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Message in a Bottle Writing Frames - message in a bottle, pirates, pirate writing frame, bottle writing frame, shape writing frame, bottle shape template

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  • Feb 4th

    Creative writing - after looking at an ocean waves discovery bottle

  • Jan 27th

    Y2 Christopher Columbus writing!

  • Jan 24th

    Fiction - George's Marvelous Medicine

  • Jan 22nd

    I would use this for a creative writing activity.

  • Dec 28th

    This is a nice activity for intermediate students to get creative and express their writing skills.

  • Nov 20th

    Using it for poems

  • Nov 9th

    I would use this as a creative writing piece!

  • Oct 25th


  • Oct 23rd

    Writing piece for theme. Writing from the point of view of a character in the story telling about what they learned with details that reveal the theme. 5th grade.

  • Oct 19th

    writing piece for 5th grade class Winn-dixie comparision for tree of sorrow

  • Oct 4th

    Haiku Poem

  • Oct 4th

    Writing words linked to the topic. In writing box or mark making shelf.

  • Oct 2nd

    Pirate day resource to qwrite a letter

  • Oct 1st

    Using it for our Red Ribbon Week. The students will write about future goals they want to focus on so they don't get sunk by drugs!

  • Sep 20th

    Castaway on a desert island - imaginative writing! Linked to island topic.

  • Sep 15th

    Pupil Council suggestions

  • Sep 11th

    Hi, thank you for all your lovely resources. Made my life so much easier. Can I please ask if you could make this writing frames on ships, as it would go with my theme. Thank you very much.

    • Sep 11th

      Hi apartene,
      Thanks for commenting! I'll ask our resource creators about this for you :)

    • Sep 12th

      Hi there apartene,
      This has been completed now and we have emailed the new resource to you! It will also be available on the website soon. I hope you find it useful!

  • Aug 26th

    creative writing pirate theme

  • Aug 23rd

    goal setting activity

  • Aug 23rd

    I am going to have student write their goals for the year as it goes along with my pirate theme.

  • Aug 21st

    I am going to use these for children to write their emotions in for our underwater themed display

  • Aug 5th

    I am going to use these for the book Because of Winn-Dixie to recreate Gloria Dump's mistake tree. Thanks!

  • Aug 5th

    Using in our writing topic that has us stranded on an island :)

  • Aug 2nd

    We performed a pirate assembly and we are writing a recount in a bottle. Thanks so much for this worksheet.

  • Jul 19th

    Using as thank you cards for my students xx

    • Jul 19th

      Hi budgen,
      That's a lovely idea - thanks for letting others know! :)

  • Jul 13th

    We use this write a msg to out new teacher as pirates is our transtion unit.

    • Jul 13th

      Hi theoofoof,
      Thank you for sharing! :)

  • Jul 12th

    I intend to use this for our 'Under the Sea' theme. Children can write messages to a mermaid to encourage questioning about what it's like to live under the sea? What kind of things does she see/like to do? How does their lives differ etc

    • Jul 12th

      Hi Suehic,
      Thank you very much for taking the time to comment - we really appreciate it!

  • Jul 10th

    I will use this as a writing activity for our Pirate unit.

    • Jul 10th

      Hi footeki,
      Brilliant idea, thank you for sharing it!

  • Jul 7th

    Transition day in year 1 classroom. Get the children to write something they are excited about for starting year 1.
    In the summer put the bottles on a flowing river display on a "Welcome to my classroom" board.

    • Jul 7th

      Hi megzthepegz,
      That's a lovely idea - thanks for letting others know! :)

  • Jul 7th

    Great! Thanks!

    • Jul 7th

      Hi prepmad,
      You're very welcome! Thank you for commenting :)

  • Jul 6th

    priate week

  • Jun 30th

    We are doing a writing theme using pirates. I think that this worksheet will encourage the children to write. Thanks for sharing this resource freely.

    • Jun 30th

      Hi Gabi20,
      You're very welcome! Thank you for commenting :)

  • Jun 29th


    • Jun 29th

      Hi jachenry,
      So glad to hear you like it, thank you for your comment!

