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Fruit And Vegetables Themed A4 Page Border - food, fruit, vegetables, page border, writing borders, A4, border, good eating, healthy snack, snack, independent writing, apple, banana, carrot, potato, tomato

    Alternative versions:

  • Standard Version
  • Editable Version
  • Fully Lined (Big Writing) Version
  • Half Lined Version
  • Lined Version
  • Narrow Lines Version
  • Black and White Editable Version
  • Black and White Fully Lined Version
  • Black and White Half Lined Version
  • Black and White Lined Version
  • Black and White Narrow Lined Version

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  • Sep 22nd

    I really love this. thank you

  • Sep 20th

    We are using this resource to write an explanation on 'How we keep healthy'.

  • Sep 17th

    After school cookery club

  • Sep 15th

    We are using this template to write a thank you letter to the lunchroom workers at our school! :)

  • Sep 10th

    Is it possible to get a black and white editable version please? I would like the children to colour it in.
    Many thanks,

    • Sep 11th

      Hi LittleBridget,
      Thanks for your suggestion! I'll ask our resource creators to look into this for you : )

    • Sep 12th

      Hi there LittleBridget,
      We've made this resource for you and have sent it in an email, I hope you find it useful! It will also be available for download on the website as soon as possible.

  • Sep 8th

    We have a community garden at our school. We will be using these writing pages for our garden journal that we write in after each garden lesson. We will record observations, narratives, poems, questions, etc.

  • Sep 7th

    For writing about healthy eating.

  • Sep 6th

    super duper ta

  • Sep 4th

    Free afterschool meals outreach

  • Sep 2nd

    a classroom poster

  • Sep 2nd

    a classroom poster

  • Aug 31st


  • Aug 26th

    This will be awesome for Stephanie Alexander Garden task cards etc.

  • Aug 18th

    I'm going to use it for a poem writing exercise.

  • Aug 10th

    I am using this to create a poster for parents to let them know what snack the children will be having at Nursery each day

  • Jul 8th

    I will be using this for a recipe template for a recipe folder

  • Jul 6th

    For a thank you letter for a recent trip to the carvery.

  • Jun 30th

    for school porpuses

    • Jun 30th

      Hi jhen_servidad21,
      Thank you so much for your feedback! :)

  • Jun 25th

    fruit acrostic poems

    • Jun 25th

      Hi J54321,
      Thanks for your comment! I'm really glad this resource is useful for you :)

  • Jun 23rd

    children can be creative on these. children can write a story ect...

    • Jun 23rd

      Hi elliotthomas,
      Sounds great! Thanks for sharing :)

  • Jun 15th

    To create an eye catching leaflet for children to take up free school meals.

    • Jun 15th

      Hi DebbieBuckner63,
      That's a great idea - thanks for letting others know! :)

  • Jun 4th

    I will use this resource as a backdrop for students to write poetry on Fruit and Veg.

  • Jun 3rd

    Topic work on gardening

    • Jun 4th

      Thanks for sharing, stevencymru! :)

  • Jun 1st

    Learning to do scrapbooking.

  • May 23rd

    for a fruit project with childrens

  • May 18th

    for kindergarten to compile their project on fruits

  • May 9th

    For Y1 to write a thank you letter to Tesco for their farm to fork visit

  • May 8th

    border for a snack observation

  • May 7th

    science fair border

  • May 5th


  • Apr 24th

    Healthy choices persuasive paragraph

  • Apr 21st

    wellness week

  • Apr 21st

    picnic role ply

  • Apr 21st

    food is free page.

  • Apr 13th

    to create menus

  • Apr 13th

    To gather student ideas on what they know about balanced diets

  • Apr 10th

    for my report

  • Apr 9th

    To make menus for our healthy eating cafe

  • Apr 8th

    child Diary

  • Mar 30th

    Lunch time award for good table manners, eating vegetables etc

  • Mar 29th

    Health Promotion pamphlet...A good template

  • Mar 17th

    writing non chron report about potatoes

  • Mar 10th

    healthy food project

  • Mar 7th

    My son's 'make your own dip' homework!

  • Mar 3rd

    Writing fruit riddles!!

  • Feb 24th


  • Feb 12th

    School display

  • Feb 8th

    Healthy eating posters for dining hall- many thanks!

  • Feb 7th

    To print a snack rota on.

  • Jan 29th

    Health promotion pamphlet

  • Jan 28th

    Stay healthy diary

  • Jan 27th

    Natural world cooking title

  • Jan 27th

    To use to write a healthy packed lunch letter, to encourage other to look at what they are eating for lunch and how they can change items.

  • Jan 25th

    As a sign for a healthy eating investigation table!

  • Jan 24th

    to express the individuals likes and dislikes

  • Jan 21st

    role play

  • Jan 13th

    stories about shopping for food

  • Jan 12th

    role play area

  • Sep 10th

    Childre are writing healthy-eating acrostic poems Yr2.

  • Jun 17th

    we went to Tesco for the Farm to Fork visit and wrote a recount of our trip :) thank you x

  • Jul 27th

    Children to write their healthy snack recipes on

  • Jun 20th

    To send a letter of thanks for allotment visit

  • Jun 20th

    To reply to an allotment visit

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Fruit and Vegetables Themed A4 Page Borders

Fruit and Vegetables Themed A4 Page Borders - A fantastic resource, useful to support independent writing tasks that you may set for your children in this topic.
This resource is available in Standard, Editable, Fully Lined (Big Writing), Half Lined, Lined, Narrow Lines, Black and White Editable, Black and White Fully Lined, Black and White Half Lined, Black and White Lined and Black and White Narrow Lined.

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