Gruffalo for the Book Week Activity

  • Feb 24th

    As a follow up on the story the Gruffalo.

  • Feb 4th


  • Jan 30th

    teaching english

  • Jan 13th

    We are having Zoolab in with their animals and are using the Gruffalo theme, these resources are a good extension to this

  • Jan 10th

    Our Julia Donaldson book focus and display

  • Jan 10th

    practising colouring

  • Jan 6th

    help reinforcing gruffalo story also to bhelp with hand and eye cordination

  • Jan 2nd

    reinforcing the Gruffalo story

  • Nov 30th

    Roll on the wall activity. Children write inside the character what the character is feeling, and on the outside, what the character looks like, appears to be.

  • Nov 24th

    to practice coloring and as a complement with the book

  • Nov 24th

    to practise colouring

  • Nov 11th

    3 yr old

  • Nov 9th

    To carry on an activity during free play

  • Nov 6th

    I am going to use these for a golden club once I have read the story of The Gruffalo

  • Oct 12th

    Gruffalo book week

  • Oct 8th

    It's for my 3 year old grandson. He love the Gruffalo books and almost knows them by heart.

  • Sep 25th

    The children love this book, they will enjoy colouring in the sheets and imaginative play with them once there finished!

  • Sep 24th

    Love this book

  • Sep 24th

    gruffalo week

  • Sep 23rd

    our gruffalo display, lovely big clear pictures

  • Sep 22nd

    wet play

  • Sep 22nd

    our gruffalo display, lovely big clear pictures

  • Sep 21st

    Character descriptions

  • Sep 20th

    Literacy - story sequencing

  • Sep 15th

    Mark Making

  • Sep 14th

    To go in the deep dark forest display

  • Sep 13th

    introducing characters

  • Sep 13th

    I am using the Gruffalo as a drama stimulus with P1. I tend to add a whole variety of activities to my drama lessons, so these will come in handy.

  • Sep 11th

    For my ' Little Stars' Relax Kids sessions

  • Sep 11th

    character introduction

  • Sep 10th


  • Sep 9th

    I will use it to retell the story with my students in class

  • Sep 9th

    I willuse this resource to retell the story with my students in class.

  • Sep 1st

    Author focus topic.

  • Aug 31st

    I am reading the Gruffalo book and we are talking about the animals in the story!

  • Aug 31st

    I will be using the images for a Gruffalo Treasure Hunt.

  • Aug 26th

    Part of a storysack for Primary school use

  • Aug 23rd

    I will be using this as one of my motor skills activity with my kids

  • Aug 23rd

    at home

  • Aug 14th

    Colouring in and re-telling the story

  • Aug 8th

    Thank you just what I was looking for :)

  • Aug 8th

    shadow puppets to use with telling the story

  • Aug 1st


  • Jul 24th

    colouring in fun

  • Jul 19th

    colouring fun

    • Jul 19th

      Hi ekreezer,
      Thank you for sharing! :)

  • Jul 15th

    Pre-school storysack

    • Jul 15th

      Hi julieecarter,
      Thank you for sharing! :)

  • Jul 9th

    For making characters for a shadow puppet play

    • Jul 9th

      Hi suemac,
      Thank you for sharing! :)

  • Jul 8th

    Gruffalo snap! :)

    • Jul 8th

      Hi Teamacorns,
      Brilliant idea! Very creative! :)

  • Jul 3rd

    for creating a small play with community children

    • Jul 4th

      Hi Laceychickens,
      Sounds great! Thanks for sharing :)

  • Jul 2nd

    Creating a board game for German children

  • Jul 1st

    Gruffalo-themed English workshop for French children.

  • Jun 30th

    for nursery or primary shool- Wonderful!

    • Jul 1st

      Hi paulaciotti,
      I'm so glad to hear you like our resource so much, it is great to be able to help! :)

  • Jun 25th

    for a gruffalo day in school

    • Jun 25th

      Hi littlemissjolly,
      That's a great idea - thanks for letting others know! :)

  • Jun 11th

    For library club at Stourport Primary School

    • Jun 11th

      Hi Millymoogs,
      That's a great idea - thanks for letting others know! :)

  • Jun 5th

    Teach my son to colour and paint as this is his favourite book.