  • Jun 28th

    to put the childrens names on for name recognition

    • Jun 28th

      Hi wendybird2,
      Sounds great! Thanks for sharing :)

  • Jun 28th

    creative writing for my pupils. Thanks for these lovely frames :)

    • Jun 28th

      Hi worrywort_10,
      You're very welcome - so glad we could help!

  • Jun 26th

    Homeschooling 3 boys (aged 4, 6 and 8) on a boat, so will get them to write down ideas of what they would like to include for messages in a bottle when are doing our Atlantic crossing.

    • Jun 26th

      Hi Kiwibeanz,
      That's a lovely idea - thanks for letting others know! :)

  • Jun 25th

    Communication exercise for young adults, thanks a bunch and greetings from Mexico!

    • Jun 25th

      Hi OscarKGB,
      You're very welcome - really glad we could help! :)

  • Jun 24th

    practice writing

    • Jun 24th

      Hi AnnabelleL1,
      Thank you for sharing! :)

  • Jun 24th

    we are working on an "Ocean" topic so this will be a lovely resource to use. Thank you.

    • Jun 24th

      Hi annechr,
      You're very welcome - so glad we could help!

  • Jun 22nd

    We are studying the ocean for Summer School...want to use as part of their journal writing template to connect to the theme.

  • Jun 22nd

    Supply teaching a Y3 all week, have been told to 'take lots to do'. Thought we'd write messages in bottles about Y3 for next year's class!

    • Jun 22nd

      Hi GillAsh,
      That's a lovely idea - thanks for letting others know! :)

  • Jun 20th

    Read the story, ' memory bottles' by Beth Shoshan, afterwards children can write their memory on the template and roll up and post in thewhole class bottle to keep and take to their new class perhaps and also give each learner a small empty bottle (save reception milk bottles or McDs tropicana juice bottles) and they can add bits and pieces that represent and relate to their memory e,g, coloured water, bead, sequins, glitter etc. i have used this idea as a class to up level interesting writing and just filling the memory bottle in a whole school story cafe . parents filled the bottle with their children . both were received very positively

    • Jun 21st

      Hi paulalouisejones,
      That's a lovely idea - thanks for letting others know! :)

  • Jun 20th

    Using these with pirate themed lessons next term.

    • Jun 20th

      Hi Victoria40,
      That's a lovely idea - thanks for letting others know! :)

  • Jun 19th

    In connection with diary writing based on Kensuke's Kingdom

    • Jun 19th

      Hi jennytyrrell,
      That's a lovely idea - thanks for letting others know! :)

  • Jun 19th

    students dreams and goals - open in a year or two

    • Jun 19th

      Hi mamaeroa,
      That's a lovely idea - thanks for letting others know! :)

  • Jun 13th

    Loving your website!
    I'm meeting my new class this week so will get them to put a message to themselves in a bottle to open this time next year. It will be about what they hope to achieve in Primary 5.

    • Jun 14th

      Excellent idea, i'm sure they will love opening them in a years time! :)

  • Jun 11th

    daily helper cards

    • Jun 11th

      Hi danilott,
      That's a great idea - thanks for letting others know! :)

  • Jun 11th

    For some independent writing before our Beach schooling visit to the beach next week!

    • Jun 11th

      Hi MinsOwls,
      Glad you like our writing frames :) Thanks for commenting!

  • Jun 10th


    • Jun 10th

      Hi clair4949,
      Thanks for commenting! Would you like a welsh version of this resource? :)

  • Jun 10th


    • Jun 10th

      Hi cryall96,
      Thank you for your feedback! I'm really glad we could help :)

  • Jun 10th

    Creative writing and for our trip to the beach !!!

    • Jun 10th

      Hi misscarroll,
      I'm really glad we could help- have a wonderful trip to the beach! :)

  • Jun 10th

    creative writing

  • Jun 8th

    Used for George's Marvellous Medicine writing frames :)

  • Jun 7th

    Doing a pirate theme and plan to use this as a stimulus for writing. We have been shipwrecked on an island and need to get help

    • Jun 7th

      Sounds fun debbiemarsh, thank you for sharing! :)

  • Jun 5th


    • Jun 5th

      Thanks for commenting on our resources, Betty! It's lovely to hear how you'll be using them :)

  • Jun 2nd

    Writing template for our Treasure Island.

