Word War Two Colouring Map


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Word War Two Colouring Map - world war two, ww2, world war II, world war 2 worksheet, world war 2 colouring worksheet, world war 2 allies axis or neautral

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  • Sep 16th

    Start of WW2 topic thanks.

    • Sep 17th

      Hi middle123,
      You're very welcome :)

  • Sep 6th

    Unit starter great map.

  • Sep 1st

    is there a world war one map similar?

    • Sep 1st

      Hi Hmcairns,
      Thank you for commenting. I have put this request through, if we're able to make it then we'll be in touch to let you know! :)

  • Aug 19th

    resource won't download!! Very disappointing!!

    • Aug 19th

      Hi kirsty98,
      Thank you very much for commenting! It's great to hear from you :)
      The reason you can't download the resource is because you are a free user. This resource is a paid resource and requires a subscription to download.
      If you would like to subscribe you can do that here: https://www.twinkl.co.uk/premium
      Have a lovely day :)

  • Jul 21st

    Disappointed, doesn't present the correct borders of Germany during WWII or pre WWII, I don't see Finland controlling the Petsamo, which it should if this map does take place before 1940, and if it doesn't take place before 1940, and it takes place after 1940, then the Soviet Union should have gained small portions of land on the Finnish border via the Winter War, which is not shown. The borders of Germany should include north-west Poland and Eastern Prussia, as well as Austria if this map takes place before 1939. This map presents the modern borders of the countries in WWII, with exceptions of the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia

    • Jul 21st

      Hi Timothy_Alejado,
      Thank you so much for letting us know about this one. I'll ask our resource team to look into this as soon as possible! :)

    • Jul 21st

      Other than that it's great, and by the way, make the countries north of Iran part of the Soviet Union, they weren't independent during the war, and were a target during Germany's attack on the Soviet Union, and I don't know if I'm right on this but on your map it appears to be water below Lithuania, my map is showing that area of water to be Germany's Eastern Prussia

    • Jul 21st

      Hey there,
      Thank you. I've asked our resource team to look into this and to make any necessary amendments.
      Have a lovely evening! :)

    • Jul 22nd

      Hi there,
      Thanks for getting in touch and letting us know about this issue.
      As you point out, territory was constantly gained and lost throughout the conflict, so it is difficult to show the minutiae of border change in one map. This resource is instead intended to give a broad overview of the alliances that were in place during WWII.
      If you wanted to personalise the activity to a particular year or period within WWII, we have added a blank map version (available in the 'Alternative versions box' that includes a blank map you can use to make your own answer sheet. I hope this helps!

  • May 25th

    Will use as a resource for my unit on WWII

  • May 6th

    Using the map as part off co teach station teaching and as an introduction to the European theater.

  • May 4th

    Teaching WWII

  • Apr 15th

    Teaching World War 2.

  • Apr 12th

    Teaching world war II

  • Apr 2nd

    teaching World War 2

  • Mar 29th

    ww2 unit

  • Mar 23rd

    Classroom activity!

  • Mar 21st

    teaching WW2

  • Feb 29th

    teaching WW2

  • Feb 16th

    classroom resource

  • Feb 8th

    Great start to WW2 topic

  • Nov 1st

    Ideal for our topic clearly identified.

  • Oct 17th

    Nice resource but proved a bit confusing as there are missing borders between the Soviet Union and Finland and Turkey and middle Eastern countries (I can understand not naming the middle eastern countries in a European map but the Turkey border would be useful). In addition, as we had been discussing surrender of Holland and Belgium it was a shame that they did not appear on the map and instead seem to have been subsumed into France or Germany. A few amendments would make a nice resource into a much more useful one.

    • Oct 17th

      Hi AllieKatz,
      I was really sorry to hear about this mistake, and I apologise if it has caused you any trouble. It will be changed shortly!

    • Oct 19th

      Hi there AllieKatz,
      Thanks for spotting this mistake! We have now corrected it and emailed you the amended resource, I hope you find it useful. It will also be updated on the website soon.

  • Oct 6th

    Completed map would help for marking!