    • Jun 5th

      Great idea, louise554! It might be our favourite book too! :)

  • May 31st

    topic is favourite books and this is one of the the childrens favourites

  • May 29th

    The topic is The Gruffalo and these are for the nursery children to colour in and get to know the characters.

  • May 27th

    making a picture about the gruffalo for art and they make the background and will stick the characters on it

  • May 26th

    Review of the story prior to class trip

    • May 26th

      Great idea :) Thanks for commenting!

  • May 20th

    interactive resource

  • May 10th

    For my children to make invitations for a Gruffalo show.

  • May 9th

    for my foster child's home work

  • May 4th

    The Gruffalo, a story well loved by our nursery children, will be good to add another dimension to the story with a puppet show for the children to watch and re-create the story with

  • Apr 26th

    the children love this story and want to help make a big story board display for others to see. cant wait to get going on it

  • Apr 24th

    A great start to an activity. Great for getting all children involved and thinking about the different characters they`ve read about.

  • Apr 24th

    It`s very good to get them started with a literacy activity. It would help them to recognise different words too.

  • Apr 19th

    Great outlines to enlarge for Drama 'Role on the Wall' activity

  • Apr 18th

    Awesome ideas!

  • Apr 16th

    Good pictures!

  • Apr 13th


  • Apr 13th

    We are doing a unit of inquiry on books and a study of measurements in Maths for pre-K.. Therefore, I printed these images for coloring and measurements..

  • Apr 8th

    an extension activity

  • Apr 8th

    reading the story and colour some pictures

  • Apr 4th

    listening and talking follow up activity

  • Apr 1st

    telling the story to the children

  • Mar 26th

    follow up to reading the book

  • Mar 16th

    Telling the story to the children

  • Mar 13th

    retell of the Gruffalo

  • Mar 11th

    world book day at our local toddler group. xx

  • Mar 5th

    Next week theme.

  • Mar 4th

    world book day

  • Mar 3rd

    world book week. Wednesday theme is the gruffalo

  • Mar 3rd

    many thanks using for our topic The Gruffalo..

  • Mar 2nd

    world book day

  • Mar 1st

    World bookday

  • Feb 27th

    Preparation for world book day. Gruffalo DVD followed by colouring activities.

  • Feb 23rd


  • Feb 21st


  • Feb 19th

    mark making to complement our gruffalo topic

  • Feb 11th

    WE are using these sheets to create a story board to practice retelling

  • Feb 11th

    to help children with additional needs interact with the story more and gain a better understanding of the story

  • Feb 10th

    creating a mouse using paint, wool, cotton wool

  • Feb 9th

    We are preparing a bulletin board for our school.

  • Feb 3rd


  • Feb 2nd

    Stoytelling after school club for primary 1.

  • Feb 2nd

    recognition and fine motor skill

  • Feb 1st


  • Jan 28th

    colouring flashcards

  • Jan 28th

    pattern to make felt puppets

  • Jan 27th

    colouring activity

  • Jan 27th


  • Jan 24th

    activities sheet

  • Jan 22nd

    Am using this resource to create a interactive display to enable children to recall the sequence of events/characters.

  • Jan 22nd

    have built a Gruffalo cave and the children are using the pictures to decorate it

  • Jan 20th

    For building a character in early years drama workshop.

  • Jan 20th

    felt board

  • Jan 14th

    for a display board

  • Jan 10th

    will be used for templates for a felt board story

  • Jan 7th

    read book and shadow puppets

  • Jan 7th

    read the book, colour sheets

  • Dec 21st

    after reading the book we are going to decorate and talk about the story and what the children remember

  • Dec 19th

    supporting literacy

  • Dec 14th

    gruffalo party

  • Dec 11th

    Gruffalo activity day-make a party bag

  • Nov 13th

    we will use these for a wall display

  • Oct 7th

    We will use these for a story board. Thank you!

  • Sep 26th

    We will use this resources to make felt puppets for role play. thanks much!

  • Jan 9th

    We will use this resource to make shadow stories

  • Apr 16th

    very nice!

The Gruffalo Colouring Sheets

The Gruffalo Colouring Sheets - This handy set of colouring sheets gives your children the opportunity to practise their colouring and fine motor skills, as well as giving them something lovely to take home with them or put up on display. Great for increasing familiarity with this story and perfect for wet play!
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