  • Jun 1st

    My pirates topic as a writing template.

  • May 30th

    Good for writing weekend news. Good for starting to write activities

  • May 30th

    Starter for writing.

  • May 30th

    I use them to work with my pupils in class

  • May 29th


  • May 28th


  • May 27th


  • May 26th

    Writing a note to mom

  • May 24th

    Kindness topic - writing a kind message to a buddy in the class

  • May 23rd

    Pirate week!

  • May 22nd

    Teachers are retiring, have bottles needed template.

    • May 22nd

      Hi there Pastorsha, thanks for your comment! Great idea!

  • May 22nd

    Who should be rescued from a desert island present perfect simple and continuous practice.

    • May 22nd

      Hey there Sueueap, thanks for reviewing! I think that sounds like a really fun idea :)

  • May 21st

    Holiday task - hook for learning in Letters and Sounds!

  • May 20th


  • May 12th

    writing table enhancement

  • May 7th

    As an activity to go with a guided reading story.

  • May 5th

    Handwriting intervention

  • May 4th

    As an activity accompanying the novel, Because of Winn-Dixie, by Kate DiCamillo. We are creating a Mistake Tree.

  • May 3rd

    KS1 writing a potion

  • May 2nd

    Early years pirate mini topic

  • May 1st

    I am using this for Yr 6 to write a message of hope to those who are finding life difficult.

  • Apr 30th

    Message from a desert island......!

  • Apr 24th

    Writing activity

  • Apr 22nd

    Writing activity

  • Apr 15th

    pirate writing words

  • Apr 10th

    Writing activity

  • Apr 2nd

    Summer Role Play

  • Mar 29th

    art project

  • Mar 25th


  • Mar 18th

    free writing table

  • Mar 5th

    topic pirates

  • Mar 3rd

    Writing activity

  • Mar 1st

    Reading month response to book

  • Feb 19th

    student using this for story sack.!

  • Feb 12th

    We are having a pirate day tomorrow.

  • Feb 6th

    VLL kern 7 piraten

  • Feb 2nd

    Diary writing from a pirate's point of view

  • Jan 27th

    Pirate theme. Perfect! Thank you!

  • Jan 21st

    Using this for Kensuke's Kingdom! It's perfect! Thanks! :-)

  • Jan 16th

    Kensuke's Kingdom.

  • Jan 15th

    Writing to the main character in Floodland by Marcus Sedgwick

  • Jan 11th

    In conjunction with BBC 'words in the news' "Message in a Bottle" story for mixed ability EAL students

  • Jan 7th

    Kensuke's Kingdom and Pirate Topic

  • Dec 1st

    English lesson linked with book Kensuke's Kingdom

  • Sep 23rd

    a message in a bottle

  • Sep 20th

    Reading Michael Morpurgo's: 'Alone on a wide wide sea' book and my class will write their own message back to Kitty in England.

  • Sep 5th

    literacy intervention programme ks2

  • Jun 23rd

    well I havent tried it yet

  • Jun 11th

    Great for a seashore topic I am doing

  • Feb 22nd

    To introduce controlled r "ar" will write list of ar words.

  • Oct 27th

    Thank you! this is exactly what I was looking for :)

  • Jun 23rd

    I will use these to make up short rhyming messages or clues for use with a pirate map.

  • May 26th

    these are fab

Message in a Bottle Writing Frames

Message in a Bottle Writing Frames - This simple yet effective writing frame is great for encouraging your children to get creative during independent pirate themed writing activities. Try giving your children a prompt such as "You're stuck on a desert island and have no ship to leave on. Your only hope is to write a letter, put it in a bottle, and hope someone finds it." Available in various lined versions including an editable word document for you to add your own text to!

Why not also check out our lovely pirate ship resources?

This resource is available in Standard, Editable, Fully Lined, Lined and Narrow Lined.
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