  • Oct 5th

    Teaching local history strand. Hellfire Corner.

  • Sep 22nd

    To support an SEN pupil

  • Sep 19th

    I am going to give them a list of the countries that took part and what side they belonged to, children then have to do some map work and find out where they are on the map.

  • Sep 16th

    helping pupils to understand why it was a world war

  • Sep 16th


  • Sep 12th

    second lesson on WW2,

  • Sep 8th

    first lesson on ww2

  • Sep 6th

    First lesson on WW2

  • Sep 3rd

    School project

  • Aug 31st

    my first lesson for ww2 is why was it called a WW? chn are to colour in all the countries involved in the war. Great resource for that!

  • Aug 26th

    school project

  • Aug 10th

    School project

  • Jun 25th

    I am using it for ESL camp with my students

    • Jun 25th

      Hi dehoflis,
      Thank you for sharing! :)

  • Jun 15th

    To help with countries involved SEN KS3

    • Jun 15th

      Hi jwplon,
      Thank you for sharing! :)

  • Jun 3rd

    World war 2 map work

  • Jun 1st

    ww2 topic introduction

    • Jun 1st

      Hi traci3, thank you for your comment! :)

  • May 16th

    ww2 revision

  • May 15th


  • Apr 29th

    We are using it to supplement our reading of the book Number the Stars.

  • Apr 12th

    home for year 6

  • Apr 10th

    the start of my WW2 topic for year 6 pupils

  • Apr 7th

    intro to w.w.2 for k.s.2.

  • Apr 7th

    WW2 History Unit

  • Mar 30th

    WWII project

  • Mar 23rd

    WWI History class

  • Mar 15th

    5th grade WWII unit

  • Mar 12th

    ESL pre-teaching about World War II

  • Mar 3rd

    childs homework

  • Mar 2nd

    Used for introduction to WW2 and Carrie's War novel study.

  • Feb 17th

    Used for KS2 History in background to Battle of Britain. Very clear visual as to how split Europe was during the war.

  • Feb 10th

    Modified curriculum for high school aged students

  • Feb 9th

    I would use this resource as an activator to introduce the reason why the U.S. entered into the World War II and to identify the Allied and Axis powers of Europe for 8th grade Georgia Studies concept SS8H9-A

  • Feb 9th

    Introducing the Allied, Axis, and Neutral nations of WWII

  • Feb 4th

    Studying WW2

  • Jan 30th

    year 6 history

  • Jan 29th

    Thank you.

  • Jan 28th

    Supports the children in understanding the geography of the war.

  • Jan 26th

    WW2 work for year 6

  • Jan 24th

    Homework Year 5

  • Jan 21st

    WW2 allies and axis powers Primary 7

  • Jan 20th

    WW2 work for year six.

  • Jan 20th

    ww2 axis and allied powers

  • Jan 18th

    axis and allies

  • Jan 14th

    to show they know axis and allies

  • Jan 12th

    ww2 topic

  • Jan 10th

    my class can use this sheet as an assessment tool to show they can name at least two countries in each category

  • Jan 9th

    SEN Work

  • Jan 8th

    WW2 topic

  • Jan 8th

    Supporting World War II School Topic

  • Jan 8th

    World War II lesson

  • Jan 8th

    world war 2 topic

  • Jan 7th

    world war two topic

  • Jan 6th

    As part of WW2 topic with my P4 class

  • Jan 6th

    ww2 research

  • Jan 6th

    For WW2 research by my Year 5 class

  • Jan 5th

    I plan to use this resource with my students as we read Number the Stars

Word War Two Colouring Map

Word War Two Colouring Map - This worksheet features a map of the word during World War II for your children to colour in according to which countries were allies, axis, axis controlled, or neautral.
This zip file contains:
  • Answer Sheet.pdf
  • Activity Sheet.pdf
  • Colouring Sheet.pdf

This resource is available in Standard, Blank and Editable.
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  • Homepage » Key Stage 2 » Subjects » History » Theme of British History » World War 2 » Writing Frames and Worksheets
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